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Hey everyone! I've been PUTL for over 3 years now and it's time for me to do my PMD-style farewell: where I don't actually go anywhere but I do get the ability to change who's in in the lead of the party. Specs and 2xTheTap have been doing an awful lot of great work for PU for a good long while as forum mods and it should come as no surprise that they'll be taking over the tier from here. Have fun with the new job guys.
I have no plans to quit the community or anything and I'll still be staying on as a PU C&C mod for a while (god knows we can't afford to lose another QC member right now). Plus I'll be hosting the upcoming PU Open and helping with Social Media and continuing Untier Talk and doing whatever other stuff I feel like. I've just had this Tier Leader job for a good long while and it feels like it's about time to give someone else a crack at it. It's a lot of work that I really liked doing but now I'd rather put that time elsewhere.


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definitely the end of a looong era, thank you for doing everything you've done over the years mz! you've fostered a great community and interacting with you & everyone else in pu has been a blast. vv glad to hear you're sticking around, pu wouldn't be the same without you

grats to 2x and specs!! certainly a long time coming and i've no doubt you'll be great leaders!! for your first act free alolan raichu


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Just started playing PU, and in the short time I've been here, I'm glad that you were the PUTL. The tier would not be the same without your contributions, and for that, me and many others will always be grateful. I wish you well in your future endeavors (btw Iconoclasts is a great game, glad to see the pfp).

Congratulations to Specs and 2xTheTap! Don't know them that well, but they seem like good people and have provided a lot to the community, so I'm happy for them.


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I started posting right when you became TL in early 2018 so it's pretty surreal seeing this happen now.. really admire your work ethic and how you pushed this tier forward and I'm looking forward to having two new people lead the pack!! I'm just a retired old goon but I still keep an eye on things from time to time. Enjoy your (sort of) retirement n_n


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we have known each other for a long time, from various skype circlejerks to discord circlejerks to ps private rooms to staffing ag together (until you demoted me L) and so much more, so it's pretty bittersweet to see u announcing that u are....half of a foot out the door?

oh well, see u around Bippy
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Thanks for all your help and encouragement when I was getting started with my contributions in this forum and C&C, and for nominating me for my ladybug. You've done a lot to improve PU, so I'm glad you're still going to stick around. Congrats to Specs and 2x as well!
First Eternally, then The Immortal, then Hogg, and now MZ? Why are all of the GOATs stepping down in such rapid succession? :psycry:

Seriously, though, thank you so much for being such an awesome tier leader MZ. And congrats to Specs and 2xTheTap!


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That is a sad day indeed MZ. I hope everything works out for you with whatever you choose to do from now on. I'm glad we put our differences aside not too long ago and wish you nothing but the best. Good to see you're sticking around tho! I remember when you and Akir were doing a good job running the PU tier and sadly those days are gone :blobsad: , but that brings me to my next point........

Specs and 2xTheTap.....GRATS TO YOU GUYS!!!! Lead this awesome tier into the future
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leave it to MZ to play through a PMD ROM hack only to use it to make a post about stepping down

I've loved seeing the tier grow and change the past few years and it seems like it's flown by. It feels like only several months ago that you got promoted, yet so much has happened. I've never been the best player or most involved member of the community, but every bit of positive criticism you've given along the way has helped me get better and better. If this is just my experience, I can't even guess how many others you've also helped along the way. Even if it's not a true retirement from PS and Smogon, I still hate to see you go.

Specs and 2x have some big shoes to fill but like everyone else has been saying, I don't think there's any doubt that they'll be able to fill those and then some. Good luck to both and I can't wait to see what direction PU takes in the coming weeks/months/years.
Thank you MZ. After maining PU starting from basically the beginning of my competitive career (thats 2-3 years now), I can see all the things the PUTLs have done and they really keep this wonderful community going. This is a sad day, yet I feel proud just bc I knew TL MZ. Also grats to Specs and 2xTheTap, 2 very capable players who will definitely do their fair share of work. This is a new era of PUTLs and I genuinely am really excited for what is to come.

Another thanks to MZ for all the hard work along the years <3 :)
I'm late to the party, but figured I'd still drop a post anyhow. When I returned to the forums in 2018 after last playing competitively in around 2015 it was a very different place. I no longer wanted to play OU or had the same desire or drive that I did in the past. I wanted to find a tier that I could have fun with. I tried out a few of the lower tiers but really took a liking to PU mostly as a result of how well put together the tier felt and the great variety you could get out of it thanks to MZ and the council. I would like to thank MZ for a job well done as tier lead and for helping to lead a tier that I've grown to enjoy and for all the other times he was of great assistance to me when I was first learning the tier. I would also like to congratulate Specs and 2X on a well deserved promotion and know from being around the community and seeing the work both have put in, that they will be great tier leaders for PU and I look forward to the future of this tier and what it holds.

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