NOC Fire and Ice (9-2-2 Multiball) [won by town]

Why changing my mind about dusk would make me scum tho
Because Dusk going from top townread to top scumread would be weird.

Scumreads are CB, Fenrir, Heury, Texas.

#306 seems like a pocket attempt from CB, he townread me without much reasoning and pretty much agreed with why I find him scummy only to lower the read on me after I'm inactive and no longer pressuring him. My previous reasoning is still valid. Pretty interesting how everyone is town reading him.

Fenrir and Heury have the same problem of posting and dipping, Heury is usually pretty active so I'm surprised he hasn't posted, especially because he's under pressure. I played 1 scum game with Fenrir and the tone/activity was the same, never saw his town game though.

I went back and couldn't find the post # but Texas got mad at Sultan for something minor which I would expect him to just ignore if he was town, it read like he's threatening Sultan off him. People are town reading him for playing in his new town meta but I don't think we've seen new scum!Texas so can't give him a free townread off that. Aside from that post he's fine but it gave me bad vibes.

I townread Shub TBZ Amy.

Dusk idk but I'm not lynching him today. Kind of weird that he's getting scumread and voted tbh since I assume he has a good reputation, I saw him lurking last night a couple of times but I don't think inactivity is AI for him? Watch OM call us partners.

OM and Sultan walled it up. Don't really have much of a read because I've just been briefly skimming the thread and didn't closely analyze their posts, so I won't vote them up. Same for waterlily and panic station.
Nah there's just nothing to do that forwards the game from my perspective until either dusk plays, tbz plays, or shub returns
fwiw I have work tomorrow and will maybe get in another like, 4 posts in the next 18 hours

re: that post about sucking up - something something other items to suck witty one liner .

I'll come back and re-read pages 17 on, I've kinda skimmed em and have no Big Analysis right now but until then vote caffeine


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i'm caught up now. catchup process was significantly less interesting than i'd thought it'd be.

i wanna call OM town for a preeeeeeetty stupid reason but i'm still calling him town nonetheless.

has anyone seen heury's wolfgame? i get the impression he plays a bit offsite. wondering if he has an activity tell


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idk i'm still comfortable voting heury. i think occam's razor suggests that he's just scum and i'd really really like to see a flip here lol

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