Flat Stanley: A GTS Giveaway

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Most people wander through life mindless, numb. They are willing to trod down the familiar paths of conformity and mediocrity, pausing only to graze on the weeds left behind by those who came before them.

You are not most people. To suggest that you might be would be an insult to your character. You are a member of the elite, whose taste is matched only by your ambition. You do not merely seek the best from the world; you demand it. You require class. You require elegance.

You require a shiny Stunfisk.

Nickname: Flat Stanley
Gender: Male
Ability: Static
Nature: Bold
IVs: 31/11/31/31/31/31
EVs: UT, Level 1
Egg Moves: Pain Split, Curse, Yawn, Earth Power
OT: Randy
ID: 37987
Fully Resdistributable

This premier line of Stunfisk was SV hatched (thanks, Randy!) and then cloned via PowerSave.

1. Deposit any Pokemon (preferably something that won't be sniped) on GTS seeking a Male Level 1-10 Stunfisk with the message "North".
2. Post in this thread informing me of the name, level, and gender of your deposited Pokemon. I'll try to fulfill any requests on the same day as the post.

Notes on availability:
1. I probably will not be able to send any more Stunfisk before this topic closes. PLEASE CONTINUE TO POST REQUESTS IN THIS TOPIC ANYWAY, and I will send you a PM after I send your Stunfisk, or if I can't find your entry.
2. I can clone Flat Stanley myself. Because of that, supplies are effectively unlimited, so don't worry about me running out before you can put something on GTS.
3. This thread will be closed in 48 hours of the original posting per subforum rules. If you miss out or can't make the timing for any reason, just follow the rules and send me a PM or profile post with the info on your GTS deposit.
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Thanks for the most excellent giveaway! I have put a Female level 8 yellow flower Flabébé on the GTS, may I have a Stunfisk please?
Hi there :) Deposited a female growlithe lv 14 (has some egg moves that can be relearned). I couldn't select gender because I haven't seen stunfish yet lol. My IGN is N... thanks for the giveaway! I really like the description xD

edit: Thanks so much CD_North !
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Your post is beyond amazing. I would love a Flat Stanley!

I deposited a level 15 Female Luvdisc with no special name, my IGN Is Kitten!
Hello! I was hoping you could just save me one for a day? I am unable to go on due to massive studying for college classes =/
It would appear that I am, in fact, most people as I am not in need of a shiny Stunfisk, but I would like to express my approval at this most wonderful giveaway anyhow.
It would appear that I am, in fact, most people as I am not in need of a shiny Stunfisk, but I would like to express my approval at this most wonderful giveaway anyhow.
Too bad, but thanks!

Poseidon and Rockrox, I've sent Stunfisk to you. TyVip, I'm not seeing yours; could you check if someone might have grabbed it already?
How long will this Giveaway be going on?
48 hour time limit on all threads in this subforum, but I'll be accepting personal requests after that (with the same rules about using GTS). I've updated my initial post with timing/post-giveaway information.
got a normal stunfish lol

deposited another magby up

female vital spirit

edit : deposited a lv 31 germany stunfisk ( Flunschilk) in a ultra ball
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