Fire Emblem: Awakening Thread...SPOILERS POSSIBLE

This thread is as the title says. I want you all to comment about the game, whether it may be by explaining a great moment, critiquing it, or talking about a character; let you message be heard, my fellow Smogonites!
i think this thread would be a lot more successful if we could just talk about the game in general!!! just edit the title real quick…

most of the characters are generally really likable, so instead i choose to talk about the characters i really Don't have a thing for:

vaike. at least in the beginning i didn't much care for him. all of his crit messages/general quips are SO EGOTISTICAL to the point where he only ever talks about himself in third person. it's kind of (really) annoying. having said all that though, i was forced to use him my first playthrough since he's the only available axe user besides frederick, and i wasn't going to let myself be at a disadvantage at any point within the weapon triangle, so i bit the bullet. once he's promoted and can actually stand on his own in a fight, his personality becomes more tolerable. "Looks like Teach just got Tenure!" is one of the more ridiculous/hilarious messages a character says before he kills someone, so that probably pushed me over the edge into the realm of tolerating him instead of disliking him wholly.

virion is an womanizing, flowery-mouthed coward and there is really nothing redeeming about him

There is nothing not to love about Gaius.
Yeah, that is some unique character design...he freaking joins your party just because of candy.

As for the past criticisms, I'll adjust accordingly and make the thread more general (as the tiering and strengths idea has already been taken).

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