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I couldn't find a thread on the topic, so I decided to cast out one of my own!

ITT: Music and Film Lovers discuss their favorite Film Soundtracks

Let's dig right in.

The Lord of the Rings -

I feel it goes without mentioning that this will be a commonly mentioned Soundtrack in a Film Soundtrack thread.

The Trilogy gives us a staggering 60 songs in title that each manage to capture their respected scenes / tones. Composer Howard Shore not only captured the essence of Middle Earth with this fantastical soundtrack but he worked with Peter Jackson to innovate a new style of Film Composition, in which the soundtrack was composed AND Record while Shore and his orchestra viewed Test Edits of the film. Brilliant!


Edward Scissorhands -

To me, a soundtrack that was a mere tease at the brilliant and twisted mind of Danny Elfman, who would later go on to compose some of films greatest and most recognizable mainstream soundtracks. To me, Edward Scissorhands gave us everything Elfman has to offer on all sides. This is a soundtrack that captures Elfmans ability to suggest mystery, sensuality, fear, and hope. Elfman would later go on to compose one of the more recognizable video game themes with the OST for Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters.

Will post tons of more Film Soundtrack thoughts as this thread develops!


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Personally, my favorite soundtrack has to be The Greatest Showman. Amazing song after song throughout the whole movie, must’ve listened to it at least a dozen times. Second best would probably be Fiddler on the Roof’s soundtrack.
My favorite soundtrack actually is My Heart Will Go On from Titanic, the song is so beautiful and romantic!

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