Mafia vs Village Flavourful Mafia - Signups (Closed?)

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Flavorful Mafia

Simple Mafia vs. Village mafia with all sorts of flavors!

Good – Village - Uninformed Majority

Evil – Mafia - Informed Minority

Well there ya have it, two uninteresting names for a quite flavorful game!


1. While you are alive you can talk to anyone about the game. Once you are dead you cannot talk to anyone about the game. Don’t be a jackass.

2. Every playa has a role PM. Role PMs may not be shown to other users on Night 0, but starting from Day 1 onwards they may be freely distributed. Screenshotting of all forms is banned. If anyone finds a person encouraging others to take screenshots or taking screenshots and showing other people, please be sure to report it, and you’ll get a free haiku, written by me.

3. You can paste things told to you by the host. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM me. However impersonation of myself or another user is banned at all points. Please do not attempt to impersonate in any way.

4. Each day will have a deadline of 48 hours. You may vote to lynch users during the day by posting "lynch USER" in bold, or "No lynch" if you don't want to lynch anyone (lynch votes will not count if they're not in the correct format!) To change your vote, simply make a new post saying “Unvote” in bold and then “Lynch (New Target)” in bold also. Once a majority is reached, the game will move to a phase known as “Twilight”. Nobody is allowed to post in the thread, whether it be a lynch target or talking to another player, it isn’t allowed. (This is so I can update without fear of changing circumstances.)

5. If there's a tie, both users with the highest amount of votes will be lynched, but no lynch will take place the next day.

6. Each night will have a deadline of 48 hours. This gives you 48 hours to send your night action (If you have one). To submit your night action, reply to your host conversation in the format “Night X - <Insert your action and your target(s) here.> Once the night ends, the game will move to a phase known as “Dawn”. Much like twilight, you aren’t allowed to submit night actions/post in the thread beyond this point.

7. If you're not going to do anything at night, tell me in the Host Convo telling me you’re idling. This is so I don’t think I need to sub you out or anything.

8. Priorities have been decided beforehand and will not be revealed.

9. Please don’t sign up if you aren’t going to be active. A good guideline is to not sign up if you aren’t going to be active for at least 2+ days throughout the game. Please plan ahead!

11. IRC access is mandatory. The SynIRC channel is #sungame. If IRC prompts you for a password it's: "password". Between Night 0 - Day 1 I will need some form of verification that everyone has irc access.

12. Breaking any of these rules will result in the offending player(s) be summarily executed (Godkill), after which the player’s role pm(s) will be revealed. They will not be subbed or replaced.

Another thing to note:
Don't take any spelling/grammar errors in role PMs as proof that they are fake. Myself/others make mistakes!

So yea!
To join just type any form of IN, and if you have any questions feel free to PM me.

Players 24/24:
Da Letter El
More Cowbell
Gale wing SRock
General Spoon
Serious Bananas
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Please Note:
Because I'm absolute crap about getting an IRC channel working, the new IRC channel should be #sungame

If IRC prompts you with a password, it's password

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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