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Welcome to the Featured Tutor project! This is a series of interview where I will ask Official Tutors several questions about them, B101 forum and their experience with it. Through this project, I hope that it will bring about entertainment and an insight on how they tutor. The project will be hosted by me. This week, we're honored to have a tier leader of an interesting tier and a fantastic tutor, macle as our interviewee!

Can you tell us a little more about your life outside of Smogon/PS?
I am a super senior in college, graduating in December with a biology degree.

Where did you get your name from?
macle was a mispronunciation of my last name that people at school called me.

Do you mind sharing with us the reason for your love for frogs?
Frogs are a very diverse order of animals so they are cool to me.

Can you share with us how and when did you get into competitive battling?
I got into competitive battling on a different site that i was on for awhile, it was just fun to me and I probably started back in 2007.

When and why did you join the B101 program?
I used to be a tutor for B101 back in the 4th Gen and was an OU tutor, moved more into LC and then kinda lost interest in Pokemons during BW then came back for Gen 6 and started tutoring since I'm the best.

What are the tiers you tutor? Do you play any tiers apart from those you tutor?
I tutor LC, ive played others but I really don't have time to really get into them because of school and I don't find them as enjoyable as LC.

As a tier leader, does it stress you that your tutee might expect a lot from you?
Tutees never really stress me out, just school and stuff does lol.

As an inspiring tutor, which aspect of the game do you think is the most important and it should be tutored by every other tutor?
Most important aspect of the game is probably just battling skills, you can always steal teams from good team builders and stuff but actually battling well will get you far in a variety of different tiers and generations.

As a tutor, do you think the issue on "match up" is a huge factor to the game or is it just an easy way out for a battle lost?
Match ups will be an increasingly more important problem each generation since the number of viable Pokemons goes up while you are stuck with 6 in each team. Match ups can be a factor in the defeat but if you are good enough, you should be able to overcome them.

Is there any particular style you follow when tutoring and does it vary from tutee to tutee?
I don't know, I dont really have a particular style, different tutees have different needs so you cant just use a basic template.

Can you briefly describe a concept you always go through with regards to the game? It can be either team-building or battling.
One of the thing I always talk about is realizing your win condition in a game. For LC, lets say you want a Fletchling sweep, look at your opponent's team to see what are the counters (electrics, rock, steels) for it. You look at how you can take them out of the game through lures or by trapping it, you can even weaken( knocking off Eviolite or getting them into kill range for Acrobatic) it just so that it is enough to pull off a sweep.

Is there any advice that you would like to give to aspiring tutors?
Make sure you know what you are doing and talking about when tutoring.

Lastly, if you can change one thing about B101, what will it be?
You don't need tier leaders approval to be a tutor, if the objectives of B101 is to teach battling and get the user involved in the community, having a user that is not involved in the community to tutor doesn't help.


There we have it! Thank you macle for such an insightful interview! Feel free to leave any questions you have for him below.
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