Rejected Final Touch On Custom Game

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We Have Had So Many Limits Pushed In Custom Game, More Than 6 Pokemon, More Than 4 Moves, And Level 9999. But There Is One More Thing, We Should Get To Have Multiple Abilities. Examples Of How It Could Turn Out
Ability: (Ability)
Ability: (Ability)
Ability: (Ability)
Ability2: (Ability)
Ability: (Ability)/(Ability)
There Could Be A Cap Of About 3-10 Abilities Like A Level 9999 Cap Or The Around 30 Moves And Pokemon Cap, I Think This Should Be Added To Custom Game, (Also Technically This Is Updating An OM Format And Not Making One So Please Consider This One)
Also I Realized That Something Like Multibility Could Work… But You Still Get The Item.

Wait What About Multiple Ite-
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Custom Game isn't an OM so much as a blank slate - all the limits imposed on it are hard limits (the sim can't handle more than 24 mons, etc).
Supporting multiple abilities/items is a significant time investment with not all that much gain, so for now we're not planning on doing so.
Closing this, have a nice day!
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