Flarelm - Part 6 - Art Poll 2

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Right guys, as a winner was not decided it comes down to a direct shoot out between the top two pieces of artwork! As the results of the previous thread show, that is down to ium and Elagune's original art.

This is a single bold vote. Please do not bold anything other than your vote! An example of this sort of vote is shown below:

My Preferred Entry

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Here are the options again:



You guys have 24 hours! Get voting!


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ium's looks like a finished version of Elagune's art. It'd also look great with paintseagull's Embirch.

I strongly disagree with Elagune's art being in the poll - if it was polished enough to be official art, then we shouldn't have had an art thread in the first place. ium's is a much cleaner and nicer version that represents the original design well.


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Elagune's is nice, but so small rough and unfinished. And personally I feel ium's would look better next to paintseagull's embirch. Also, kind of funny, should ium win, both pieces would be from someone who only submitted for one of the prevos.
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