Sports FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


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Oh by the way, I can't be the only one who dwell on this missed shot of Messi in extra time (90+5?). A missile that *almost* killed the game...

(sorry, I couldn't get a better quality picture :pikuh: )

I was thinking how similar it was to a Zidane shot back in 2006 final, in extra-time at 1-1. I find both to be extraordinarily similar in their scenario: a player can score and secure win to his team, but the goalkeeper saves it. Thankfully for Messi, he didn't do what Zidane did after the shoot...
He won it after all.

Pelé classing the shootout penalty he scored as Mbappe's 4th goal in the game is so hilariously on brand
Fwiw, the wording makes it uncertain but I think Pelé also refers to Mbappe 4th goal in a WC final, in total? So, including the 2018 goal he scored against Croatia.

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