First Attempt at VCG

So I participated in the 2013 Spring Friendly. I was not expecting a clean sweep, or to do rather well for that matter, but it seemed like I was not as prepared as I thought I was. The team itself was sort of thrown together. I did have a team all planned out...but the Unova Dex only clause ruined the plans.

Skarmory, Impish, Sturdy, Leftovers
252Hp, 252 Def, 4 Spe
Roar/Stealth Rock/Roost/Brave Bird

This is one of two Possible leads for my team. Simply put, its job is to put out Stealth Rock, then spam roar. Roost is for recovery, and Brave Bird is so it is not shut down by taunt. This guy say a lot off action on Day One, but then shared duties with my second possible lead. Also, he had either one of two problems: He only had time to get Stealth Rock out before fainting or I was stuck in an endless roar spam Unable to switch him out due to the fact the other Pokemon brought in would faint. I am currently considering switching out Leftovers for Red Card.

MeinShao, Jolly, Regenerator,Scope Lens
4HP,252 Att, 252 Spe
Fake Out/Hi-Jump Kick/Stone Edge/U-Turn

This is the second of two possible leads. Meinshao started to see more action starting on Day 2. Hi-Jump Kick offers a Good stab Move, and Stone Edge is a nice coverage move. Fake-Out is good To ensure a good first hit. U-Turn is for getting away from Psychic types, or for healing, thanks to Regenerator. I went with Scope Lens over the more Popular Life Orb, for some extra Accuracy on Hi-Jump Kick and Stone edge. I found This guy to be VERY effective when used, However he is very fragile

Hydregion, Modest, Levitate, Expert Belt
4Hp,252 Sp.Att, 252 Speed
Dragon Pulse/Dark Pulse/Fire Blast/Surf

This is my main form of attack as was always in the second slot. Dragon Pulse is for stab. I chose it over the stronger Draco Meter, since Draco Meter does lower Sp.Att, and this guy utterly needs it. Dark Pulse for second Stab. Fire blast for coverage over Ice types (which I didn't see to much of). Since I didnt go with Draco Meter, I figured I should chose the Stronger of the two Fire Moves he could learn. For the last slot, I went with Surf. I was gonna go with Earth Power, but I read here, that Earth Power is banned with Dark Pulse. I experimented with Focus Blast, but I was not a fan of the accuracy. Surf hits pretty much the same this as Focus Blast, but with better Accuracy. Expert Belt is used here. I just didnt think Life Orb would be a good fit.

Gliscor, Jolly, Poison Heal, Toxic Orb
126 Hp, 252 Att, 126 Spe
Sword Dance/Facade/EQ/Aerial Ace

I forget where I found the EV Spread, but I do like it. I found him very effective at picking off Opponents that Hydregion couldnt (or switch in on a fighting type). I am Debating a few things:

1) Im thinking about swapping out Sword Dance for Protect. I do like Sword dance, but it seemed like I just didnt have time to let one off. Also, a free turn to set up the Posion heal/ free heal turn.

2) As much as I like the EV Spread, I think it might be in my best interest to move the Hp Ev's over to speed, since I found myself getting out sped a few times.

EQ and Aerial Ace are for Stab and help to take down Terrakon, which my Hydregion seems to have problems with. Facade rounds out this set.

Ferrothorn, Brave, Iron Barbs, Chesto Berry
252 Hp, 252 Att, 4 Def
Rest, Curse, GyroBall, Power Whip

Im not a fan of Grass types, But I just LOOOOOOOVE Ferrothorn, expecially with this set. The basic idea, Curse till you cant curse no more, Rest of damage, then over whelm. However, I found this plan to be Unaffective in the VCG. So I went with a differnt approach, I would let of one Curse then attack. I found Ferrothorn very good at blocking Starmie (which I seemed to run in a lot and gave my Hydrgeion a hard time as well). Gyro ball is an excellent move considering its low speed and good attack. Power whip is another excellent stab move. Rest is for recover, and Chesto to wake it up.

Chandulure, Modest, Flash Fire, Life Orb
252 Sp.Att, 4 Sp.Def, 252 Spe
Subsitute/ Pain Split/ Fire blast, Shadow Ball

Honestly, this guy doesn't Belong here. This was SUPPOSED to be my Alakazam,which was made to cover my Hydregion's butt, but due to the Unova Dex clause.......was unable to participate. Chandulure saw little no Action. Im currently looking into finding a Pokemon to be an ALT for Alakazam, in case I run into the "Pokemon found in the Unova Dex Only" Clause. So any suggestions here would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Change ferrothorn evs and nature and leftovers>chesto berry
The moveste is protect,lech seed,gyro ball power whipe
Change Dragon Pulse to Draco Meteor and Surf to Protect
Chandelure put protect over subtitute,energyball>pain split and finally heat wave>fire blast
Change facade in gliscor to tailwind
Finally change skarmory
A couple quick things:
-VGCs a predominantly offense-based. Skarm isn't really too useful neither is ferro.
-There's no point in running expert belt, VGCs aren't the place to bluff scarf/specs. Life orb or dragon gem are both better options.
-Hi jump kick in VGCs where everything runs protect is a terrible idea.
-Your gliscor set probably isn't gonna have the leisure to set up, same goes for ferro.
-sub pain split is not a viable strategy in doubles. Change chandelure to specs or scarf.
-I agree to use heat wave
Everyone here doesn't know much at all, their comments are false. I would recommend dragon rage on hydreigon over dragon pulse for all those low hp threats in the vgc
Everyone here doesn't know much at all, their comments are false. I would recommend dragon rage on hydreigon over dragon pulse for all those low hp threats in the vgc
I should point out, that the 2013 Spring Friendly was Single battle. As such, This team was built for single battles.
Perhaps you can consider Espeon for your Alakazam replacement for when Unova Clause is in effect? It's not a perfect solution and I don't know what attack types you need for coverage (as Espeon has a shallower pool than Zam). But it may be worth looking into for fights where Zam is not allowed.
you should replace scope lens on meinshao with life orb. The main strategy should be to fake out + u-turn until you have to use high jump kick. the damage from life orb is also erased when you u-turn.

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