NOC Fire and Ice (9-2-2 Multiball) [won by town]


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Current vote count:

heury (4): panic, texas, caffbo, amy
caffbo (2): uto, tbz
waterlily (1): sultan
tbz (1): shubaka
panic (1): fen
duskfall (1): OM

not voting (3): dusk, waterlily, heury
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nice gamestart and in fire and ice I historically roll fire mafia or doctor so expect me to flip one of those
Firstly I wanna talk about this post, this is a joke post but at that point they were either claiming doc to scum or was already scum so I voted for them
It might be partly base don host meta, but you seem to lean in on your personality a little more as scum.
Why would you tell somebody their tell?
I can't think of a reason other than he said I couldn't.
I think panic is town here because he really thought he had a tell on me and go
Well, last game, someone pointed out that scum associations weren't useful for finding the SK. It kinda tracks over to this setup, where we've got two separate scumteams. What's spew for fire isn't gonna be spew for ice and vice versa. So applying the logic from last game to this game and thinking about it in terms of scum and SK will help keep me from assuming spewed not one team = spewed not both teams.
Yeah duh
GTH reads:

1. CaffeineBoost - Town
2. Duskfall98 - Town
3. OM - Scum
4. Panic Station - Town
5. Ampharos - Town
6. Thunder~BALLZ - Town
7. Texas Cloverleaf - Town
8. Fenrir Aesir - Scum
9. Waterlily3 - Scum
10. U-Turn Out - Town
11. heuryalone - Scum
12. Sultan of Skook - Town
13. Shubaka17 - Town

I think I've solved the game
Significantly more had happened in those first 24 hours than have happened in these 24

Everyone else should try this exercise to to get things going. Go through everyone else and pick either GTH town or GTH scum. No picking GTH null, that would break the point of this exercise
Uh how new are you?
caffeineboost has scum slipped, in his first post here he elucidates that he would prefer daytalk if he rolled scum; in his subsequent posts here, here, here and here he tags thunderballz to bring his attention to something specific; innocuous in and of itself except this is also combined with clear distancing at post #40 here where he claims tballz will be scum and inactive to maintain meta, thus setting up his ally to lurk safely; and further distancing by placing a vote on tballz here; all while bringing his attention to specific things

caffeineboost is scum, this is a righteous wagon vote caffeineboost
I don't get why "here" posts show they are allies
How'd that go for you last time?

This is a hype PL; it's been a long time since I've played with shub/dusk and I don't think I've ever played with Amy (discounting MU team game, which was sort of a weird experience). No strong reads at present. I too don't follow Texas's thing about Caffeine (namely to what extent it's intended seriously), but I'm watching CaffeineBoost currently for whether or not he goes on about how Panic's different this game, as well as something else.
Why PL them tho
Agreed, calling it sk instead of ice seems needless already but I doubt if lamist makes them scum
Walk me through that. I'm Townreading Lily rn because of lolis.
I claim scum for joke as town or scum, you can keep your read tho
Reading caff as town. I like their read on me and Lily. I'd rather be mislynched today than tomorrow. If lily is lynched first, then it may guarantee my mislynch if they flip scum. At least when I flip town first it will cause you to revaluate lily and less likely we mislynch twice in a row.
OMG this is a noble thing thanks
Though I don't quite understand why people are associating us?
Also why are you sure I am town lol
don't bother, i'm gonna do this anyways

##vote heuryalone

anyone who can correctly identify why before i do so myself gets +3 free TownBucks(tm)
What is this lol
Waterlily feels like they are kinda pocketing me a bit but also idk I actually have a really bad read on him idk whys he's saying it's good despite me playing with him more than others. Btw this player is known as red flavour on mu and gtacc on 451

Panic station has kinda had weird reads and feels forced bit they do a lot of the time so maybe this is a read I can apply to others I shouldn't apply to him but worth noting regardless

Fenrir posting is weird tbh and that's bad to say but this guy posting is seriously a strange occurance so it has me like :eyes:

I forget what shub did but he did something probably not significant since j already forgot so I won't count it
You know me more than others
12. Ampharos - high volume/high content, making reads that feel In The Box. That's not Inherently wrong, but throwing a vote and Then finding the reasoning feels off. Especially when it's halfway to hammer, and you spent long enough riffing and meme-ing to throw meme votes around first. however, notice that i'm still putting her at like, most townie. I don't like her play style but i don't think it's mafia, i think it's just Bad Town :P
Nah I don't think doing that shows amy is town at all
I am halfway thru the game and I will take a quick break then come back posting other stuff but for now I like panic and not quite sure about other people especially dusk I guess I will post all people list when I catch up
1) He said in the pregame he was gonna do it. 2) One of the cases on Caff was that he's scum becuase he's pinging to signal his partner, you.
Yeah I don't get the texas' case(?) on him at all
whereas Heury hasn't done any fishing this time around.
What does this mean? Panic Station
tbz townslipped tho

in the same way you did, actually
I actually think it's incredibly harder to scumhunt in this than regular mafia because

A) scum have half the partners to defend and tmi over, which is super super significant compared to another game of the same size

B) scum are help to scumhunt themselves so they can actually play to their town meta

So I dunno if this game is really an orthodox mafia game at all
yeah it sux but explaining it seems :eyes:
lynch scum
also until heury and lily flip I am gonna be on a high of believing I've found a scumpair so wheee
I missed the part where you associate us and you have 10 page of iso so can you explain?
Ok I will sheep your vote because most of it makes sense. The part about high posting little content is just caffeine though and not his scum meta, just his playstyle.

Vote: caffeineboost
But most of his reasons was little content high posting >.>
Why caffeine?
Dusk had no idea about caffeine wagon beforehand the explanation (which he thinks is just playstyle of caffe) and voted caffeine so easily, seems like he was already gonna vote caffeine

Vote: DuskFall98
hedging then
What does that mean?

i think changing his mind that quick is towny
Unvoted the moment caffeine started liking vote post
CaffeineBoost I literally just copied the general rules from your last game @_@
lmao iconic
I have been typing up in depth analysis complete with quotes and links, and it's taking longer than expected given that activity has ticked up for three of the players since I said I'd push it out. Doesn't help that I need to drive somewhere literally every two hours. I'm trying to get it done before 830 PM PDT (like an hour), but no promises, as I have to go drive Again...

I like the one-liner attack on Texas ha irony but the Dusk read feels off. maybe it's just because I don't know dusk that well, but we'll see.
Yeah agreed especially dusk part

I saw 2 long post OM and Shubaka and I also like their dusk read. I like OM's big post a lot.
I really wouldn't give Amp a town pass for making a 3 statement case on 1 post at some point in beginning the game and for calling shub and tbz out of blue, pretty sure they are capable for doing that as a scum and I think their involvement in the game seems like actually scum, same probably goes for dusk.

Town to scum list goes something like this:
Panic Station

Vote: DuskFall98

I actually don't know about caffeine tbz and UTO these are from top of my mind
also please meme less and make game more readable kthx
if i were partners with caff i would tilt beyond belief if he was spam pinging me in chat but also i have to admit that sounds like something that I would allow to happen

regardless it's not giving me the vibe i want and i dont see why me being with caff matters if he flips scum either way
Also this pinged me becuase I pointed out something illogical about him liking the Caff wagon and he shrugged it off.

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