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share any songs u listen to that makes u feel super happy? for all the sad and confused people out there :)




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if you are okay with spanish language lyrics, give Colores Colores by Bacilos a whirl. the lyrics are about accepting everyone and the song itself is really upbeat


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Maybe this is more sad than happy, but I've always found this song uplifting



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that is an amazing track outlaw, wow. Do you have any similar-sounding recs? I am really enjoying that track right now. Thanks!

For me personally, these always do it:






also starlight by muse.
Whenever I am down in the dumps I listen to some DJ Okawari.


edit: I feel bad for just posting a song, so lemme explain. I pretty much have a playlist on my phone (that happens to be mostly upbeat jazzhop or whatever) that I reserve to listen to only when I am sad or anxious. It's kinda created this really easy way to settle me down. Anyway this song is like the standard for that playlist, just so charming, somehow! Hope it helps someone else out.


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This one also makes me really happy. Don't watch the video with it, though - it's heartwarming on one hand, but deeply saddening on the other.


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Fast forward to 1:05


Probably the cheeriest song I know, haha. I believe the genre is called "anti-emo".

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