Favorite Pokemon Cry?

That would be Bibibibibibi

no explanations necessary

I'm partial to hellohowyoudoing as well

this might need one though (I mean besides the fact that having a pokemon say hi to you each time it's out of its pokeball is adorable)

this is a fairy fungus that might also be an alien, tree things well know to abduct people (shut up, funguses abduct insect minds same difference) introducing itself to you before it fairyalien kidnaps meshes really well with the more sinister descriptions of its pokedex entries

[ignore the full evo's cries]

[hate you too delete button]
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Yeah, if you want this to stay unlocked, make it a discussion about why you like the cries. I'll make a decision later on if the quality has not improved.

Discussion is the basis of Orange Islands. Just posting what you like is a no go. It's just a PC++ thread with 0 actual content. Discuss and make reasons and debate why you think the cries you like are the best cries.


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In my opinion, cries tend to be the most memorable when they manage to capture the personality of the Pokemon in a way that suits their design and background. A distinct melody and rhythm goes a long way in conveying the mood and personality of the Pokemon, as it "humanizes" the cry and makes it easier for us to relate to it. Here are a couple of my personal favorites:
I realize that most of my favorite cries belong to unevolved Pokemon, which might be due to the tendency of their evolved forms to lean towards unpaced and high-pitched "animal sounds" which remain generic and unpersonal, the prime example of this being Lycanroc.

Unfortunately, most of the updated cries in Generation 6 followed the same trend in an effort to make the older cries fit in better with the new games. While I can appreciate that the updated cries sound a lot more organic and varied, many of them lost their original elan and personality by having their melody and rhythm watered down and distorted. Which really seems like a missed opportunity to me, since the Psyduck line clearly demonstrates how the new technology could instead be used to complement and enhance the original essence of the cries.


On a final note, Pokemon Diamond was my first game, and many of the early game Pokemon's cries made a lasting impression on me, be it for the reasons mentioned at the beginning of this post or simple due to nostalgia. In any case, here's a little extra that I'm sure all of you Sinnoh trainers will enjoy:


Basically, Paras is a Mew.
And Parasect.. A Mewtwo.

I know i'm overanalyzing, but it brings up an interesting theory; was Mew supossed to evolve into Mewtwo? Probably not. But these 4 cries are my favorites because of that one reason.


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I really love Drifblim's cry. It sounds like a guitar solo being interrupted by a rubber duck or something equally stupid

I also love how electric Eelektross' cry sounds
(Will eventually add links)
I might as well say one then.

I have earphone, so listening Pokemon cries can be deeper. Particularly Primarina sounds drastically different from her previous forms in first time, but if listening deeply with earphones, the whole line has the slight bubble sounds, even herself which is covered by her "song" cry. Fitting detail for a singer attacking with bubbles.
Also, much parts of her cry has matching pitch with the move "Sing" which we often associated with anime Jigglypuff?, although different rhythm. Obviously she can learn Sing herself.

I can't think of other Pokemon with beautiful voice like hers. Hmm... maybe Cresselia that sounds like sparkles sound effect? Sylveon might be too, but her cry is somewhat "one-dimensional" compared to Primarina.
Maybe pretty much that solidifies her as the best Pokemon singer ever. Milotic may be called as the most beautiful Pokemon, but Primarina definitely has the voice (while also very beautiful) to rival her for that title.
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Staraptor's cry is amazing. I've always liked it. I think it fits very well with its predator-like appearance.
I recently realized that Primarina's cry is beautiful too.
I've maintanied that Hariyama and Bewear are the only ones who say their names in their cry [excluding Pikachu in the newer games].
Can't choose, I have multiple ones. Hoothoot, Shuckle, Miltank and Pidgey. I like Kricketune as well, for the lols.

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