Final Fantasy III Mafia- Warriors of Light and askaninjask Win!!!

Midou has given the only good argument today, which is pretty sad if he turns out to be lying -.- Also, just to be really sure that Crux gets toasted completely...

EDIT: *sigh* I would really like to see someone get killed for informational purposes so

Havoc Wing Midou
I can insure you that a WoL will turn up dead :)

[19:21] <Acklow> lol Midou
[19:21] <Acklow> "I can insure you"
[19:22] <Acklow> assure would be proper grammar, my friend
[19:22] <midou> it sounded right in my head.
[19:22] <XXX> i'd prefer to be insured
[19:22] <Acklow> lol
[19:22] <XXX> what if i get in a car crash

Edit: nevermind, i don't know if a WoL will turn up.


i want it...
I am about to be lynched based on the suspicion that I am moling a faction merely because I have somebody else in my role pm. Unfortunately for me, that person is a twin and has somebody else mentioned in his role pm. This, understandably, casts me under suspicion.

[18:09] Welcome Warrior of Light. There are others like you that are in this world. However, you know that there are only four that are the true Warriors of Light. Before you go on your quest, understand that you will meet four others that will befriend you. You may or may not be a Warrior of Light. Your friends may or may not be Warriors of Light. However, know this, legend states that whoever defeats a Warrior of Light in combat may become as powerful as a Warrior of Light.
From what we know, there are four people in each faction, 4 WoL and 4 others (which includes neutrals and Neptos.) These WoL (of which I am not a member) have moled each of the various crystal warrior factions. So the numbers stand at 5 per faction.

In each faction there are two pairs of twins, plus one other, who has the name of one of those twins in their role pm. I am one of those outsiders. It is unnatural for this to occur and all of these outsiders have been cast under suspicion and have received no information.

I am one of these outsiders, and although I am unable to prove it at this point, due to my lack of any information whatsoever, I am not a WoL.

I have spoken to Midou and as you can see he is willing to sacrifice himself. However I am unable to talk to the rest of you at this time due to timezone clashes. It is obvious then, considering that I am not a WoL, that in each of these factions, which consist of pair and pair +1, there is a "fake" twin.

Attack Sledge



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As you all should plainly see, I am a patron saint of stories.
This game provides a tale as well, which many have avoided with ease.
For you bicker and squabble, one man accuses another disagrees.
Clearly you have skipped the flavor, thought it nothing but a tease.

So let me break it down.

In my heart and in my head, lies no other but the soul of poet.
But though it may cast suspicion I shall admit,
I may be a Warrior of Light and not even know it.
And when one does not know their guilt, how shall they acquit?

A simple solution I propose, we shall all submit to a blood test.
For a Warrior of Light's blood should shine with some zest.
With our pyromancers ready, their bodies will be burned whole.
For that is the only way to fully destroy a mole.

I know that if you heed my word you must fancy me a great mentor.
But truth be told I stole the idea, from that one movie by John Carpenter.

Johann was walking into town hoping to see a dead body already lynched, but no, that would be too simple. He walked in finding mass chaos erupting. He noticed some things like altair stabbing sledge. There was also a beat up body that looked like crux. Johann got tired of this and decided to grab the person who had the misfortune of standing the closest to him, which happened to be moi. Johann lead him up the necessarily long staircase that led to the noose. Johann was riding a horse. As Johann was about to hang moi.....Lightwolf, capefeather, Nanoswine, ~NJ, and others sang out NOOOOO in a rather beautiful harmony with vonFiedler as the baritone. They all proceeded to beat up Midou into a bloody pulp. Johann intervened and said: "This is enough carnage for today, go back to bed." Everybody went home with a few people suffering severe injuries that definitely won't be going away anytime soon.

It is now Night 1, Night 1 will last either 48 hours (4:30 pm Friday EST) or until Acklow and I receive all pms.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
PMs have been sent.

You all gather together at the center of the battlefield after waking up. A group of children run by. One of them comes up to you and begins to speak,

"Well good morning! You look like very strong grown-ups! I wish I were like you!"

He scans the crowd, then exclaims,

"It looks like all of you are safe and sound! Some of you got pretty badly hurt though! Lightwolf especially. But I'm sure that this last night's rest really helped you guys!"

An older man walks up behind the young boy, "Well, look who's here! You all seem to be fine this morning! OH! And UncleSam is back! Well let's leave for now, young Christoph, they need to be getting ready for battle!"

As they turned to leave, suddenly they stopped. A large tidal wave was coming straight towards the battlefield!!! A large serpent seemed to be the moving force
behind the wave. You all scattered as the wave came down.

Unfortunately, the wave crashed into moi, Flamestrike and Altair!!

You all look up, horrified at the sudden and mysterious attack. Each one of you soaking wet, began to think the following thoughts, HOW, in the world did a TIDAL WAVE even reach this far inland?
Each one of you start formulating ideas that somebody must be behind this watery mess. Each of you start pulling out your swords, knives and bows, ready to kill the culprit behind this turn of events...but WHO could it be?


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