Favourite song ever?


I want you guys to post your favourite song ever and why, I will try to give some guidelines to this:

- Generally your favourite song won't be something that was released a few weeks ago, if your favourite really is the newest song out then it is likely you will change to a different song when the next one is released.

- If you have to think about it too long then it probably isn't your favourite. I have been able to name this song instantly for years as I never got bored of it.

Anyway my favourite song ever is TNT by AC/DC. The reason is that I used to play Tony Hawks pro skater all throughout my childhood and absolutely loved listening to that song every time it was included in the soundtracks of the games. They were definitely my favourite games growing up and I also loved the whole soundtracks to each.

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like alot of people said, stuff like this changes all the time, but there are two/three songs that ill almost always think of when it comes to it. two songs that are kind of similar in that they're from who i consider the two greatest lyricists i've ever heard, second and first respectively.

the first is joanna newsom's "emily", a song i've listened more times than i can count, and yet which still moves me to silence every time. like the song im about to mention, this one reached a whole new, incomprehensible level of emotional impact after a certain event, that being spending 22 euros on a solid copy of ys in some austrian record store (i was on holiday). i got back to the hotel, and sitting there with my huge headphones with the lyric booklet just completely opened my eyes to the context of the song and some of the subtleties of it, which i guess are easy to miss with joannas voice and the way she sings.

so the song, as it turns out, is an ode to her little sister emily, an astrophysicist. when she sings about meteors, meteorites, and meteoroids, shes singing from the edge of a river where her sister is trying to explain things to her, and from that comes one of my absolute favourite lyrics ever, where she sings:

"anyhow, i sat by your side, by the water/
you taught me the names of the stars overhead, that i wrote down in my ledger/
though all i knew of the rote universe were those pleiades, loosed in december,
i promised you i'd set them to verse, so i'd always remember."

it's like the most beautiful metaphor ever for this division between art and science, but instead of a conflict, it's like some beautiful coming together.

footnote: emily newsom actually features on "emily", if you listen carefully for it. towards the end of the track, her voice doubles joannas, singing some of the harmonies :)

even when shes not referencing her sister, though, "emily" features some of the most poignant, moving lyrics shes ever written. the way she paints landscapes with just a couple of sentences is really unparalleled:

"there is a rusty light on the pines tonight/
sun pouring wine, lord, or marrow/
down into the bones of the birches and the spires of the churches, jutting out from the shadows"

"come on home. the poppies are all grown knee deep by now/
blossoms all have fallen, and the pollen ruins the plow/
peonies nod in the breeze, and while they wetly bow/
with hydrocephalitic listlessness, ants mop up their brow"

"and everything with wings is restless, aimless, drunk and dour/
butterflies and birds collide at hot, ungodly hours"

i cant name another lyricist who paints images better than joanna newsom, or writes anything that manages to be so beautiful and affecting while still using words like "hydrocephalitic". im sure alot of people argue she treads a line on pretension, but when you really delve into the lyrics, "emily" is nothing more than an ode to a sister, wrapped in poppies, pharoahs, and meteors, and nobody else could have done it.


...and then we have neutral milk hotel's "two headed boy", and "two headed boy, pt 2". (i can't possibly choose between these two songs. i thought about it for a while, but i cant do it, so im including both.)

lyrically, aeroplane is an album unlike any other, telling fragmented stories that range from life-affirmingly uplifting (the title track) to completely and utterly tragic (these two right here). some are grounded in reality (the story of anne frank), some completely fantastical (a gypsy king ruling in the trees), but every single line of every single song channels some person, some emotion so powerfully that listening to aeroplane front to back, and i mean really listening to it, is one of the most powerful experiences i've ever had in music.

two headed boy, maybe the most tragic song i've ever heard, sees the boy looking back at his own life in a much more self contained story than the rest of aeroplane, where people and places bleed into each other freely. sitting in his jar, he remembers himself as a child, in another of my absolute favourite lyrics ever:

"two headed boy/
put on your sunday shoes/
and dance round the room to accordion keys/
with the needle that sings in your heart/
catching signals that sound in the dark/
catching signals that sound in the dark"

and then, in the present day, he tries hopelessly to woo a lover, using a system of "pulleys and weights" to create a radio play for her. again, jeff mangum captures the spirit of this love better than any number of ballads ever will:

"in the parlour with a moon across her face/
and through the music he sweetly displays/
sung by speakers that sparkle all day/
made for his lover, who's floating and choking with her hands across her face"

that last, tragic line is utterly heartbreaking. the two headed boy, floating in formaldehyde, woos his lover, but when she goes to kiss him, she chokes and dies.

and then, finally, the narrator tells the two headed boy not to grieve, and leads him to a quiet death, under a christmas tree in the snow:

"two headed boy/
theres no reason to grieve/
the world that you need is wrapped in gold silver sleeves/
left beneath christmas trees in the snow/
where i will take you and leave you alone/
watching spirals of white softly flow/
over your eyelids, and all you did/
will wait until the point when you let go"


two headed boy, pt 2 is a much less personal story than part 1, focusing on the two headed boy looking back at his family, his lovers, and ultimately resigning himself to a life of loneliness as his children die, his brother commits suicide, and his lover leaves him. though much of the song focuses on reliving that life and the guitar chords are slightly brighter and more major, the ultimate outcome of the song is perhaps even more tragic than in part 1.

the song starts presumably from the point of view of a son, who sings lovingly to his "daddy", wishing his father another child. it's only as he continues singing that we realize there's more to it:

"daddy please, hear this song that i sing/
in your heart theres a spark that just screams/
for a lover to bring/
a child to your chest that could lay as you sleep/
and love all you have left/
like your boy used to do/
long ago, wrapped in sheets warm and wet"

is this the ghost of his dead son?

the next lines are interesting. in the earlier versions of this song, jeff sung:

"sister please, with those wings in your spine/
love to be with a brother of mine"

but in the album recordings, sister was replaced by the nonsensical "blister". the difference is pretty significant. we can assume that the sister with wings in her spine must be the angel or ghost of a dead sister, and if she is with his brother, than he must also be dead. but when you replace that with "blister", the insinuation that the brother has gone to heaven is gone.

regardless, the next few lines make the fate of the brother pretty certain, but jeff's description of the brother's suicide is both brutal and beautiful at the same time:

"brother, see, we are one and the same/
though you left with your head filled with flames/
and you watched as your brains/
fell out through your teeth/
push the pieces in place/
make your smile sweet to see"

and then, theres a fantastic couple of lines in which the two headed boy sings to his brother:

"and when we break, while we wait for our miracle/
god is a place where some holy spectacle lies"

he expresses hope for his brother, and maybe hope that they can see each other again. but in the next line, his hope is gone:

"and when we break, while we wait for our miracle/
god is a place you will wait for the rest of your life"

and then, after all this, comes the most tragic, heartbreaking moment yet. these next few lines are some of my favourite lyrics ever. trying to forget about the death of everyone he loved in his life, the two headed boy finds love, but with a mixture of resignation and just the most tragic sense of dissapointment, knowing that even that wont last, jeff sings:

"two headed boy/
she is all you could need/
she will feed you tomatoes and radio wire/
and retire two sheets, safe and clean/
but dont hate her/
when she gets up to leave"

and theres my slightly rambly interpretations of my three favourite songs in the world.
god...i feel like every single post in this thread including the one i'm about to make has to measure up to stoo's...jeez, thanks a lot

Before, my favorite song was Lost Reality by Mercenary. I won't really expand on it, since it's been so long since I've listened to it. It's not that I don't love it anymore, it's just that I like listening to other sorts of music now. I loved the vocals, and it was pretty much my first exposure to metal with melodies. I liked Mercenary as a whole, they were a pretty solid melodeath band.

however, my favorite song up to this date has to be So Did We, by Isis. I had first listened to Isis about 3 years ago and I decided they were too hardcore for me and that my appreciation for any metal was going to be a long and difficult journey. I forget what Oceanic track I listened to, but I didn't really like it. It was probably Hym, because I'm still rather shaky toward it.

2 years later my metal-inclined friend said I'd like Isis, and showed me So Did We, because then I was listening to a decent deal of metal. However, they were nothing like Isis...I liked entry level Swedish/Finnish melodeath bands. He then instructed me to listen to Panopticon in its entirety. So I did.

The first 30 seconds were fucking awesome and so I was all "hey, this is pretty fucking metal!" I just liked the way it sounded, how it could be hummed, how the growls were decipherable, and yet drowned out by the sonic walls of guitars, and the unpredictable (at the time) drumline. Then afterward. Listen, I don't know what the hell kind of instrument makes that distinct noise at :30, but it's really neat sounding, and caught me by surprise when I first heard it.

By this time the song was a lot calmer, and yet still powerful. I have never heard metal change so drastically. It was soothing, but not in the conventional way when you hear an acoustic guitar or something. It was still very metal. Up until 2:19 the vocals become even further decipherable. I sang alongside Aaron Turner. The years they passed, and so did we. I was like damn man that's sick. Isis then continued to slay me with those same sonic walls, until 3:41 when it calmed down, and the keyboard came in. Seriously, chills coming up my spine and stuff I was like holy ass. It was already such a memorable tune, but then it just had to continue surprising me, becoming increasingly higher, and higher pitched until 6:11's ding and the sonic wall comes back, more beautiful and louder than ever. I smelled the Pantene in my hair as I banged my head, and before I knew it, it was over...

Panopticon is now my favorite album ever. Isis, my favorite band. It really hurt when I found out they were breaking up...I had just began listening to them. I knew about them a thirteenth of their career. I feel like So Did We is their best work, it is an amazingly powerful intro track, and is very much essential Isis. I've found that most Isis fans prefer Oceanic as it is highly considered Isis's beginning to distinguish themselves from other metal bands, but Panopticon is when they perfected it. Every track in that album is diamonds, and I must say that even I grow bored of Oceanic after Weight. Panopticon to me, is essential metal, because I really don't listen to that much metal, but I do listen to Isis, and I do consider them my favorite band, and that is saying a whole lot.

So Did We is also a good track that goes alongside other songs. I like to listen to it after Russian Circles' "You Already Did" and before Mouth of the Architect's "Rocking Chairs and Shotguns."

Hoping that convinces everyone here to listen to my favorite track at least once in their life.
Voice of the Soul - Death

Heard this about six months ago, and my mind was completely blown. I remember just stopping everything I was doing to focus on the beautiful music I was hearing. I still do that every time I hear the ending, it just grabs your attention and lifts your soul to some higher place. The song is simply one classical guitar playing a variety of backing riffs while two distorted guitars play harmonised lines over the top, but it's so beautifully pure and relaxing, and sounds exactly like the sonic equivalent of an introspective look at one's self, literally speaking from their soul, hence the title. Strangely this song comes from the "godfather of death metal", Chuck Schuldiner and his band Death, although having listened to Death's music it's quite apparent that they were taking their music in a much more progressive approach than the balls out speed of their debut by the time this song was released, being on their last album. And of course, Chuck Schuldiner, the writer of this song (and all of Death's music), tragically died of a brain tumour three years after the release of The Sound of Perseverance, the album that Voice of the Soul is on.

The song has a lovely contrast and emotion despite its limited instrumentation (lol you can tell I'm studying Music), starting off with a simple hammer-on riff by the classical guitar, being developed by an octave harmonised, yet strangely out of time dual guitar lead. After each section the song will abruptly stop before a new riff is played on the classical, each with a different style of lead above it to suit the rhythm. But the ending... Sweet merciful heavens above the ending. It's spectacularly simple, powerchord strum pattern (D-C-Bb-A), ascending harmonised notes from the D minor scale. BUT IT JUST WORKS SO SUBLIMELY WELL. LISTEN TO IT AAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
my favorite song ever is slip slidin away by paul simon. everything about the song is awesome, but the poetry of the lyrics is really what gets me. take for example the last verse:

god only knows
god makes his plan
the information's unavailable to the mortal man
we're workin our jobs
collect our pay
believe we're gliding down the highway
when in fact we're slip sliding away

the whole song has a really doubtful, uncertain feel. it gives the impression that each verse is a much larger story, but we only get to hear five or six lines of it. we learn just a little about a man who wears his passion for his woman like a thorny crown & we learn a tiny bit about a woman who considers any day without rain a good day. i LOVE that.

there's also kind of a magical quality to it. just something about it, and like most of the songs that really appeal to me, i can't exactly put my finger on it... but i think this is the song i love the most.
If you haven't heard Stan by Eminem I highly encourage you to listen to it.
It's about one of his fans who becomes obsessed with him and sends him letters, when Eminem does not respond he commits suicide. The song has a tragic feeling to it which makes it all more amazing.
With all the kinds of music I listen to, a constantly expanding library, new genres continually introduced to me, and over 7000 songs in my iTunes, it's surprising to me that I can so readily and easily call Walking Away by Catch 22 my favorite song of all time.


I guess it's not so surprising because Keasbey Nights has been my favorite album since it came out like 13 years ago. Anyways, this song is seriously amazing. I love the lyrics, I love Kalnoky's voice, I love the swing feel, I love the bass intro, I love the brass solos, I love the harmonies, hell there really isn't anything about the song that I don't love. I've actually been meaning to do a vocal(LMAO)/drum/sax cover of it for a while but I don't have a camera or the technical skills to make a decent video out of it. Ah well, point is the song owns and you should listen to it.
If you haven't heard Stan by Eminem I highly encourage you to listen to it.
It's about one of his fans who becomes obsessed with him and sends him letters, when Eminem does not respond he commits suicide. The song has a tragic feeling to it which makes it all more amazing.
Such a solid choice...
I remember getting Eminem's greatest hits album when i was in middle school and I happened to stumple upon that song. Gave me chills for about a week. I think he also did a live version with Elton John... I cant remember though.

Now onto the subject of my own favorite song... Well it's tough to pinpoint exactly what my favorite song would be. I am really musically diverse now, I dont just stick to one genre. I can listen to rap because of the intelligence behind most of the rhymes and its hard to have the ability to just spit lines and verses off the top of your head. But i dont listen to that Waka Flocka shit. Terrible. The good stuff is Eminem, Lil Wayne, old Outkast, B.O.B., etc.

I also listen to hardcore music. I know most people like to shit on this genre, but metalcore, deathcore, and grindcore are just distant relatives of metal music, branching from bands like Rush and the pre-"And Justice For All" Metallica. Technicallity behind this type of music peaks my interest the most. Being a bassist and just jamming with my friends allwed me to realize how freaking hard it is to play some of the stuff they do live. Relevant examples are Attila, Arsonists Get All The Girls, Vanna, etc...

Now overall, if i had to choose one song that is my favorite today, it would be Sorry You're Not a Winner by Enter Shikari . This song is phenominal and the band who plays it is great. They are british progressive rock. They venture into the use of heavy guitar parts with sick keyboard parts. The sweet vocals (by the guitarist) are complimented by the keyboardist's rough growls. Also, the song is catchy as hell. Go listen to it.

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