Gen 2 Flareon (NU) [QC 1/2] [GP 0/1]

This analysis was QCed by ReeceHughes externally prior to being posted here.

name: Growth Sweeper
move 1: Fire Blast
move 2: Growth
move 3: Baton Pass
move 4: Hidden Power [Grass] / Zap Cannon
item: Leftovers

Set Description
With a whopping 130 attack stat and an above average Special attack to boot, Flareon is an excellent Mixed or Special attacker. Its wide movepool, comprised of support moves such as Roar, Growth and Baton Pass as well as powerful attacking moves such as Double Edge and Fire Blast, makes it unpredictable and difficult to find an appropriate check to wall it with. Its ability to leave the opponent guessing as they scramble for the correct offensive or defensive check is why it can find success in Baton Pass teams or in standard offence. Unfortunately, in generation 2 Fire type moves are exclusively special, therefore Flareon cannot make use of a STAB move that is further powered up by its Attack. Flareon also has the downside of struggling to find openings, since it's relatively slow and not considerably bulky. This may direct many players to opt for faster Fire pokemon such as Rapidash or Magmar for hyper offence or bulkier more defensive one in Ninetales for stall.
Flareon's Fire Blast is extremely powerful. In fact it's just powerful enough to scratch the threshold of a 2HKO versus Weezing or leftovers Xatu, two of the most threatening pokemon in the tier, and in turn can survive up to 3 hits from Xatu's STAB psychic. Growth increases Flareon's special attack even further, thus expanding on the amount of things it threatens. If any check or counter dares try to oppose it, Flareon always has the opportunity to use Baton Pass and share its Special attack boosts with other powerful allies, thus regaining the team's momentum.
Baton Pass means Flareon becomes an excellent recipient of stats that other Baton passers may want to pass and start a chain-pass, such as Ledian's Agility.

Hidden Power Grass is the preferred move should the player choose to have Flareon as a designated Special attacker. Though it may come at the cost of a few DVs in bulk, it grants Flareon the much desired Fire-Grass coverage, allowing it to inflict at least neutral damage to anything that isn't Fire type. Of course this shouldn't be considered the optimal move against the bulky Water trio in Dewgong, Azumarill, or Mantine (though Dewgong should be weary of a +1 Fire Blast) but it can OHKO Omanyte and Graveler and can 2HKO Corsola and Pupitar while still chipping frailer pokemon such as Octillery and Chinchou for significant damage. Furthermore, this leaves Flareon open for Fire types to wall and threaten it. Ninetales is not only able to switch in but can cripple it with Hypnosis or Toxic or phase it with Roar and nullify any attempt at starting a Baton Pass chain.

Many Pokemon that have a STAB move that can make up for Flareon's loss in coverage, Fire and bulky Water types for HP Grass and Rock types for Double Edge, would make great partners. Chinchou is able to threaten both of these typings, thanks to its access to dual STAB in Thunder and Surf, can benefit from a Growth pass and also enjoys Flareon being able to take care of Gloom. Since Flareon is an excellent wallbreaker and threatens the aforementioned threats to Fighting types (Xatu and Weezing), Primeape or Hitmonlee can easily benefit from Xatu or Weezing being out of the way and are able to threaten a wide array of Flareon's checks.
Primeape is the superior sweeper, whereas Hitmonlee can offer Rapid Spin in its arsenal to remove entry hazards and make it easier for the team to handle the deadly Xatu.

name: Mixed Wallbreaker
move 1: Fire Blast / Flamethrower
move 2: Hidden Power Grass / Hidden Power Ground / Double Edge
move 3: Double Edge / Rest
move 4: Roar/ Substitute / Curse / Sleep Talk
item: Leftovers

With this set, wall breaking power is chosen over baton pass chains. Flareon’s coverage move Hidden Power Ground, which is calculated with its superior Attack stat and not its Special attack, has the benefit of threatening many solid checks like Chinchou, Rapidash and Magcargo, but inflicts less damage to other Rock types than Hidden Power Grass would. Double Edge is still recommended as secondary coverage options, since it can hit many non-Rock types more reliably and inflict more damage to Water types overall.
The 4th move depends on the team’s priorities, whether it’s for support, to capitalise on offence or general bulk. Roar and Substitute are two options that help gain momentum in different ways: Roar may be preferable on a team where Flareon can make use of Spikes inflicting passive damage to any switchins whereas Substitute can ease prediction by granting a turn to select any attacking move, should the opponent decide not to stay in. Curse may be used to maximise damage output, and may be used against other Fire types with less than desirable coverage for the matchup. Another valid tool is Sleep Talk, used in conjunction with Rest. Flareon has a decent enough bulk to withstand enough attacks from opposing Fire types (except Hidden Power Ground Flareon and Hidden Power Water Magmar) and Xatu to begin a Sleep Talk cycle, while also being able to dish out significant chunks of damage to back. And lastly, Baton Pass may still be used as a U-turn for its pivoting ability.
This moveset can benefit greatly from the presence of Spikes, which help Flareon capitalise on the opponent second guessing and lets it inflict as much damage as possible, which is why Pineco (or occasionally Delibird) can assist it greatly. Pineco is also an excellent choice when it comes to switching in on the deadly Dugtrio or even Primeape, as they fail to 2HKO it (especially if it has Reflect).

- Written by: [[cherryb0ng, 421511]]
- Quality checked by: [[Reeece, 508601], [username2, userid2]]
- Grammar checked by: [[username1, userid1]]
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If you can, please try to merge the "intro" part in with the sets, as the GSC NU mini analysis template does not have an intro or overview.

For the first set, I would consider slashing Zap Cannon and reframing the set as just "Growth" with Baton Pass as the main option.

For the second set, I think trying to cram RestTalk in is not a good idea. There are too many slashes. If you want to include RestTalk on the analysis, it can probably be included as a third set. This would also mean (I think) that Double-Edge can be removed from move 2 of the second set and included only on move 3.

cherryb0ng let me know what you think.
I'll do a third, much briefer set. Not sure if I should include teammates for each set. No worries about the intro. I'll merge it. It was there since before I uploaded it and was waiting for a qc. Earthworm

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