Favorite X and Y location

Do you like the new locations?

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There are many idea and graphic locations that are just stunning in x and y. In this thread you can post you favorite location in x and y on any merits but make sure to include those merits in your post.

For me it was the reflection give the above clear tubes, dropping Pokemon, people absent mindlessly staring in mirrors, and the mirrors all of it I loved its like my Favorite BW chargestone cave but like 10x as good!

cant say

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Glittering Cave was pretty damn cool the first time I entered it. I love Shalour City though. Its music is awesome and the Tower of Mastery is pretty badass
Coumarine City was probably my favorite city; I like the aspect of the "split" town connected by a monorail (perhaps intentional or unintentional implication that "technology brings people together"?), as well as the gym leader, and just the atmosphere of the town in general. As I've mentioned before (not on Smogon, though), the only thing it's missing is a boutique!

Victory Road was pretty cool as well; it didn't drag on for too long, but it kept you satisfied with the trainers, Pokémon, and scenery.
Anistar City takes the cake for me. The music is absolutely amazing and watching the giant sun dial turn from 8pm to 9pm is pretty awesome. Honorable mentions go to Route 8 for the crazy height it creates and Routes 15 and 16 for there cool autumn vibe.
I'm addicted to Laverre City.
Fairy is one of my favorite types in the game. Besides, the gym's interior design is absolutely GORGEOUS. The Elite Four Chambers are amazing, as well.
Victory road was great this gen.

Lumiose City is my favorite new location. I'm still a little confused when walking around, but I'm learning where things are. It's a really cleverly designed city; the taxis are a brilliant idea. There is so much to explore and it's really fun to do so!
My favorites:
Reflection Cave: The first time I went in here, I was amazed. The combination of the music and the trainers that were eternally staring into the mirrors was hauntingly beautiful.
Snowbelle City: The music is one of my favorite tracks in the game, along with the forest/cave music. It has one of my favorite boutiques. And, of course, Abomasnow!
Anistar City: The sundial. I believe that's all that needs to be said.

The Elite Four rooms were amazing as well.

That place where I watched the frieworks.
Parfum Palace. I thought it was a cool place too, even if it is just the Palace of Versailles with Skiddo in the courtyard...
There are so many amazing places in this game. Some of my favorite yet!!!

Lumiose City is amazing with all the shops and boulevards and cafes and everything! I actually still legitimately get lost there, even though I've been playing for awhile now. So it really does feel like a big city! I love the boutique there (though it's EXPENSIVE!), and I love that you can get a job at Hotel Richissme. There's just so much to do, and I feel like I always discover new things when I go there! Plus, it's based on Paris, my favorite city, so that definitely helps things :)

Snowbelle City has amazing music (I could listen to it for hours) and another excellent boutique, plus one of my favorite gym designs. Seriously, the gym is so cool!! (pun intended)

Reflection Cave: The mirrors, the music... everything about this cave is beautiful. Even the Pokemon that appear there (Carbink and Sableye in particular) fit the atmosphere of the cave perfectly.

Dendemille Town: More wonderful music along with whirling windmills make this one of my favorite towns. I also love the name: Dendemille pronounced the proper French way sounds so pretty.

Laverre City: Love the gym and all the pretty little mushrooms strewn about :3

Entrance to Victory Road: not victory road itself, but the place right after the dude who asks to see all your badges. The animation that occurs there is absolutely epic, though I won't spoil it for anyone.

Anistar City: The sundial is one of the most beautiful things ever; this alone gets it a spot.

Route 7: Lush fields of flowers of all hues line the southern half of this route, and a glorious bubbling brook runs to the north of your path. When cycling through here, you'll be treated to a gorgeous view of all of this along with the Battle Chateau in all its glory. Truly a stunning location-- it's no wonder there are so many artists here!

...I pretty much listed half of the locations in the game, didn't I?... oops...........
I really like the Glittering Cave: a dark cavern full of gemstones jutting out of the walls. Getting to it's a pain, but I actually spent a fair amount of time in their after I finished its part in the story looking for fossils, trying to get a good Kangaskhan, and catching Cubones of various natures to breed with my team. The camera view makes it feel like a 3rd-person action game almost, along with the preset encounter locations.
Route 12 - The music while riding a Skiddo is amazing. On top of that, the Skiddo riding is adorable and I couldn't help but d'aww the entire time.
There are so many amazing places in this game. Some of my favorite yet!!!

Lumiose City is amazing with all the shops and boulevards and cafes and everything! I actually still legitimately get lost there, even though I've been playing for awhile now..
I got lost, and the blackout is still on...


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The gym in Laverre City. After seventeen years, six generations and nine series of games, we've finally seen the first toilet in Pokémon (though, the Art museum in Lumiose beat it slightly, by referencing a toilet).

All-over favourite place is hard to nail down. The outdoor cafes of Aquacorde. Lumiose City as a whole. The aquarium in Ambrette Town. The hilarious story of the castle in Camphrier Town. Kalos is gorgeous everywhere.
Victory Road and the battle with Serena near the top were really nice. I have never felt so grand (and not disgustingly bored) in my trek than I have in xy. It actually felt like I was climbing my way up to the peak of the game, and it was almost breathtaking compared to unova (lol).
Route 14 was really cool. Just the fact that it's a creepy autumnal bog with gravestones everywhere (And a playground at the south end for some reason...?) is very appealing to me. Shame about the haunted house, though. It kinda sucked.
Although I don't like most of the new locations, as I believe they lack the top-tier route quality of Hoenn/Sinnoh and the top-tier city quality of Unova, Lumiose City is pretty cool.


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I have been listening to the Shalour City music for literally the past 3 hours w/headphones on (it sound so much better with headphones)...it's so relaxing <3 It's the kind of music you can have on in the background and be able to concentrate well on doing other stuff too :]
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