Fish Mafia: Game Over! [Village / Neutrals win]

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Approved by Earthworm

Co-Hosted by Raverist​

Rule Structure Borrowed from RB-Golbat​

In a small Bird's Eye factory of the east coast of the UK, the storage security has been breached. The fish are on the loose, but not for long. The fish are begging to get restless, and war has begun! The most aggrevating are the Carnivores, who wish to eat the opposition. There is also those with slightly sneakier methods. These are the Bio-Hazards. The majority of the remaining form an anonymous group ironically called the Ocean. Its a fish eat fish world out there too though, and there are some who are Neutral. It's time for the show to start!

Rules List
± Dead-talking will not be allowed for the duration of the game, excluding non factual/strategic information.
± The game will start on Night 0. On Night 0 you cannot post your role PM to anyone, unless you are mafia in the same alliance. No N0 Kills.
± Days will last either 48 hours or 24 hours after the first lynch vote is cast.
± Nights will last either 48 hours or until all pms are received.
± All pms should be sent to Dogfish44 & Raverist
± If you do not wish to use a day or night ability you should send a pm to Dogfish44 and Raverist stating "Day/Night X - Idling"
± No screenshots of any kind may be distributed at all.
± You may c/p anything that either host says to you, which means you can fake conversations with us.
± We should be notified of all channels, spreadsheets, Google docs, paste bins, etc that you create.
± Priorities are set and kept secret.
± You can target dead bodies with your abilities, but it does not mean that anything will happen.
± If you wish to change your vote during lynch you must edit the post containing your initial vote.
± Please remain active. Don't join if you foresee yourself being away for any extended amount of time. We really hate subbing people out but I will do so if I deem you inactive (W will nudge you first)
± 14th rule because I’m superstitious: Have Fun!

I am in the process of sending out PM's.

Those playing are:


Sleeping with the fishies:
Team Aether
RB Golbat
Eo Ut Mortus

Since Raverist isn't availiable, I am sending out all PM's. This will probably take a while, so can you all be patient. I will post again once they are all sent out.

All PM's are addressed DEAR <USER>, sorry about that.
Townies may wich to not another gramatical mistake on there victory line. Sorry (These were mainly grammer checked though).


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Just by looking at the player list I know this is going to be a fun game.

Good game to all, I just want to remind everybody that just because I happen to be mafia a lot that doesn't mean that I'm mafia again this game

(i don't have my PM yet don't judge me)


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As I'm about to send out the last PM, the user promptly dies from bites and poisoning. So, you all gather round to see the PM.

You are the Sea Spider
You are the underwater arachnid, and just as scary as your land based varieties for that matter. You have 8 legs as to be expected, and a very frightening demeanour. But this will be most useful in this battle to survive.
During the night, you may send a PM to the hosts (Dogfish44 and Raverist) ‘Night X – Scaring <USER>’ where <USER> is the Smogon account name of that person. The target will be very scared, and if they are idling/have no night PM, they will be killed by savage nightmares.

You win if you Give 3 people nightmares.

All PM's are now out.
Also, despite being N0, there will be a single kill.
Get your PM's in ASAP!
You have until 7:20 PM, on October 16th.
Good Luck.
Greetings my fish brethren. I am your brother, the cod.Today, i come before you to ask you allegiance. Unless we unite under one common banner, we will not be able to win this war, so with The Iron Kenyan, we will be leading this school to victory! Feel free to claim to either of us so we will come up with targets for your roles by day break!


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You guys have about 3h 20mins left!
I'm not extending the deadline!
Failure to send in an action will be classed as an Idle.
2 failures to send in an action will be subbed.

EDIT: It seems that Shade needs to be subbed. I will sub him out at the end of the day. He will be replaced by a person who signed up P1, and failed to get into Chaos Mafia.


You can call me Jiggly
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DAY 1!

You all wake up, and look around the area. You can't see anything, unusual, apart form an odd looking pan, with a note attatched to it. Some brave fish open the pan to find a large sea creature, whilst others read the note. As the bravest look shocked by the electrocuted fish in the pan, others drop the note to the floor.

You are the Squid
You are not only the centre of a lot of bad jokes (see Animal Crossing WW), but you also get regularly confused with Octopus, for having a large number of appendages. But these appendages will serve you well in this world for reasons other than grabbing a quick bite. They will have other purposes, as well as the ink spray you can, and will hopefully use.
Once per night, you can send the hosts (Dogfish44 & Raverist) a Pm saying ‘Night X – Hook, Line and Inker USER’ where USER is the Smogon account name of that person. This person will be unable to complete any night action that night, as they are sprayed with a very nasty ink, whilst held down by several suckers.

You win if the town win

You look around elsewhere, and find one other oddity. A small tape recorder. Waterproof, of course. You listen to a tape placed inside it:

Forsooth! RB Golbat and Iron Kenyan are to be trusted; they will lead us to victory! If you have yet to claim to them, do not be afraid! Today is just the first step in our victory march. Forever they will remember the unstoppable Fish Village.

Don't just win, DOMINATE!!!!!!!

As the message ends, it is noted that Bass is absent today. This means he is effectively dead until he returns for the sake of game purposes.

As you tuck into a nice roasted Kenyan, you decide to talk about the day's lynch vote. PM's will be sent out shortly.

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