Final Fantasy III Mafia- Warriors of Light and askaninjask Win!!!


I am always tired. Don't bother me.

1. Being active in this game is very important. Being inactive may result in your being subbed out for another player!! Don’t force the hosts to do this!

2. This game starts Night 0. No kills (i.e. attacks) are present Night 0. You may not attack a player either during Night 0. You may only share Role PMs with the any player whose identity you KNOW IN GAME (it is in the flavor of your Role PM; so basically if you know them outside the game, this doesn’t count).

3. Each day period will last either 24 or 48 hours. There is no true “majority”, thus it is more likely that a day period will last 24 hours (the time a day lasts is up to the host to decide). However, a “majority” is reached also once all players have made their attack vote.

4. Each night period will also last either 24 or 48 hours. If all PMs have been received results will be sent out. This means that if you want a good game that is interesting, it is in your best interests to send a PM (otherwise you will be subbed out).

5. During the day, you must bold your vote and use Any Word <User>. To change your vote, you must edit your original post with your new vote. No Attack counts as a neutral vote. This means that you do not vote for any specific user, and instead wish to wait. Any votes to a dead player will be nullified. If your faction votes for a user, you must also vote for that user, or else your vote is negated. Votes will remain even if there is a tie, and if a user dies from a vote, the results will be seen in the update between day and night.

6. Send all PMs to Acklow and Johann. If you decide not to use your ability during on any given Night/Day, please send us a PM titled “Night X-Idling”. Remember, that if you do not PM both Acklow and Johann, you may not receive results to your night action (and you risk being subbed out).

7. If you are dead, you cannot speak to anyone in the game unless you know their in-game identity (via Flavor) and are in the same faction as them.

8. If grammatical errors are present in PMs, do not use these as proof of faking. I AM human and I DO make mistakes (sadly I admit it).

9. You can paste stuff said to you by the hosts. You can fake logs. Remember, do not take a log of a conversation with a host as definite proof, as these can be faked. Impersonation of a host or another player is banned at all points. Do not try to impersonate in any way. Screenshots related to the game are also banned.

10. You may try targeting dead player’s with your abilities, but not much will happen.

11. If a role PM clashes with the rules in anyway, the role PM takes precedence.

12. Being dead is not the end of the game.

13. Inspection results may or may not be false at times. Remember that when you get into the game.

14. Priorities are set and kept secret. Do not ask me about them.

15. Acklow and Johann must know about all spreadsheets and IRC channels related to the game.

16. IRC is not compulsory but you’ll find that it has great use in this game.

17. If you have any questions about the game, you can ask Acklow or Johann on Smogon.

18. If you wish to sub for the game, in case you do not get selected, you can mention that in you signup post. If you wish to sub out, you can send a PM to Acklow and Johann and we will get you a sub.

19. There are items in this game. There are two types of items: Weapon items and Support items. You may only hold a maximum of TWO Weapon items, but you can hold any number of Support items. If you wish to give an item to another player, you must send a PM titled “Night X-Passing <Item 1>, <Item 2>, and/or <Item X> to USER”, where X is the last item on the list (you can pass any number of items to any player. As a hint in terms of priority, item passing has the lowest priority. If a person holding an item dies, the items will be passed entirely randomized to any players.

20. Please talk to me during the game, as it will provide a better postgame. Give reasons for your actions, it will help.

21. This game is entirely experimental. Much of the flavor for this game will be explained in the opening post. In addition, having previous experience in Smogon Mafia is also very recommended.

22. There are 24 players in this game.

23. If you are kidnapped, you are considered dead during the day and silenced by night for the duration of your kidnapping.
The Story said:
Greetings adventurer. Your quest has just begun. Read below a narration that may intrigue you and may include some valuable information.

One day, a boy by the name of Luneth fell down a deep hole. You are that boy. Or at least you think that you are. After getting back up, you discover that you have a small dagger in your possession. You begin exploring the cave. As you make your way into the deeper parts of the cave, you begin hearing voices. One of them is louder than the rest though: “Greetings young Warrior. You have been chosen. You are destined to defeat and eliminate all evil in this world.” What could that mean? You continue walking, suddenly you are attacked by a goblin:

As you battle, you begin to tire. However, you hear more from the voices: “We will not let you, a Warrior of Light, fail. We bestow a great power to you.”
You suddenly feel much more powerful. You instantly slay the goblin. Eventually you make it out of the cave. However, not before you enter a large room with a white crystal in it. This crystal, apparently speaks to you, and you recognize it as the voice that spoke to you earlier: “Welcome Warrior of Light. There are others like you that are in this world. However, you know that there are only four that are the true Warriors of Light. Before you go on your quest, understand that you will meet four others that will befriend you. You may or may not be a Warrior of Light. Your friends may or may not be Warriors of Light. However, know this, legend states that whoever defeats a Warrior of Light in combat may become as powerful as a Warrior of Light. You know that your friends share your opinions, and will help you in your quest to become a Warrior of Light. However know that there are others, who also want to prove their worthiness. They also wish to become Warriors of Light. Their groups are known as the Wind Crystal Warriors, the Fire Crystal Warriors, the Water Crystal Warriors, and the Earth Crystal Warriors. There are also others. Some that wish to destroy the Warriors of Light before they attain their true potential. Amongst these is the Fellowship of the Nepto, and there are others whose names are not mentioned. Are you a true Warrior of Light? You shall find out. For we only call you a Warrior of Light because of the shell made out of flesh that you wear. You will truly endure the test we bring you now to determine this. Now go, we will follow your steps...’your steps’...*your steps*...”
As the voice of the Crystal echoes, you finally reach the end of the tunnel. However, you notice the body of one of your closest friends lying on the ground. Apparently he is dead. You see a note beside him, and decide to pick it up to determine what it says:

Acklow said:
Dear Acklow,
You are the Sage-otherwise known as the powerful Noah.

You are the friend of the boy in the narrative. You did not know that he may be a Warrior of Light. Nevertheless you know that there is great power inside this young man. You are the Master of the Land of Dreams. You have sent your apprentices, Doga, Unei, and Xande into the world in order to help the Warriors of Light, so that they may be able to bring balance to the world. You have great power, beyond anyone else’s imagination. However, you have preferred to stay in your Land to watch the action that occurs in the world.

You have 15 Hitpoints. Your standard Attack Power is 3.

You do know the possible identities of the Four Warriors of Light. They are GoldenKnight, RBG, <Snip>, and <Snip>. You cannot share their identities with anyone except with them.

You also have many managerial powers. Thus, at night or during the day, you may send Acklow and Johann a PM titled, “Night/Day x- Substitute USER1 in for USER2.” This will enable you to remove any player from the player list and add a different player. This can be used at any time in the game, but it is for the host to decide.

In addition to managerial powers, you have the capability to summon the legendary warrior, Odin, as many times as you wish (without having to pay a cost too). That means that at night or during the day, you may send Acklow and Johann a PM titled, “Night/Day x- Summon Odin to god-kill USER.” This causes Odin to appear and charge at USER at a very fast speed. So fast that they will literally die because of the large quantities of awesomeness and attractiveness.

You are holding Ultima Weapon. This item allows you to make Night updates and even Day updates, at will. It cannot be stolen and its abilities are unhookable. It’s just that awesome. And attractive. It is a Weapon Item, thus it has infinite uses. Oh, and it is indestructible too.

You are allied with the Crystal of Darkness. You win if you defeat the all of the Crystals and if you Godkill any number of players.

You also discover the body of Acklow’s good friend, Johann. He, too, has a note beside him. You all take a glance at it.

Acklow said:
Dear Johann,
You are a Sage-otherwise known as Doga.

You are one of Noah’s apprentices. You have been sent by Noah to help the Warriors of Light on your quest. You have fulfilled that purpose, yet you have also died in the process. However, your life force remains and you still have many of the same powers as you did before your death.

You have 10 HP. Your standard attack power is 0.

As an apprentice of Noah, you have been given similar powers as Noah. Thus you can do the same things Noah can do. However, your updating powers have diminished, thus you have been assigned to updating the Day updates...just to help your hurting back. Anyways, this means that during the day, you may send Acklow and Johann a PM titled, “Day x-Update Game”. You will be able to update the game at an instant speed. But you may only do so, once either all players have attacked or until you feel that the majority of players have attacked.

You are holding nothing. That doesn’t mean you aren’t cool, just underpaid.

You are allied with the Crystal of Darkness. You win if you defeat the all of the Crystals and if you Godkill any number of players.
This game will have HP. You are considered dead once your HP is entirely depleted. Lynches have been replaced with a different form of action. Votes instead are labeled “attack”. Each role has a certain Attack Power. This Attack Power can be increased or decreased. These occur only during the day.
If during a lynch the amount of attack causes you to reach zero HP, you will be killed. However, if a second person loses all health, the person who has the most attack points targeted on them will be lynched and the other will have their HP dropped (or maybe raised) to 3. If 3 people all lose health, the third person will be lynched have his HP dropped (or maybe raised) to 3, and so on.

Use this as a guide to what roles are in the game (this link has the flavor to the beginning text of each role), or use this to see the actual roles . Remember, there might be multiples of a certain role.

There are two types of items: weapons and support.
Weapon: Weapon items tend to be rather stronger than their support counterparts. They usually have an infinite number of uses. However, due to such power, only a maximum of two of these items can be held per player.
Support: Support items are usually single use items that have limited abilities. This ranges from healing to various flavor effects. Any number of these types of items can be held. Use this link: in order to understand what items may be in the game.

To understand the story behind this game, you may look at this link also:

Once you have reached 0 HP, you are considered dead. You may not go lower than 0, unless you are the target of overkill in a Day’s attack.

Some abilities come with a label at the end that goes a little something like this:
“However, you lose X HP when casting this spell”. This means that the ability is “Magic”. If any roles prevent, boost, or otherwise affect the effects of magic are labeled saying that they prevent, boost, or otherwise affect the effects of magic, that means that they only pertain to abilities that end with the above label.

If your role enables you to cast magic, you may only cast magic if you have the sufficient amount of HP in order to cast that spell, otherwise you will automatically fail at casting the spell. You may still cast a spell, even if it means that you will reach 0 HP.

Player List
askaninjask->WON DAY 5
Nook ~Quagsires
HD ~Exarius ~HD

The Dead
GoldenKnight~Day 2
UncleSam~Night 2
Midou~Day 3
Lightwolf~Day 3
Game Freak201~Night 3
Blue_Tornado/BunnyMaster~Night 3
Altair~Night 4
-TheLucarioEffect-~Night 4
moi/StevenSnype~Day 5
Nanoswine~Night 6
Flamestrike~Day 7
zorbees/undisputed~Day 8
RBG~Day 8
RaRe555~Day 9
capefeather~Night 10
theangryscientist~Day 11
Alright, I just moved and my internet situation is kinda wonky, so I can't guarantee that I'll have IRC over the next few days. I will do my best to be on, but if you want to talk I'd advise that you PM me ;)

EDIT: I can get on IRC through Mibbit, so I'll be on whenever possible. I still advise PMing me if it's important though.


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If I could get in contact with a member of the Fellowship of Nepto, it would help both of us. Also feel free to talk to me no matter what faction you are in, there is no telling what we could do together. Also, remember, at this point, anyone could make an alliance with anyone. Feel free to talk to me on IRC with this in mind :)
There are Heart Crystal Warriors??? X( This game just got a lot less awesome.

...Haha just kidding (sort of <.<). Kind of disappointed that experienced players were allowed into beginner mafias, so I might as well participate in a standard one. I hope I find my allies quickly somehow...
You are Ninja.

You are the best physical class in the world, obsoleting every other class (except for possibly using Viking to gain HP). Nothing can stop you, not even the inferior jobs in this game.

You have 40 Hitpoints. Your standard Attack Power is 50.

At night you may send Acklow and Johann a PM titled "Night x - Smoke Bomb" You will be removed from the game for two cycles, preventing anything from affecting you during that time, though you can still do anything you want. This can only be done once.

Additionally, at night you send Acklow and Johann a PM titled "Night x - Throw Shruiken at USER" USER will have several Shuriken thrown into his throat, killing him. This can only be done twice.

You are holding the Carrot. While holding this item you do not appear on the player list. Additonally, you cannot be godkilled for any reason.

You are allied with yourself. You win if you are the last man standing.
Yeah, I'm the wolf. An unlisted wolf at that, though I suspect that there may be some things in the game to counteract this. I feel comfortable outting my role PM on night 0 because I am holding the carrot, and when I am not godkilled that will be your proof.

I also feel comfortable outting myself because you will have no idea if I have or haven't made myself unkillable, and if I have I can kill you anyways, so its best not to cross me.

My proposition is this. Everybody claims to me if you feel comfortable with it (doubtful, since I'm wolf), and then I coordinate shit behind the scenes, and it will be up to all of you to outplay me. Doesn't that sound like fun? For now, a description of your role and alliance will suffice since I doubt any of you guys have a carrot (and if you do you're going to hang back), but come day 1 I expect actual claims.

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