first world problems

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my dryer isn't working, so now i have to hang my clothes over the stair rail.

i forgot a bunch of my video game stuff at a friend's house and i want it back but i'm too lazy to go get it.

i can't put the right ringtone on my new smartphone.

when i came home i was really looking forward to eating cookies but my mom drank all the milk so now i don't want any cookies.

sometimes i put a hilarious status on my facebook but i only get 2 or 3 likes when i know it deserves like a thousand.

i think my friend is cheating on words with friends and i'm super pissed about it but i can't tell him that i think he's cheating because we are really only acquaintances.

i probably have $50 in change and i have been wanting to collect it but i am too lazy to do so

there should be a sub-meme of this called 'first world problems, third world solutions'

or vice versa

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When I get into the shower and turn on the water it doesn't heat up instantly, so cold water splashes all over my feet.


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i got my free ipad one day late because my parents did not agree with the school on a few points but didn't know the ipads would arrive so soon.

EDIT: can't connect it to the wireless network yet either because our wireless network is hidden -_-
When Uxie hacks into your email and puts its sprite as the small folder sprite for all your unread messages. (I'm being completely serious about this, besides saying Uxie was the one that did it.)

Edit: When Chrome freaks out when you try to load a new page too quickly.


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huh, i'm pretty bad at this. I've gotta be more petty.

how about when you get distracted by the web when you're trying to do homework on the computer?
when my parents make calls on their stupid ass VOIP phone while im playing video games, god they're so fucking unfair


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when i realize my weed has too many sticks and seeds in it

dont feel like picking them out so i roll it fuck it
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