Big First Official Smogon Mafia Game: Metagame Mafia - Game Over - Anything Goes Wins!

ggwp, ty for hosting :)

i really enjoyed this game, i think in 6 years playing on this site it was the first time i've been on the village sheet and survived for more than one cycle lol. idk if i was much help to billy and ln but i enjoyed actually being in the know as villager for once :)
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/me huggles
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Named Ditto, so get Ditto ✓
Die C1 ✓
Asked to be subbed back in and say yes ✓
Sub in for village leader without knowing and subsequently bombarded with a dozen PMs from different people without having any real context for the game ✓
Get hooked every Cycle ✓
Die again ✓

Make good looking sheet that no one gets to see ✓
Look adorable and make great posts ✓



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Two things:

1) Tyler James. We've had issues with Tyler James at previous games. Some Smogon people lobbied to bring him back for Metagame Mafia, feeling that he deserved another chance. That was a mistake. Tyler James is an ass, and we won't be working with him again.

2) As long as we're firing people, we are also firing the mods that we've been working with for Circus Maximus. They will be replaced, and we hope to get this turned around before the next Official Smogon Mafia Game.

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[06:02] 6tennis: Welp, I'm p sure billy is Ubers now
[06:03] 6tennis: Since he's lynching everyone but twin who we're 99% sure is Ubers
[06:04] 6tennis: and he's targeting all the OUs who we know now aren't the biggest of deals because we killed their priority
Nothing much to say, probably because I (and the person who i subbed) used Softboiled each cycle, and i didn't do anything other than "Follow the Capitain" tbh. I didn't felt a part of the Town, i tried to help Billy and Ditto as much as i could, but Late-Game there wasn't any need to heal someone (because nobody had a status problem). The fact that the person who i subbed didn't claimed healer was also a horrible move, because he could've saved some people from Darkrai. But, overrall, it was a great game. I can't say anything other than this, but, if there will be another game like this, i'm going to join it for sure.


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Thetwinmasters (11): v/billymills/Slim Guldo/6tennis/Agape/LonelyNess/U-Turn Out/Mr.378/Alfa610/Mithril/Estronic
billymills (6): Thetwinmasters/Blazade/Mage Vulpes/penguin344/Antemortem/Haruno
if you mean this mr378 vote didn't count because of my hook and i had 4.5 votes and mage had 1.5 votes and we both had vests so it was 6.66 vs 6.66
I promised twin no lynch c7 in exchange for getting everything back on track. It was a bad idea, we probably would have won otherwise, but I wanted to keep my word there.

Then blazade and Haruno decide to throw the game to twin.

I fucking told blazade twin would get a lynch proof probably the next cycle if we didn't deal with him now and I was 100% right.

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