First Blood - Round 1


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  • All general rules apply.
  • All battles should be USUM OU; the tier list will be frozen at the beginning of each round.
  • Single Elimination
  • Battles will be Best Of Three.
  • Games are decided when one Pokemon from either team faints.
  • You are allowed to switch Pokemon during a game to prevent them from fainting.
  • In case of a double knock-out, the player whose Pokemon fainted last wins (moves like Explosion and Destiny Bond make your Pokemon faint first).

Game 1:

Player 1 sends out Garchomp.
Player 2 sends out Pikachu.

Garchomp uses Earthquake.
Pikachu faints.

Player 1 wins the game.

Game 2:

Player 1 sends out Pikachu.
Player 2 sends out Wailord.

Pikachu uses Volt Tackle.
Wailord faints.
Pikachu faints.

Player 1 wins the game.

vs ToadNorton
FLCL vs Finchinator
Entei vs Jhonx~
vs Balandrick
Will-I-am vs Alternatif
vs ara
Leo vs Badrat
vs spatulakun
cielbakasan vs Yuji
Zero Karter vs Hassin627
vs Kory2600
stableprince569 vs excelphantom
Raining Inside vs Mix
pulsar512b vs martha
vs GmU pokeboss9
AegZlash vs Cdumas

Deadline for this round is Monday, July 22nd at 11:59AM CEST (GMT+2)
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I told my opponent i was busy till Tuesday so i needed to battle between Monday morning and Wednesday night but is yet to make an attempt to schedule. And our time zones are very different.
Opponent hasn't attempted to schedule a game all week so claiming inactivity sub and extension until Tuesday please?
Ahhh my bad x.x i thought the first round will be up as in first posted on monday (but then that's my fault for not checking.) i won't have time to battle until the deadline is over, so i forfeit. Hassin627 wins :)


nothing has a future
is a Tiering Contributor
Badrat vs Leo
Alternatif vs Will-I-am
martha vs pulsar512b - banned during most of the round, didnt resume scheduling/ask for extension after unban
Raj.Shoot vs Kory2600 - no response to Raj.Shoot's VM
jcbc vs ara - ara stopped responding

SOMALIA vs ToadNorton
cielbakasan vs Yuji

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