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I'd like to do the same type of thing that Deinosaur did for his article, but for this.

For further reference, he:
  • Introduced the tournament
  • Listed all of the rules and explained what they meant
  • Summarized each round
  • Showed Replays for each round
  • Concluded the article
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since there's really just one rule, you can cover that in the intro part.

you should probably offer some metagame coverage and advice, since trappers are a major part of ADV OU and the lack of them changes things quite a bit. maybe mention some threats that improve or worsen due this change and how to best take advantage of it, that sort of deal.

how familiar are you with ADV?
Rhythms, this is approved if you'd like to go ahead with it for Issue #2. There are a few ADV players with Press Box access (BKC, reyscarface, etc.) that you might want to tag if you're unsure of any metagame stuff while writing this up~
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