Let's Play! Fighting Chance: An Origin Platinum Dicelocke


A phantasmagoric explosion of sight, sound, and random number generators

Welcome one and all to my new LP: Fighting Chance! Like my previous run, the Volt White 2 Orderlocke, this will not be just your average Let's Play. Not only is the pace on this one pretty zippy -- showing you all the most relevant stuff and leaving out the chafe -- but there are also plenty of on-screen graphics, music montages, funny edits, and other additions to spice up the proceedings.

The game I'll be playing is a hack called Origin Platinum. What makes this game shine, apart from being able catch all 493 Pokemon in the wild, is its liberal use of funny references in NPC dialogue and object text. I'm making it a point to find and identify as many of these references as possible, so if you know one that I've missed, let me know and I'll annotate the reference and give a credit to you for identifying it! There are also other ways you can participate, like pointing out possible rules violations (see rules below), submitting possible Pokemon nicknames (see here for explanation), and just generally making suggestions for future videos and progress within the game.

As for the challenge itself? Well, as the title implies, this game will be all about rolling the (virtual) dice and fighting our way through randomly-generated chaos. Click the spoiler cuts below to see exactly what we're in for:




1) If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be released.

2) Only the first encounter in each new area is eligible for capture.
2a) Dupes Clause is active, extended to evolutionary lines.
2b) Shiny Clause is active.
2c) Gift Pokemon may be used, but count as that area's encounter if taken. Egg and fossil Pokemon count for the area they are hatched/revived in.

3) In each new area, run an RNG set from 1-40. The corresponding roll from the "Rolls" list must be followed immediately.
3a) If a free space (or something that is effectively a free space) comes up, then the player may choose to re-roll. If the next roll is also a free space, no further re-rolls may be attempted.
3b) Rules marked "REGION-WIDE" must be followed in all areas of the game until otherwise rolled. All other rolls are only valid for the area(s) in which they are generated.
3c) Multiple locations sharing the same area name are counted as a single area.

4) If at any point the player is found in violation of an active rule, the player must immediately attempt to do whatever possible to reverse the results of their infraction. Next, they must run an RNG set from 1-5. The corresponding numbered consequence from the "Punishments" list must be followed immediately.
4a) If the infraction is particularly severe (use your own discretion in determining this), go directly to Punishment #5. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.
4b) If the player violates a Punishment rule, likewise invoke Punishment #5 immediately.
4c) If a viewer notices a valid violation and points it out before the next video, that viewer may choose a punishment from the list, to be carried out ASAP.

5) The challenge rules do not take effect until the player receives Poke Balls.

1. No catch for this area.
2. HP restoring items may not be used in battle here.
3. HP restoring items may not be used outside of battle here.
4. Status restoring items such as Antidotes or Paralyz Heals may not be used here, in or out of battle. Ignore if (and only if) rule #28 is in effect.
5. You may only buy up to 7 items at the next Mart.
6. You may only buy up to 12 items at each Mart, starting now. REGION-WIDE RULE.
7. You may only buy Balls at the next Mart.
8. You may only buy HP restoring items at the next Mart.
9. You may only buy status restoring items and Repels at the next Mart.
10. Buy 10 items or as many as possible (ignore any item restrictions in effect).
11. Buy 20 items or as many as possible (ignore any item restrictions in effect).
12. Remove a random region-wide rule (other than the core challenge rules). If none are in effect: free space!
13. A random Pokemon in your party is now dead. Exception: ignore this rule if you only have one or two Pokemon left.
14. You must permabox the strongest member of your party. REGION-WIDE RULE.
15. Toggle battle style between Switch/Set.
16. A random Pokemon in your party must be moved to the front of the party. This Pokemon must go first in all battles until it dies. REGION-WIDE RULE.
17. You must complete all possible activities in this area before progressing, including trainer battles, fetch quests, talking to NPCs, finding items (visible and hidden), and any other noteworthy tasks.
18. Remove all region-wide rules (other than the core challenge rules). If none are in effect: free space!
19. Your moves in trainer battles are determined by RNG here. Exceptions: if there is an important battle in this area (i.e.: a gym leader, your rival, a big villain battle, or the E4), you do not have to follow this rule for that battle.
20. Your next catch's nickname must come from the list of fan-submitted names.
21. Your next catch's nickname must be a combination of two or more fan-submitted names.
22. Your next catch's nickname must include the word "Butt".
23. You may not attack with super-effective moves here unless absolutely no other kind of move is possible.
24. Pick a random Pokemon in your party. You may not use that Pokemon in this area unless it is your sole party member (temporarily depositing other party members to achieve this is allowed).
25. A random Pokemon in your box is now dead. If you have no boxed Pokemon: free space!
26. You may not use Pokecenter heals or similar free heals in this area, unless the free heal is unavoidable.
27. You are limited to 2 heals at the next Pokecenter/healing area.
28. You are limited to 4 heals at all Pokecenters/healing areas, starting now. REGION-WIDE RULE.
29. Pick an evolvable Pokemon in your active party. That Pokemon may not evolve until the Elite 4. If you have no evolvable Pokemon: free space! REGION-WIDE RULE.
30. You may only use direct damaging moves here (i.e.: no stat changing moves, no status-inducers, etc.)
31. In this area, you must switch to a new Pokemon every other turn in battle. Exception: ignore if you only have one Pokemon (duh).
32. Sell or toss 5 items, or as many as you can.
33. Sell or toss 10 items, or as many as you can.
34. Remove a random region-wide rule (other than the core challenge rules). If none are in effect: free space!
35. Set an RNG from 1-5. Whatever the number, your party must grind up at least that number of levels before progressing beyond this area.
36. All party Pokemon who can currently learn TMs must learn as many as possible.
37. You must avoid all non-essential trainer battles in this area.
38. You may no longer flee from any wild encounters or use any Repels, anywhere in the world. REGION-WIDE RULE.
39. You must flee from all wild encounters here except first encounters and "Can't escape!" encounters. If rule #38 is in effect, ignore it for this area.
40. You may now only use three items (excluding Balls and held items) per battle. REGION-WIDE RULE.



1. Toss 10 items, or as many as you can.
2. The nearest Pokecenter is now off-limits -- you may never heal there again.
3. Choose a random party Pokemon. Replace one of that Pokemon's good moves with the weakest TM/HM move it can learn, or with its next awful level-up move. If nothing awful is available in good time, pick a different random Pokemon or roll again for a new punishment.
4. The nearest Mart is now off-limits -- you may never shop there again.
5. A random Pokemon among your party and boxed 'mons is now dead. If this results in the death of your last Pokemon, then too bad -- you lose.


Ready to get started? Then strap in, and welcome to... FIGHTING CHANCE!

Part 01 - Starter
Part 02 - Rollin'
Part 03 - References
Part 04 - Punishment
Part 05 - Vampires
Part 06 - Oreburgh
Part 07 - Roark

Part 08 - Jailtime
Part 09 - Overcome
Part 10 - Musicality
Part 11 - Gardenia

Part 12 - Relaxed
Part 13 - Wayward
Part 14 - Fear
Part 15 - Fantina

Part 16 - Sweet
Part 17 - Jam
Part 18 - Backtrack
Part 19 - Burn
Part 20 - Rain
Part 21 - Maylene

Part 22 - Animation
Part 23 - Destruction
Part 24 - Kitties
Part 25 - Koffin'
Part 26 - Wake

Part 27 - Intuitive
Part 28 - Byron

Part 29 - Retribution
Part 30 - Frozen
Part 31 - Candice

Part 32 - Galactic
Part 33 - Calm
Part 34 - Volkner

Part 35 - Penultimate

Part 36a - FINALE (Act I)
Part 36b - FINALE (Act II)
Part 36c - FINALE (Act III)
- Official series art by Kaydee Elaine!
- Opening and ending bumper music is "Fatality" by Tigoolio


And here are the embeds for the first two episodes for convenience's sake!

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Thanks! Glad to hear it! :D

Have a third episode~

Today it's a reference smorgasbord as we talk to everyone with impunity! It's a wonder we get time to battle or catch Pokemon with all the stuff there is to find in this hack.
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Awesome, thanks for saying so! I'm going to try to aim for about two parts a week, one at minimum, so expect the next part soon-ish. Should get easier once I'm done classes next week.
Yaaay, well I've included several interesting images and pieces of art in this episode, so I hope you enjoy!

In today's episode: after unceremoniously receiving the Poketch, we forget to make another roll and end up taking our first punishment of the game. What will our unlucky fate be? Watch and find out!
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So was I. Believe me, so was I. ;.;


In today's episode, we make our next catch attempt and then work our way across Route 203, getting familiar with the team dynamics as we go!

Also, vampire hamsters. :B
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In today's episode, we ignore the plot with a vengeance while pushing forward to Floaroma and the Valley Windworks. In the process, we make a new catch, find more references, land someone in jail, and receive a special visit from Future Eryn!
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An update ascends from on high!

Today's episode brings you a gym leader special as I take on Gardenia for the Forest Badge. Will Tetsuo get to lazily burn up the competition? Will Blade get to slice and dice up some vampiric plant matter? Will new squadmate Hal get to show that he's got what it takes to fight alongside the team? WILL PICKLE FINALLY GET A COSTUME ALREADY???

Also, I plugged LonelyCephalopod's Storm Silver Orderlocke today! You should totally check it out. First episode can be found here.
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Oo, update inside of a week! Nice!

In today's episode, after kicking the plot out of our faces yet again, we grab ourselves a bicycle and two brand-spankin' new catches.
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Why is today's episode so long? Four words: Wayward. Cave. No. Repels. Will Pickle be able to cope with the stress of being the first Pokemon out in every single encounter?
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Today we have a very unfancy episode for a very fancy gym leader: Fantina of Hearthome City! Will our challenge be incroyable or terriblement...?
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On today's sweet sixteen episode, we pick up a sweet little Eevee, find some totally sweet references, and have ourselves a sweet(?) rival battle with West!
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We're back from hiatus! And after discussing the results of last episode's audience-voted questions, we're diving headfirst into catching more Pokemon!
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Forgot to post episode 18.5 when I put it up the other day, oops. It's just a (mostly) optional grinding special, though, so here's just a link to that if you want to watch it.

As for the actual new episode:

Today we strike out onto Rt. 210 with stars in our eyes and visions of progress in our future! What we end up finding is the reality of... well, not that.
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Only one more route before we reach Veilstone City! This should be easy, right? Not if the dice have anything to say about it...

NOTE AND APOLOGY: I meant to add more images and on-screen text to this episode, but editing took so long that I was too burned out to do more with it. Sorry, and hopefully you guys still enjoy!
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