Big First Official Smogon Mafia Game: Metagame Mafia - Game Over - Anything Goes Wins!

Anyway it was a pretty shoddily designed game (no way the village should be able to win endgame with no way to destroy the mass amounts of anti-village items, killers getting items is ridiculous in this setup). Pretty poorly hosted with inconsistent deadlines, repeated mistakes and the like. Grotesquely poor play on all sides.

Shoutout to Zexy and BlueGummyBear for not playing follow the leader 100% and actually letting the village have 1-2 tricks up its sleeve into endgame. However I don't think there was anything to be done against the 3 life orbs, 2 choice bands with multitargeters everywhere, and 2 assault vests.


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i don't think the village needs something up its sleeve lategame if i never sheet memoric which leads to all the vigs failing/dying/being hooked and i never sheet memoric if zexy/bgb, one of the two jfc, claim to be a healer. p sure bgb was just idle af but the hosts disagree on this: sam says he never sent actions unless they pestered him at deadline and walrein says he did send actions or that counted rofl

i thought it was weird blissey WASN'T a healer when he said he was JUST bpv. if he claims healer i also start vigging the OU's "i can self protect every other night lmao" claims a lot earlier.

the only reason i didn't is i thought there was a cleaned, town member with that role so maybe there were others with such a stupidly useless role..................



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It was insanely easy to find the mafia fake claims and I could infer their roles based on their claims since all of them claimed the same type as their actual mon only person I was wrong on was former hope


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zorbees tells me doublade and got marked on my sheet when i wrote it down "aegislash safeclaim???" i never trusted him from d1

i was also REALLY wary that blissey was a chansey safeclaim ESPECIALLY WITH THAT WEIRD "ALL I CAN DO IS SELF BPV" CLAIM

then ou were the team to use 5 self-protect fakeclaims rofl jfc.


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lets not fucking forget steeledges.

You were wrong a shitton this game, you got carried by the ubers being retards
Our kingmake order was always twin > village > OU based pretty much on how much people were willing to actually cooperate with us.

Also the second we lynched twin both mafia lost vote control to the village who had about 1000000000 protective roles at that point with no more extra kill from either of us.

We had some tricks up our sleeves to possibly get the jump on twin later (for instance I never told twin about my knock off and he was going to get his vest stolen while also getting hooked from a target he didn't expect and lose the race in stealing yours the cycle I was lynched) but make no mistake we went with the best option we could after memoric was lynched and everyone was out what do you expect us to do at that juncture lol.


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Also we knew steeledges was not mafia (low kick) but thought it was in our best interests for others to think otherwise because the claim was sketch.

I did waffle a little bit consideing other 80 BP options when twin seemed to be sure OU had a mole but I didn't care that much.


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Wait Yeti so you're telling me that because of the legit blissey claiming as blissey, made me a non suspect as Ou due to my eevee claim? LMFAO fuck having both blissey and chansey in the game.

And tbf a lot of our roles were ass like come on now lol. What the fuck was scizor supposed to claim that isn't Ou???? Nothing fucking uses bullet punch!

Dou blade claim was legit
Both mafias and the wolf team played bad, which I think is pretty apparent. The village played okay, but not good enough to make up for the fact that we were just inherently weaker than the mafias.

Obviously the big mistake we made was sheeting Memoric. I'll let Yeti talk about that more in depth, but I'm just going to say that I'm strongly of the opinion that players who aren't in the game and hosts should not be influencing players to make certain decisions. I know it's hard to let that go in order to get a more "balanced" game or whatever, but that sort of stuff shouldn't ever be happening to the extent it did in this game.

I think I played decently well. Shoutout to p3 for working with me in leading in our short time together. In hindsight, I think my biggest mistakes were to not keep better track of items, and trusting TAS + agape too much (I shouldn't have been willing to risk dying in order to clean them). If Yeti doesn't sheet Memoric, I don't die as soon as I do, and the village has another vig (assuming i don't become worthless because of no other attacking moves lol), we do a little better late game. The downside to playing under the radar was that I couldn't go public, which hurt us I feel in that I think I would've been good at keeping people active/getting better reads on the suspicious players.

I don't know LN's role late game, but he made us waste an inspect on him by backtracking on his claim which was a real waste of time so ?

billy is wrong about Steel, we knew one of him and Memoric was bad, and it just put him in a tough spot overall. I think he did a good enough job at proving himself, but I do feel he was in a tough position given that which was compounded by the fact that he didn't know he was in a bad spot.

Uhh I guess that's all I have to say? I found it funny that the majority of the people who didn't want to trade their role name with me in the beginning ended up being mafia. Maybe I should've used that more when I was leading but it's hard to rely on guessing on early game interactions when you can just do things through testing roles.


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fwiw i did actually try to protect the targets the village asked me to on cycles 2 and 4 in an attempt to get myself "cleaned", but got pierced cycle 2/targetted a life orb holder cycle 4 :( on cycle 6 i just didn't care anymore, i figured my credibility was nonexistent at that point anyway (and i still probably would've been pierced had i targetted jalmont like i was asked)


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(this thought applies to more than just this game)

i think that balance has to be very carefully considered when making 1 mafia significantly smaller than the others. having your roles spread out among team members is generally a lot better imo than having two roles combined into one to save numbers. additionally, you have to make sure that the total power level of the smaller team is higher than the bigger team. imo, this game the OU and ubers seemed to have relatively comparable power overall, but we had 5 less members. the numbers can make a lot of difference early-on (because the village will usually try to kill an even amount of each team) and late (lynch control). the only benefit to having a lot of power condensed into one role is so you can protect more efficiently, but protections basically didn't work in this game. additionally, losing a member that has a more combined role is more costly to the smaller team than losing a regular power-level role on the bigger team. for example, when darkrai dies, ubers loses sleep and the potential for more kills, whereas when gengar dies for ou, they can still put people to sleep and hopefully stop them from being useful for a short time.


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OU were only able to use 1 mega a night which was "supposed" to balance things out with the Ubers in that, that would be like 3 inactive roles a night.

however I don't think that's ACTUALLY how this works because if 1 Ubers role dies, they have no more role there. if 1 OU mega dies, there are 3 more who they can now choose between to use. it was never as painful for OU to lose their megas as it was for Ubers to lose anyone on their team. it could've been bad for OU if their megas were the only ones left and they only had one role a night. but that was the only circumstance where OU losing people might be more harmful than Ubers losing people. in all situations, Ubers losing 1 vs OU losing 1 (mega) was significantly more harmful for Ubers' ability to win.

I couldn't understand why both v and RODAN were caught idling by shrewz when I assumed they were mafia because they refused to talk to me.

Blazade you probably get sheeted if you agree to kill imanalt C1, he flips mafia, and you prove you're a vig just like Paperblade's now-dead role. I understand being cautious appears town but I dunno, it took you SO long to actually vig something people stopped fully trusting you. I sheeted jalmont bc he proved his role C1 (oops)

Also sorry macle about that, I was trying to clean you by having Cancerous use Psychic on you to type-check. Parasect is neutral, Breloom is weak, Darkrai is nve. Unfortunately jalmont was also targeting him... RIP.

I do think that at some points of the game... mods were too focused on the Circus social politics and so forth rather than letting the village play as the village wanted to play. Nobody should be telling the leader how to play in order to make sure other people have fun or the forum doesn't look bad. That is 100% outside influence and it has no place in what is supposed to be a competitive, unbiased mafia game. Especially after I was called out for that for subbing Ullar in MAGS2, the stuff that happened in this game was just bad calls by people who became too fixated on people enjoying the game/subforum rather than allowing the village/me to prioritize its own win condition over anything else. Which is unacceptable. My only obligation was to try and help my team win, not share info I didn't feel comfortable sharing unless guilt tripped by the host.


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blazade basically ran the ubers (i died c1 and didnt help really and zorbees bitched out), i think he made a respectable job of it considering it was his first big.

although idk the ins and outs maybe he ficked up who knows
Yea, sorry to macle for shooting you. When I was talking to praj.pran, he asked me if I should join everyone in "voting his teammate" or something like that. Naturally, I thought he was referring to you. Wish I had shot twin like I originally wanted to but oh well I guess.

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