First Blood II - Round 2

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First Blood Tournament Rules
  • All general rules apply.
  • All battles should be ORAS OU; the tier list will be frozen at the beginning of each round.
  • All battles through the quarterfinals will be Best of 3 to sustain activity.
  • Games are decided when one Pokemon from either team faints.
  • You are allowed to switch Pokemon during a game to prevent them from fainting.
  • In the case of a dual knockout via Destiny Bond/Explosion/Self-Destruct, etc. both players continue playing until another Pokemon faints.

Game 1

Player 1 sends out Tyranitar.
Player 2 sends out Conkeldurr.

Conkeldurr uses Drain Punch.
Tyranitar faints.

Player 2 wins Game 1.

Game 2

Player 1 sends out Houndoom.
Player 2 sends out Excadrill.

Excadrill uses Earthquake.
Houndoom faints.

Player 2 wins Game 2 and the set.

vs Shrug
Melodic Dystopia vs Villa
Always! vs JohnYiu
vs TraceofLife
Bionic Puppy vs matthewc20090
urban vs North
vs We Three Kings
StarZabRighT vs Twixtry
Level 56
vs TonyFlygon
Electricity'L vs Blackoblivion
1 True Lycan vs Alice Kazumi
Mychael vs qsns
vs sand1234
Clone. vs Sanjay.
Gunner Rohan vs Googly
vs Niky
davidTheMaster vs FireMonkeyGamer
pokebasket vs Michielleus
Cheek Pouch vs Leru
cuzzie vs Erz
Drangonn. vs Ha In Kang
vs Sobi
PURPLEDOOSH vs PikachuCandyツ
GnralLao vs TheTabKey
rozes vs Analytic
Santa Reuniclause vs Star.
vs empoleonlove
DelRio vs Rayzark
Disbelief vs Arii Stella
Zuccherino vs Alvis astley
Iloveleague vs jacob

Please schedule and do these fast, as these battles won't take very long. Let's try and get this round done by 5/23. Include replays in your results.
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