Big First Official Smogon Mafia Game: Metagame Mafia - Game Over - Anything Goes Wins!


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Hosted by UncleSam and Walrein

Tiering. Tiering never changes.

Since the dawn of competitive Pokemon, when the first battlers discovered the awesome Psychic powers the Mews, ‘mons and strategies have been getting banned from competitive play: from OHKOs to evasion to simple, repeated species.

In the year 2016, after thousands of microcenturies of forum conflict, the destructive nature of tiering could sustain itself no longer. The world was plunged into an abyss of nuclear tl;drs and incessant banning.

But it was not, as some had predicted, the end of the forums. Instead, the apocalypse was simply a prologue to yet another text-wall chapter of tiering history. For nerds had succeeded in destroying the forums - but tiering, tiering never changes.

In the early days, thousands were spared the horrors of tiering by taking refuge in enormous underground social forums. But when they emerged, they had only the hell of the tiers to greet them - all except those in Circus Maximus. For in Circus Maximus, they never emerged - until now.

Pokemon of all kinds, from Gods to Pocket Monsters, are gathering for this conflict to end all conflicts. Each was classified according to it’s strength within a rapidly evolving food chain some referred to as ‘The Metagame’, others simply the ‘Layer Cake’.

And so it was that like attracted like, and the Pokemon grouped themselves into coalitions. The strongest called themselves the Ubers Tier, a haven for the Gods of Pokemon, and, though they were few in number, they made up for it in raw strength.

Another group emerged called the OverUsed Tier. They were the strongest of the remaining Pokemon, and highly exclusive as a result of their vast popularity.

The remaining Pokemon, those of all Other Metas, realized they had to band together if they wanted to stand a chance. From UU to LC, dissimilar Pokemon set aside their differences to join The Rest, a group which made up for their poor strength and disorganized nature with superior numbers.

The Pokemon within each tier sought to prove that theirs was the true Metagame, the best of competitive Pokemon.

And so it begins.

For clarity:
The Ubers Tier is one mafia.
The OverUsed Tier is a second mafia.
The Rest are the village.

1. You must obey all forum-wide and subforum-specific rules. These include but are not limited to adding users to mafia conversations, screenshotting of any kind, impersonation, and insulting other users. If you think there’s any problem with the game come to the hosts (UncleSam and Walrein) with it before mentioning it to other players. In other words, just exercise common sense and if anything is unclear ask the hosts about it rather than just assuming anything

2. Every player will receive a Role PM. These PMs may not ever be shared, in part or in full, with other players. You may not at any time c/p or quote directly from your Role PM. You can describe your role in your own words only. You may not ever c/p a result PM you receive from the hosts, though, again, you may describe it in your words. Do not ask someone about any particulars of their Role PMs.

3. The official chat room for this game will be the Circus Maximus chatroom on PS! You may also discuss on the SynIRC network in the channel #circus. For help with IRC, click here.

4. Submit all actions as a new reply to your Role PM conversation. You may also contact the hosts directly on Showdown or IRC, but if you do not receive a reply, then send a PM with your actions anyway.

5. This game will have a Unicycle format. This essentially means that the typical ‘day’ and ‘night’ cycles of real-life mafia will be collapsed into one, in order to halve the runtime of this game and keep things moving at a fast pace. As such, each Cycle will have both a daily lynch, in which you may post a bolded Vote <user> to vote for another player to be lynched. At the same time, you may submit targets for any abilities you might have. Deadline for each cycle will typically be 48 hours after the conclusion of the previous Cycle.

6. Many players will hold items which are found on their Pokemon’s recommended movesets. However, unlike in Pokemon battling, in this game you may hold multiple items at the same time, and may also pass items which you hold to other players each Cycle by PMing the hosts. Passing an item will not remove any negative effects it has on you during the Cycle, as item passing is the lowest priority action.

7. The game will start on Cycle 1. All kills and lynches will be valid on Cycle 1.

8. Action priority will as closely as possible reflect Pokemon speed tiers. That being said, some actions must occur before others for them to make sense; as a general rule of thumb, assume that the lynch takes place at a speed tier of 0 Speed, with priority +1.

9. Actions in this game are almost universally either commonly found moves on recommended Smogon movesets, or recommended abilities. If a move wouldn’t affect another Pokemon in a battle, it won’t affect it here - Levitators dodge Earthquake, Electric types can’t be paralyzed, etc.

10. Feel free to ask me any hypotheticals about roles, but I can’t confirm anything about actions of other players or priorities.

11. If you start to get busy then let the hosts know so that we can find a substitute.

All Role PMs in this game follow a set format, as seen below.
UncleSam said:
Dear <user>,
You are <Pokemon>.

<Favorite Pokedex Entry of Pokemon courtesy of Bulbapedia>.

You can use <Attack> each Cycle/once every other Cycle/etc. This will do something similar to what <Attack> does in Pokemon battling.

You have the ability <Ability>. This will do something similar to what <Ability> does in Pokemon battling.

You are holding the <Item>. This will do something similar to what <Item> does in Pokemon battling.

You are allied with The Rest. You win if The Rest eliminate all others./You are allied with the OverUsed Tier. You win if the OverUsed Tier eliminates all others./You are allied with the Ubers Tier. You win if the Ubers Tier eliminates all others.
Note that not all Role PMs will have each paragraph; for example, if you’re not holding an item, then the item paragraph will be absent from your Role PM. There are some additional abilities unrelated to Attacks or Abilities, but they are few and far between.
Paralysis - Greatly reduces priority, and forces you to idle once every four Cycles, starting with the first full Cycle on which you are paralyzed.
Sleep - You are no longer able to perform actions or post in the thread for two Cycles.
Freeze - You are no longer able to communicate outside the thread for two Cycles.
Burn - You are prevented from using physical attacks every other Cycle, starting with the Cycle on which you are burned.

It is worth noting that Snorlax ate all the Leftovers, and so there are none in this game.

Example PMs:
UncleSam said:
Dear UncleSam,
You are Raichu.

When electricity builds up inside its body, it becomes feisty. It also glows in the dark.

You can use Thunder Wave each Cycle. This will paralyze your target.

You are allied with The Rest. You win if The Rest eliminate all others.
UncleSam said:
Dear Walrein,
You are Walrein.

Walrein swims all over in frigid seawater while crushing icebergs with its grand, imposing tusks. Its thick layer of blubber makes enemy attacks bounce off harmlessly.

You can use Sheer Cold once every three Cycles. This will One Hit KO your target.

You are allied with The Rest. You win if The Rest eliminate all others.
It was incredibly difficult to cut down the signups list to 58. Note that if you were not selected, it is not a reflection on you; there were simply a large number of players who signed up and limited space. It is my understanding that there will be a game for those who did not get in but are still interested in trying out mafia; additionally, in a game this size I will inevitably need substitutes. If you can join the Circus Maximus Showdown! Room and indicate your continuing interest to me/Walrein via PM, then I can more or less guarantee that you’ll be able to sub in within the first Cycle or two.

Conversely, if you were selected, be aware that you were selected over numerous promising players. Please don’t idle, and if you do idle I may well sub you out so that other players can get a chance. Banner rewards will go to the players who finish the game, not those who start it.

A number of you also mentioned you might not be available to play for the first week or so. I’ve put you on the substitutes list as well, so that you can get a chance as soon as you’re free to do so.

Thetwinmasters - Moody Bibarel - Anything Goes - Mole + Moody Role Gain - Victorious

praj.pran - Starmie - OU - Rapid Spinner and Reflect Type - Lynched C1
shade - Mewtwo - Ubers - Inspector and Fortune Teller - Dragon Descent'd C1
Pidge - Ambipom - The Rest - Flincher and Weight Checker - Sludge Waved C1
Ditto - Ditto - The Rest - Imposter - Outrage'd C1
vonFiedler - Cloyster - The Rest - Shell Smasher - Focus Punched C1
macle - Parasect - The Rest - Sleeper - Psychic'd C1

acidphoenix - Mega Rayquaza - Anything Goes - Expert Killer/Hook/Thief/Perma BPV - Lynched C2 - Victorious
Paperblade - Darmanitan - The Rest - 2x Vig + Zen Mode - Hexed C2
VeryPinkPancakes - Togekiss - The Rest - Decoy - Bolt Struck C2

-Tynamo- - Meowth - The Rest - Scavenger - Bullet Seed C2

Pokemon Trainer - Gengar - OU - Status Killer - Lynched C3
Cancerous - Smeargle - The Rest - Move Effectiveness Check - Bad Dreams C3
Asek - Zekrom - Ubers - Kill Hook + Paralyzer - Overheat C3

ButteredToast - Thundurus - OU - Prankster Paralyzer - Lynched C4
DTC - Rotom-Heat - The Rest - 1-Shot Vig + Burner - Dark Pulsed C4
Yeti - Minun - The Rest - Twin - Magma Stormed C4

zorbees -> rssp1 - Aegislash - Ubers - Omniguard + Forme Shift - Lynched C5
Blue_Tornado - Mega Alakazam - OU - Voyeur - Flare Blitz'd C5
Da Letter El - Froslass - The Rest - Spikes/Freezer - Bad Dreams C5
Lord Gaius -> Steven Snype - Munchlax - The Rest - Scavenger - Flare Blitz'd C5
TheWhoDoctor - Fennekin - The Rest - Magician Thief - Precipe Blades C5
F-oh-ex - Reuniclus - The Rest - Alliance Checker - Magma Storm C5
LightWolf - Landorus-Therian - OU - Thief/Prio Down + Self-BG - Double Edge C5
idiotfrommars -> Gale Wing Srock - Kyogre - Ubers - Water Spout Vigilante - Iron Ball Flung C5

porygon3 - Machamp - The Rest - Weight Comparer - Extremespeed C6
internet - Darkrai - Ubers - Sleeper/Bad Dreams Killer - Lynched C6
Reinfleche - Sneasel - The Rest - Iron Ball Vig - Flare Blitz C6
Jalmont - Slaking - The Rest - 1/2 Control Vigilante - Moonblast C6

theangryscientist - Conkeldurr - OverUsed - Omniguard/Knock Off - Lynched C7
Arun9332 -> THE_IRON_...KENYAN? - Breloom - OverUsed - Sleeper - Flare Blitz C7
Aura Guardian - Ferrothorn - OverUsed - Speed Checker/Hazard Setter - Moonblast C7
Flyhn - Flygon - The Rest - Thief - Flare Blitz C7
King_ - Banette - The Rest - Frisker - Iron Head C7

Former Hope - Lopunny - The Rest - Switcheroo - Extremespeed C8
Drawesome532 -> Ditto - Plusle - The Rest - Twin -> 2-Time Vig - Bullet Punch C8
Memoric - Xerneas - Ubers - Two-Man Status Healer -> Geomancy Killer - Lynched C8

Imanalt - Mega Scizor - OverUsed - Expert Killer/Hook+Negate - Extremespeed C9
djanxo unchained - Heatran - OverUsed - Taunter - Lynched C9
GoodMorningEspeon - Pikachu - The Rest - Mayor - Superpower C9
SteelEdges - Infernape - The Rest - Taunter/Stealth Rocker - Seismic Toss C9

sandshrewz - Liepard - The Rest - Prankster Encore - Extremespeed C10

v - Mega Charizard X - OverUsed - Flare Blitz/Burner - Superpower C10

Zexy -> Alfa610 - Blissey - The Rest - Two-Man Status Healer/Self-BG - Extremespeed C11
antemortem - Arceus - Ubers - Expert Killer - Lynched C11
penguin344 - Excadrill - OverUsed - Thief/SR Setter - Superpower C11

Blazade - Mega Blaziken - Ubers - Flare Blitz/Weight Check/Knock Off - Lynched C12
Mithril - Azelf - The Rest - Taunter/Exploder - Superpower C12
Mr.378 - Throh - The Rest - Omniguard - Seismic Toss C12

qsns -> billymills - Wobbuffet - The Rest - Kill Reflector + BPV - Lynched C13
RODAN -> Agape - Clefable - OverUsed - Safeguard - Superpower C13
Haruno - Chansey - OverUsed - Two-Man Status Healer - Precipice Blades C13

6tennis - Swalot - The Rest - Unstealable - Endgame'd C13
bluegummybear -> LonelyNess - Miltank - Two-Man Status Healer - Endgame'd C13
Estronic - Zigzagoon - The Rest - Scavenger - Endgame'd C13
poras13 - Groudon - Ubers - Two-Man Thief - Endgame'd C13
Slim Guldo - Bastiodon - The Rest - Protect/Kill Reflect - Endgame'd C13
U-Turn Out - Hariyama - The Rest - Omniguard - Endgame'd C13

Update List:
Cycle 1
Cycle 2
Cycle 3
Cycle 4
Cycle 5
Cycle 6
Cycle 7
Cycle 8
Cycle 9
Cycle 10
Cycle 11
Cycle 12
End Game

Role PMs are going out now. Feel free to post, but don’t talk about Role PMs until I’ve posted here that all PMs are out.

Cycle 1 will last a little over 72 hours, until 6 PM CST on Tuesday, May 24th. If I get all actions and a lynch majority then I will update early; if you’re idling or don’t have a role, then send an Idling response in your Role PM conversation so that I know you’re paying attention. People who don’t post much and don’t send in an action will be subbed at the conclusion of Cycle 1.
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I will be leading this village I am a good role for leader (to be divulged later, probably D1) and have the role name Ho-oh.

I expect everyone to send me their role names ASAP so that I can have something to hold you to later. If you're willing to tell me the general realm of your role (ie info, control, protective, etc) than I can give good targets for those with a minimum of risk but I expect all the mafia among you will cry when I ask for that so ya.

tl;dr I'm leading send me role names asap tyty
Hello, everyone!
Looking forward to a nice game.
I'm used to outside-chat games but have never played one this huge (30 players was my former record). I have played on an even bigger game (85 players) but without outside chat. I'll try my best nonetheless, though!


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SUB ME OUT OF THIS FARCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SUB ME OUT OF THIS FARCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I b e l i e v e y o u a r e j o k i n g b u t t h i s i s g e t t i n g i n t e r e s t i n g a l r e a d y .​
People should take billy up on that offer, he is a good man.

I'm happy to give advice as well, but I may be slightly biased!
You know I like getting people's meta.
I would like a full player list analysis of the meta for each person you've played with before, pls :P :P :P
don't make me ask about it for all of day one do it for the children

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