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Hello people. I've decided to make a thread about my top 10 RU Pokémon across all generations. Similar to the top 10 titans of the generation, but HISTORICALLY. Keep in mind, this is my own list. You guys can feel free to post your thoughts down below, but I'll delete the dumb posts, so watch out. I guess this also works as a history class for the newer gen players, on how the tier has been changing throughout the generations.

Let's get started:

#10 Druddigon

Starting off the list, we go all the way back to the original RU tier, BW. Druddigon was considered by many to be one of most impactful Pokémon in the meta, as it could go from defensive to offensive sets on any team. Paired with the great coverage and offensive stats, and you get yourself a mon that's super tough to check on an already offensive metagame. Eventually earning the title of "BROKEN", and becoming a meme because of that across smogon thanks to its presence in the BW metagame. It also saw some light in ORAS RU, moreso the offensive set than the defensive. The Sheer Force boosted Fire + Thunder Punch combination was great at breaking the usual Registeel + Venusaur + Water type cores, but it was never considered a top tier threat like in BW. Nevertheless, it would not be an RU list without Druddigon.

#9 Moltres

Speaking of demonic Pokémon in BW RU, next up is the legendary bird itself. Moltres was an absolute beast in BW RU, not even the special walls could take 2 hits from the specs boosted moves. It could also run other sets like Agility or Life Orb 3 attacks with Roost. This mon just came in and bopped every mon slower than it with ease. Enough that, due to recent old gen tiering policies, there have been discussions about getting rid of Moltres and Durant in BW RU. And it wasn't limited to BW only, Moltres was a major beast in gen 6, getting banned alongside Pangoro back in 2015. Once again it displayed its versatility using different sets like scarf or Life Orb (I don't actually remember ROFL). And then again in gen 7, Moltres was on half the teams in early gen before eventually rising to UU. All of this just shows how much impact Moltres has had on the tier throughout the generations, always becoming a top Pokémon due to its great typing + stats.

#8 Gligar

Everyone's favorite blanket check to everything. Gligar was only RU for a short period of time in both XY and SM. However, it was such a meta shaping Pokémon in both periods, that it deserves to be on this list. In XY, it was the usual bulky pivot mon that removed hazards (or got them up); and the moment it left, the tier changed completely, because so many mons could drop the much-needed ice coverage to get rid of it. In Gen 7, this mon got the massive power up of being able to use Immunity on Defog sets, being able to beat every single rocker around. I'm pretty sure Gligar was in almost every single team during this meta. It might be weird to see it higher than Moltres on this list, but I think the meta structure impact this mon brings with it is way more influential in general. Also, s/o to the few users who tried the Z move set, I'd personally never use it, but I respect it.

#7 Venusaur

Next up is the one Pokémon that singlehandedly dominates the ORAS RU metagame. The impact Venusaur has on the 6th generation is enough to have it be on the list. Going from the original offensive Venusaur people used when it first dropped, to the defensive set that made it reach the heights it has right now, to the growth sets people are using to come on top the famous Venusaur wars. The current metagame is defined by how well you can break Venusaur. It doesn't help that the better answers (psychic types) all get messed up by the pursuit trappers this gen (every team should have one, please stop being bad and use them, you know who you are). It can't be undermined how much this mon represents the ORAS RU tier, enough to have it be this high on the list off one generation alone.

#6 Slowking

The GOAT water type of our tier. Slowking has been a top tier Pokémon in BW and ORAS, and in SM, despite not being as good as Slowbro, it also saw the light of battle as a better check to Pokémon like Nidoqueen and Salazzle. Back in BW this mon could run OTR, CM, and even just Thunder Wave sets to mess up the faster mons that could not kill it in one (like Moltres). Then in ORAS it ran both NP and CM sets. Its bulk was enough to come on top vs certain mons like Venusaur and Drapion, and it was also able to dent Registeel and Alomomola if needed (trading for Toxic at times). Slowking is imo the better water type in the tier, followed by Jellicent. Not to mention the small period of time this mon was in SS RU, being the best pivot mon thanks to Future Sight + Teleport. All in all, this mon always manages to find a spot in the top level play of every generation so far.

#5 Reuniclus

Reuniclus has been a headache for every RU player since the XY days. Back then, people had to run sp def Drapion + Doublade in order to handle it, and even then, Drapion would just lose long term. Once Doublade rose to UU, Reuniclus just dominated the meta, eventually getting banned from it alongside Noivern. Then comes gen 7, and this mon becomes a massive threat thanks to Z moves, weakening the best move to damage it (Knock Off), and being able to get past the usual walls with a good prediction (ROFL SM moment). It was eventually banned due to it being way too much for the tier. Then it was retested along other RUBL mons, but the green baby ended up being too much for the tier throughout the whole generation. Present day, and Reuniclus is now the best Pokémon in the tier, being an incredible potent wincon thanks to CM sets, or just a strong pivot mon thanks to the combination of AV + Future Sight. Reuniclus managed to finally stay RU after a suspect test, but it is still obvious how strong this mon is in the meta. Truly an RU titan through time.

#4 Durant

The never-ending terror of the Rarely Used tier. Ever since BW, Durant has been a Pokémon that always manages to touch the peak of every RU metagame it has ever been in. From being one of the 3 dominating BW RU Pokémon alongside Druddigon and Moltres, to getting banned from RU for the next 3 generations. Back in gen 6, people had to resort to Hidden Power Fire Bronzong of all the Pokémon, being able to tank a hit and OHKO back. Pokémon like Rotom-Spin and Poliwrath also saw usage because of Durant. No team was safe from this mon 80% of the time. In SM, it became even worse, as thanks to Z moves, Durant was able to muscle past certain checks like Gligar. Choice Band sets were also everywhere, as it was so easy to 2HKO any mon with the coverage it had. The offensive stats, paired with the decent typing, and great coverage (and Hustle) just makes Durant too much to handle for any RU metagame. In SS, it got access to First Impression, only boosting the breaking power and overall annoyance of this mon. I just find it amazing how this mon just always manages to do it. Thanks to the recent old gen tiering policies, there has been a discussion about banning Durant and Moltres. Showing that since ancient times, Durant will always be terrorizing the RU tier.

#3 Virizion

The justice warrior of RU, truly the most honest Pokémon this tier has seen. Virizion first rise to glory was in gen 6, in the change to ORAS once all the brokens left. There was a core that was just being spammed all around; Registeel + Alomomola was perhaps the most unkillable core the tier had seen yet, going past the Regenerator teams of Alomomola + Amoonguss/Tangrowth. That's when Virizion came in. Being the second-fastest relevant Pokémon in the tier (behind sneasel), combined with a decent bulk and good set up opportunities, Virizion would cement itself as the primary breaker of the tier. The moment Venusaur dropped was the moment this mon was nerfed heavily in RU. Although it can still run SD + Zen Headbutt to muscle past it, it's impossible to beat it 1v1 without the Venu player tanking one attack, dealing half to viriz, and switching out to find an opportunity to recover health again. Regardless, Virizion was still a massive threat during this period of time. Moving to gen 7 and the addition of Z moves makes Virizion, once again, one of the better offensive set up sweepers in the tier. Both SD and CM sets became viable, as the checks for one of the sets, could not really beat the other set, adding to its versatility as a breaker. The combination of everything previously mentioned put Virizion as an S rank Pokémon by the end of the generation. Now in gen 8, it gained access to new tools like Air Slash, Megahorn, and Leaf Storm. During a period of time in 2020, the mixed Virizion set was a top tier one, eventually getting banned for a short period of time. All in all, Virizion is probably not as broken as some of the previously mentioned Pokémon, yet it represents the RU metagames to a tee.

#2 Registeel

The eternal titan steals the second spot in this list. Registeel has somehow managed to be the highest ranked rocker slot only for 3 generations now (considering other rockers have utility as breakers or other sets, but not Registeel). The funny part is this mon does pretty much the same it always does: get em up, click a status move, and slowly recover all your health back. Back in ORAS, it formed the most formidable core the meta had seen during its runtime, alongside Alomomola. Sure enough, the meta adapted past it even more once the generation came to an end, but Registeel can still keep up with it. Writing this is so awkward because it did the exact same thing during gen 7. Being a solid check for half the tier. Can also not forget the speed creep wars between Registeel, Donphan and Golisopod. Whoever was faster had a clear advantage during the game. Now in gen 8, Registeel had access to some amazing tools: Heavy Slam, and Body Press. This way Registeel could also fill a less passive spot on a team, being able to actually KO mons its supposed to check like Gardevoir and Diancie. And the Iron Defense + Body Press set can actually be insanely hard to kill, I personally used to have to trade 2 of my mons in order to kill a boosted Registeel. Yet, at the very core, there's nothing like the good old rocker set from the old days. Say what you want, but Registeel is the very backbone of this tier, alongside our #1 pick....

#1 Flygon

Surprise! Pretty sure everyone saw this coming. Flygon somehow has a random rise to the top in the middle of the generation, it's always when there's an official tournament starting too. Reminds me of Ajna when he quits and randomly appears for these. Anyway, Flygon was arguably the second most splashable pokemon in ORAS RU (after Venusaur). It just sat there, got free a Defog, a Roost, and then it U-turned out of there. It doesn't sound like anything crazy, but it was so damn good at doing that. Other sets like Choice Band or Choice Scarf are just as usable, and still very good. I think people have even used the cursed Substitute + Hone Claws set, which is fun, and if you get the right matchup it will just bop you. In gen 7, it gained access to Dragon Dance. Coupled with Z moves, you'd expect Flygon to become the best set up sweeper in the tier, right? Yet the most proefficent sets were the Choice Scarf set, and the good old defogger set. Originally ranked as B+ for some reason by the end of the generation, every single post post gen 7 ru has Flygon ranked as A+. That's how much utility Flygon brings to this tier. Now in gen 8, Flygon has access to First Impression, although I personally don't use this move much, it makes Choice Band sets more appealing to use. However, what currently has Flygon as a top tier pokemon right now are the Choice Scarf set (again ROFL), and the Dragon Dance set. Wait, now Dragon Dance becomes a good set without Z moves??? Yeah, crazy shit. The coverage it has is just amazing for the cores of this tier, full of Golisopod, Noivern, Togekiss, fat steels. This mon just manages to do everything it does just right. Being as impactful as it is in every RU generation it has been usable, I'm sure everyone will agree with me that Flygon deserves the spot of the best RU Pokemon of all time.

HONORABLE MENTIONS (in no specific order):


One of the best mons in BW RU. Was super good for a good majority of XY RU, and is still usable in ORAS RU. Died down for a bit in SM RU. Became the best pokemon for a while during 2020 in SS RU.


Although outclassed as a dark type by Absol, it was still usable in BW RU. Probably the most common scarfer, and pursuit trapper, in ORAS RU. Same role in SM RU, it just trapped shit. Died down in SS RU although maybe it's coming back :eyes:


Incredibly utility as a rocker throughout gens 6-8. Nothing too crazy, yet it's always there. The new combination of Diamond Storm + Body Press this gen makes it incredibly fun to use.


For some, the most broken mon in SM RU right now. It's not as good in SS RU, yet it still manages to be one of the best grasses in the tier.


Amazing tank in gen 6 and 7. It was also one of our better rockers in gen 8 before moving to UU, although it seems it's coming back to its rightful home.


Originally banned in BW RU. Came back to RU in gen 7 to become one of the best offensive rockers around. Fills a similar role in SS RU, although defensive sets seem to have picked up a lot.


Probably not even top 35 in RU, but people forget the impact it had in lighthouses quitting ROFL


This one is a special one for me. It has been usable in every single RU tier, and always manages to be annoying to face in all 4 generations. Was the most broken mon at some point in 2020 during SS RU, eventually getting banned.


This mon is incredibly close to making it to the top 10 list in my opinion. It got banned from ORAS RU, became the best stallbreaker in SM RU, and just manages to be one of the best offensive pivots people use in the current gen 8 metagame.


And that's about it. I really wanted to add like 50 pokemon to the honorable mentions list, because there are a lot of good classics. Making this thread was super fun, as I went down memory lane to my days of using some of my fav mons of all time in a tier I've played for so long. Hopefully some of you can drop thoughts on the progression of the tier as a whole, as making this list really made me notice some structural keypoints we always have. I'm not sure if it's because we stick to what we know or what, but it was for sure an interesting experience.

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