Favorite username you have seen on Pokémon Showdown?


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The username "LONG COCK BROCK" is truly one of the greatest names on PS! and I think we should all strive to come up with names that are comparable to such genius.

I would like the username "Shiba", since I think it is cool and maybe a staff member will give it to me :3


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The Best username I've seen is TneArticunoMankeys, really ingenious and inventive
I Liked the name voltages tbh seemed like a great user

I dont have a favourite name
Blue is a p.neat colour though
lemme get my hands on the name sanjay :^)
Mystifi tbh

LongerDonger42069 was one of the funnier ones, I suppose.

I like the name Mudkip. The shade of purple is love. <3

If I could get a name, I'd have to choose Mudkip.
Erm.. I'd say the funniest name I've seen is Popcorn Fucker, like that's just insane thinking about it
I really like the name I got to register on PS, as deetah is one of my in real life nicknames. I wish deetah had a hot pink color though.
Monotype is very fun to play while still competetive but it presents a fun team building challenge. Doubles is ridiculously fun to play. and triples is home to some of the most disgusting jank I've ever seen. (you can wipe out HALF their team in one turn. if you're lucky.)

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