Walrus Four On The Floor Walrus [3rd Round: It's A Major Award! | 4/15 2pm CDT (7pm UTC)]

It’s the one you’ve all been waiting four.

What is Walrus? It's a forum game where you submit songs to me according to various categories and I rank and score them based on how much I like them.

To join, simply sign up in this thread (or drop me a DM at BrainpanSonata#0280). Submissions must be done by PM/DM, including YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or Vimeo links to your picks. One by one, categories will be revealed in the official walrus Discord server and the respective threads. Aim for the highest overall score, or play along for fun and the love of music.

Scores will be logged and tracked via Google spreadsheet. Scoring is done on a 0.0-10.0 points range based on how much I enjoy a song and how well it fits the respective category. My scoring system runs along the same lines as MyAnimeList: 5s are boring, 6s are okay, 7s are good, 8s are great, 9s are awesome, and if you get a 4 or below ya dun goofed. Will anyone send me a 10 point masterpiece? We’ll see…

This walrus has special mechanics:

1) Four On The Floor

Four On The Floor is a case-by-case moratorium designed to reduce pandering and add another layer of challenge to the game. Basically, on top of the regular banlist, each category (with one exception) has its own list of four artists/bands that are banned from being subbed to that specific category.

Example: If I had a Celt Punk category, my Four On The Floor would be Flogging Molly, The Rumjacks, Dropkick Murphys, and The Bollox. Those bands could be subbed to other cats, but not to Celt Punk.

There is also a General Four On The Floor for this walrus that replaces the usual Rule 10 banlist.
In any category, do not send me: Green Day, Talking Heads, My Chemical Romance, or Muse.

2) Variable Walrus

This is a variable walrus, like Weebrus was. Think of it this way: decide which 4 of the 12 categories you don’t want to sub to, and then send submissions for the remaining 8.

  1. Any categories you select and then fail to submit for will automatically be scored 0. You can send submissions at any point up to the day before the respective category’s scheduled reveal. In some cases, depending on my schedule, I may be lenient enough to accept submissions up to the T-minus 12 hours mark. I will actively check in with players who have unfilled submissions to help prevent catfails.
  2. Any submissions which don't fit the qualifying requirements of their respective category will automatically be scored 0. For example, if I had a category about guitars and you subbed an acapella song, you would catfail.
  3. You will need to change your submission if it's a song I submitted to a previous walrus.
  4. You will need to change your submission if it's a song I used as an example, header, or outro in this walrus or my previous walruses. Yes, this does mean Watsky subs are more likely to get stamped Return To Sender. (And yes, this is why Watsky isn’t in the General Four On The Floor.)
  5. Tracking for rules 3 and 4 is solely the responsibility of the host. I will crosscheck all submissions and let you know if something needs to be changed. I will also let you know of any technical errors which might require you or me to change the links to your submissions.
  6. You will need to change your submission if I can't bring myself to listen to it in its entirety even once. This pertains not just to bands previously found in the banlist in Rule 10, but also to anything pitch shifted/chipmunked, played on a kazoo/vuvuzela/air horn, and/or painfully out of tune. If you value scoring high on the leaderboard, then this is not the hill you die on.
  7. If you send me a 240p or 144p vid and a better version is available, I reserve the right to switch to the better version. I may inform you privately if I do so, but I’m likely to forget. I also have a habit of doing this with music videos that vary noticeably from the official audio.
  8. If two or more players submit the same song for a category, the second (and third and so on) person to submit the song will be given the option to change their submission. If they decide to stick with it, it will be given a single score and the players involved will tie in that round's rankings. This type of tie will be expressed in dense ranking (eg. 1223) rather than standard competition ranking (eg. 1224).
  9. You can change your submissions at your leisure. As with late submissions, song changes will be accepted at any point up to the day before the respective category’s reveal. Unlike Rule 1, I will not accept T-12 hour sub swaps because getting in a song that may do better or worse isn’t as urgent as avoiding a 0.
  10. This is where I usually put my banlist. I’m not banning those six bands in this walrus, because the theme has its own banlist. Just know that if you use this as an excuse to submit something I have long since professed to hate, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Getcher Game On
Martin’s not the only gamer who walruses. So send me video game music. This category’s Four On The Floor is a list of verboten video game franchises, including spinoff games and covers/remixes. Covers and remixes of vgm from games outside of the 4OTF are acceptable, though.
This category’s Four On The Floor are: Pokemon, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, and Jet Set Radio
Gerudo Valley (25th Anniversary Orchestral Version) by Koji Kondo
Funky Dealer by Hideki Naganuma
Undella Town (Summer) by Shota Kageyama
Hunter’s Chance by Nobuo Uematsu

Send me a song by a progressive rock and/or progressive metal band. I will be checking qualifiers against the genres listed on the respective bands’ Wikipedia pages.
This category’s Four On The Floor are: Tool, Gojira, Pink Floyd, and System Of A Down
Third Eye by Tool
Time by Pink Floyd
Mind by SOAD
Flying Whales by Gojira

It’s A Major Award!
Send me a song by a band or solo artist who has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Please note that one of the General 4OTF bands is listed among the inductees.
This category’s Four On The Floor are: Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, Nirvana, and Rush
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle by Nirvana
Red Barchetta by Rush
Right Where It Belongs by Nine Inch Nails
Lazarus by David Bowie

Let’s Kick The Beat!
I’ve done guitars before and I’ve done all sorts of unusual instruments, too. This time, send me a song with noticeable emphasis on percussion. Whether it’s a killer drum solo, an interesting addition to the instruments, or just a pounding rhythm that stays in your head for days, give me something where the beat is the boss.
This category’s Four On The Floor are: Rush, Tool, Foo Fighters, and Led Zeppelin
Xanadu by Rush
Moby Dick (Live 1972 Remastered) by Led Zeppelin
Ticks & Leeches by Tool
Low by Foo Fighters

This Category Wears Flannel
Send me a song by a grunge band. Like with Proggers, qualifiers will be checked against the respective bands’ Wikipedia pages.
This category’s Four On The Floor are: Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and Stone Temple Pilots
Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots
Come As You Are by Nirvana
Rooster by Alice in Chains
Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden

We covered so many decades in the Weebrus, but there’s one timely itch left that I want to scratch. Send me a song that was first released in the 1960s. Remastered versions are allowed for this category as long as the original release date checks out.
This category’s Four On The Floor are: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Zombies, and Cream
She’s Not There by The Zombies
All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix
White Room by Cream
I Want You (She’s So Heavy) by The Beatles

That’s Just Super
Send me songs from supergroups. According to Wikipedia, a supergroup is a musical performing group whose members have successful solo careers, are members of other groups, or are well known in other musical professions.
This category’s Four On The Floor are: Them Crooked Vultures, Audioslave, I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, and The Dead Weather
Do It All The Time by iDKHOW
I Cut Like A Buffalo by The Dead Weather
Mind Eraser, No Chaser by Them Crooked Vultures
Like A Stone by Audioslave

On Broadway Redux
As you might know, I’m a sucker for musicals. But there are a lot of newer ones that I’ve missed out on. So send me a song from a musical that was first performed in the 2010s. Please note that American Idiot is a musical created by Green Day and as such falls under the purveyance of the General 4OTF.
This category’s Four On The Floor are: Beetlejuice, Hamilton, The Addams Family, and The Book of Mormon
Just Around The Corner by Bebe Neuwirth
The World Was Wide Enough by Leslie Odom, Jr., Lin-Manuel Miranda & Company
The Whole “Being Dead” Thing by Alex Brightman & Company
Spooky Mormon Hell Dream by Andrew Rannells & Company

Yes, Bloody did something like this first. But I’ve been casually careless about my hearing ever since I was blasting my cd player in the back of the bus in my high school days. So help me play chicken with my future hearing aids by sending me songs that have screaming, yelling, shouting, growling, etc. in them.
This category’s Four On The Floor are: Modest Mouse, AWOLNATION, System of a Down, and We Came As Romans
Mayday!!! Fiesta Fever (Live in Studio) by AWOLNATION
We Are The Reasons by We Came As Romans
Beach Side Property by Modest Mouse
Holy Mountains by SOAD

Shuffle and Deal
On weekdays, I spend my mornings listening to music on Pandora. And I’ve noticed that there are a few bands which are so prevalent in my shuffle that not hearing at least one of their songs per day is unusual. So send me a song that gets frequent play in whichever streaming service or portable media player you use. If you don’t have a streaming service or portable media player, you can try sending me a song from a mixlist on your YouTube account.
This category’s Four On The Floor are: Santigold, Queen, Nirvana, and The Strokes
You Only Live Once by The Strokes
Chasing Shadows by Santigold
Radio Ga Ga by Queen
Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana

What Do You Mean?
Some lyrics make you go “damn, that’s deep”, others make you go “huhwhaa?” Send me a song that uses lots of metaphors, similes, allegories, idioms, etc. Whether or not I understand the lyrics doesn’t matter. Just go ham on the poetry or something like that.
This category’s Four On The Floor are: Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Shins, and Aesop Rock
Daylight by Aesop Rock
Loser by Beck
Dark Necessities by RCHP
New Slang by The Shins

4/10, Needs More Fours
This is a free category with a twist: you can send in anything you want (barring the banlist and the General 4OTF), so long as your sub has some sort of connection to the number four. Please include your reasoning with your sub; I’ll be very lenient with qualifiers so long as it has some sort of four involved, even if it’s just the timestamp. Multiple instances of four will not affect your score, but you can try to stack fours if you wish.
Standing in the Shadows of Love by The Four Tops
4 Minutes by Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland
4th Dimensional Transition by MGMT (double stack)
Kickstart My Heart Remix by Dance With The Dead (triple stack)

Q: 4OTF?
A: My abbreviation of choice for Four On The Floor.

Q: First time subber here. Are you really “that guy who likes everything”?
A: Yes I am, imaginary stranger! And my ridiculously high scores reflect that. Lots of ties, everyone dying by degrees, etc. etc. I do have some obvious favorites… which I’ve desperately tried to quash with the new mechanic so that I can add even more bands to the ever growing list of music I like. That and I rather like not having to pull my hair out over getting yet. Another. Green Day sub.

Q: Why is it so bad to get 14 Green Day subs in a walrus?
A: Sometimes I burn out on bands through overexposure. Tantric used to be on the banlist because of this, and Sara Bareilles and Muse both had moratoriums on them in a previous walrus because of oversubbing.

Q: I get why Green Day and Muse are in your General 4OTF, but why are MCR and Talking Heads there?
A: I pretty much know their discographies up, down, and sideways. If I hadn’t chosen them for the General 4OTF, they’d be in the Shuffle and Deal 4OTF.

Q: What if I ignore your crummy ban rule?
A: Don’t do that.


A: Well, then, hope you enjoy getting big fat 0s for not following the rules. You are a spoilsport and we will post cruel memes about you on the internet.

Q: With so many favorites in your musical tastes, should it be more than four?
A: Not really, and it doesn’t need to be. Four On The Floor covers a lot of would be panders. Plus it doubles as a pun, which is always a plus for me. A double layered pun, even, when you consider the floor in question is the cutting room floor.

Q: Can I sub for all twelve categories?
A: Sure, but I'll make you decide which eight get ranked and scored. And I'm not doing bonus headers this time.

Q: There a lot of long songs in your examples... how's your stamina?
A: Pretty good. I can sit through a thirty minute song without too much fuss. I've even accepted an entire album as a submission before, though I'd definitely prefer to judge individual songs instead. As per Rule 6, it has to be something I can listen to in its entirety in a single sitting (with or without repeat plays). So ten hour extended mixes are right out.

Q: No Final Fantasy means no Kingdom Hearts music, right?
A: I’m not familiar with Kingdom Hearts music (apart from a couple of well-known Utada Hikaru songs), so I looked into it. A Date with Fate (remix of a Crisis Core theme) and One Winged Angel are the only FF tracks listed in the Kingdom Hearts OSTs. I’ll allow any other KH track.

While we’re on the subject, I should mention that Cadence of Hyrule is off limits because Zelda. And don’t forget to ask if something falls under Rule 3, since I’ve subbed vgm to some walruses before.

Q: Why does Rule 3 even exist, anyway?
A: It stands to reason that I wouldn’t sub something I didn’t like unless a category specifically called for that. Ergo, it also stands to reason that someone could feasibly game the system by sending me back my own bops if there wasn’t a rule against that.

Q: But you submitted trash to So-and-so’s walrus…

Q: What about those other Hall of Fame awards, like Lifetime Achievement?
A: Between non-performing industry workers, overlap from the performers list, individual songs that got inducted, and session artists tied to too many bands to name, it’s a mixed bag of “I’d rather stick to the table I linked”.

Q: Post-grunge and nu metal are pretty grungy, can I sub those for grunge?
A: Unfortunately, no. I wanted to include those genres in the cat, but I scrapped that idea when I got choice paralysis while picking out the 4OTF. Same reason category 7 is just supergroups instead of all kinds of side projects.

Q: Do revivals count for On Broadway Redux?
A: The category specifies that I’m looking for newer musicals instead of revivals.

Q: What if I don’t even have a YouTube account to get a mixlist from?
A: I’d recommend including that category in your four skips, then.

Q: How do I tell a metaphor from an allegory?
A: Here’s a helpful guide from The Free Dictionary. Be sure to click the links in the article if you want a closer look at each individual grammar lesson.

Q: Is there anything that would be too much of a stretch for 4/10?
A: Trying to pass off a non-four number as a four through numerology and/or math. That or a symbolic interpretation of the number that can’t be verified at all because you made it up instead of doing research. If you take a symbolic approach to the cat, make it something I can easily google.

Q. What if I don’t want to do fancy symbolism?
A. It’s fine if you don’t. There are plenty of other fourtastic options that would qualify. Four example, the double and triple stack in the 4/10 examples imply that titles and band names with either four letters or four words count for qualifiers.

Q: You’ve posted header/outro lists for your walruses before. Do you have one for this one?
A: Nope! I’m pulling all my examples, headers, and outros from the 4OTF lists for their respective categories. No need to worry about subbing a header, because this time it’s baked into the format. (Btw, each category will have two headers and two outros.)

Q: Okay, but 4/10 doesn’t have that part of the format.
A: I'll use songs from my General 4OTF for that reveal.


  1. PassTheSaltDude [Smogon]
  2. Sultan of Skook [Smogon]
  3. Da Letter El [Smogon]
  4. Laurel [Smogon]
  5. KarmaDope [Mafia Universe]
  6. C7 [Smogon]
  7. termi [Smogon]
  8. Lectrys [Smogon]
  9. hollowkatt [Mafia Universe]
  10. MyNameIsNothing [Kongregate]
  11. nutella [Mafia Universe]
  12. Schiavetto [Mafia Universe]
  13. Logic [Mafia Universe]
  14. shubaka17 [Smogon]
  15. Aladyyn [Smogon]
  16. ddlcfan69 [Mafia Universe]
  17. Martin [Smogon]
  18. BLOODYRAIN10001 [Kongregate]
  19. RaceBandit [Kongregate]
  20. You could be here!

Since I’m leaning in on the theme, let’s say you have 4 weeks to sign up. That’s 28 days before signups close.
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Tomorrow marks the start of the last week of 4OTF signups.

If you have signed and haven't subbed anything yet, I need at least your first sub (assuming you want to sub to Getcher Game On) by the end of the 20th.

And if you haven't signed yet, what are you waiting for?
And with that, 4OTF signups are closed! PS2020 champion Earl had to unsign due to schedule conflicts, so we're capping out at 19 contestants.

Category 1: Getcher Game On
Expected reveal date: March 26th or 27th at 2pm CDT
(I'm getting my first shot of covid vaccine on the 25th, so I've set two possible dates jic the side effects kick my ass.)
Round One: Getcher Game On

Our headers are The Imprisoned by Wakai Hajime and Liberi Fatali by Uematsu Nobuo.

16th Place
Submitted by MNIN
Score: 6.2

Juchu by DVA

The music box and high pitched chirping noises are just on the cusp of being unpleasant. The rest of the song is nice.
15th Place
Submitted by DLE
Score: 8.1

Lifelight by Sakamoto Hideki

Just as I was beginning to parse through an esport cosplaying as an opera, it hit the repeat. Certainly fine music, but it’s far more grandiose than I think is warranted.
Tied for 13th Place
Submitted by Aladyyn
Score: 8.3

RUN! by Danny Baranowsky

Oh man, this is a blast from the past. Nice to hear the full song, I always died about two minutes in. RIP Kongregate.
Tied for 13th Place
Submitted by C7
Score: 8.3

Ward by Daniel Rosenfield

Hmm? Intro bar was a bit curious, but this is pretty chill. Huh, it feels like it changed to a different song around 3 minutes in.
Tied for 11th Place
Submitted by hollow
Score: 8.4

Majula by Sakuraba Motoi

This is what constant dying sounds like? Not bad. The wavering tones are throwing me a little.
Tied for 11th Place
Submitted by Lectrys
Score: 8.4

Battle (Veronica) by Morishita Hiroki

Boss music comes with the expectation of being epic. I’d say this meets that expectation. The flute is a nice touch that keeps it from being generic. (Is generically epic even a thing?) The repetition is rather noticeable, though.
10th Place
Submitted by Logic
Score: 8.5

The Liberation of Gracemeria by Nakatsuru Junichi

It’s trying for this sense of gravitas and movie soundtrack grandeur that doesn’t quite click with me for the first two and a half minutes. Definitely a Zimmeresque quality to it.
9th Place
Submitted by shub
Score: 8.6

The King and The Bull by Darren Korb

You had my curiosity at 0:14, but at 3:55 you had my attention. There were a couple of moments where the repetition wore a little thin.
Tied for 7th Place
Submitted by Karma
Score: 8.7

Scenario B Ending Theme by Uchiyama Shusaku

We saved the day, or at least we didn’t die. Let’s rock out.
Tied for 7th Place
Submitted by Martin
Score: 8.7

Resurrections by Lena Raine

Lowkey reminds me of Final Fantasy’s crystal theme in the beginning. The changeup is timed to basically be a breath of fresh air right as I was about to complain about the lack of variety. This track goes places if you give it some time.
6th Place
Submitted by ddlc
Score: 8.8

Red by Daniel Lanois

At some point in my future is a YouTube playlist of video game country folk music. Chuck Ragan was the gateway and you are paving the path.
5th Place
Submitted by Skook
Score: 8.9

Seashore War by David Wise

I’ve judged one or two DK songs in previous walruses. They didn’t sound like this, though. This is atmospheric and draws my attention in ways where I’d either sit through a few idle animation cycles or die trying. I would not have thought this was a DK song if I did anonymous subs.
4th Place
Submitted by Laurel
Score: 9.0

Corneria - Star Fox by Sakamoto Hideki

Oh, yes! Now THIS is what you send me when you wanna blow my mind with Smash.
Tied for 2nd Place
Submitted by nutella
Score: 9.1

Arcanum: Main Theme by Ben Houge

Be honest, you subbed this to me because of the strings, didn’t you? Don’t be shy, what you did is the opposite of a bad thing.
Tied for 2nd Place
Submitted by RB
Score: 9.1

Beyond Boss Theme by Levi Tuoremaa

Where did you get this game and is it on sale. I want to hear more of this.
1st Place
Submitted by Bloody
Score: 9.3

M.I.L.F by Kawai Sprite

Mother I’d like to, uh… fight? Mother I’d like to, uh… first place? Or at least podium. The gabber is hitting a sweet spot in this old goblin brain and I keep hitting repeat.

Our outros are Professor Sycamore's Theme by Kageyama Shota and Sneakman by Naganuma Hideki.
Level Complete!
Bloody has the high score. Nutella and RB also snagged some loot.
Our leaderboard is pretty straightforward now. We have no idea what upsets and dark horses we might see in the future.

Next round is Proggers. We’ll think progressively on Tuesday the 6th at 2pm CDT (7pm UTC).

Round Two: Proggers

16 contestants subbed for this round.

Our headers are Sugar by System Of A Down and Born In Winter by Gojira.

16th Place
Submitted by Bloody
Score: 8.0

An Infinite Regression by Animals As Leaders

Math prog? The transition at 1:48 is kinda jarring. It feels disjointed because of that.
15th Place
Submitted by Logic
Score: 8.2

Will You Smile Again by ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

A nice clean guitar hook right out of the gate. The high squeal keeps distracting me. Is that supposed to be birdsong or…? That section with the rhythmic beat is a very nice replacement. I kinda want a little less rawness to the vocals. What’s with the kiddies?
14th Place
Submitted by C7
Score: 8.3

The Story In Your Eyes by The Moody Blues

Remastered in 2008. Still sounds like pure 70s, not that I really mind that. The transitions being buried under the vocals are what bothered me. It’s begging for a two minute guitar solo.
13th Place
Submitted by termi
Score: 8.5

Larks’ Tongues In Aspic, Part Two by King Crimson

Just when you think this song gives no fucks about how in your face it is, the edges round off and you’re cruising. And then nope, whistle in your ear and those rough chords are back up in your face again. Back and forth, and sometimes halfway between, like a dial with Fuck The System on one end and Don’t Worry, Life Is Meaningless on the other. And a setting marked Squeaking In Your Left Ear, for some reason. I hit repeat just so I could listen to it without a thinking up a bunch of metaphorical bs.
12th Place
Submitted by Skook
Score: 8.6

Lady Fantasy by Camel

It’s got a nice vocalist and a very dated feeling to it. So much vintage rock organ. Some of the transitions are sudden, but not really jarring.
11th Place
Submitted by Schia
Score: 8.7

Second Life Syndrome by Riverside

There are moments where this song demands your attention even as it meanders through its train of thought. Its only flaw is some people might not have the patience for it.
10th Place
Submitted by Salt
Score: 8.8

Dieter Böhm by Lazuli

This song sounds like I should be watching the opening sequence of an 80s movie. A fancy 80s movie with subtitles that received good reviews at Cannes. Maybe I should just shut up and grab a bowl of popcorn.
9th Place
Submitted by Laurel
Score: 8.9

Echoes by Camel

Amazing what a difference trying out different settings on the keyboard can make.
8th Place
Submitted by Aladyyn
Score: 9.0

Agathae by Novembre

These are some very nice transitions with some nice layering. You get a sense of escalation as the song goes on. Then it pulls back a bit so it can really show you what escalation sounds like.
7th Place
Submitted by hollow
Score: 9.1

Nights In White Satin/Late Lament by The Moody Blues

Cool, I got to hear a live version in Weebrus and now I get to hear the OG studio version in 4OTF. I almost considered telling you about the Weebrus sub, but then I wouldn’t get to hear an awesome song twice.
6th Place
Submitted by DLE
Score: 9.2

Close To The Edge by Yes

You really thought you could send me a Yes song that’d make me forget about Roundabout? Well, you sent me a Yes song that reminds me there’s more to them than Roundabout. I tried to knit during this and got so engrossed in the music that I jolted to and realized I’d mixed up the even and odd rows. So, uh, it made me forget something, at least.
5th Place
Submitted by Karma
Score: 9.3

Panic Attack by Dream Theater

There’s some very nice technical licks here. The transitions are subtly layered under the vocals. Oh baby, those harmonies! It jumped up a fifth of a point on those harmonies alone. The ending’s doing some neat things that remind me of Infected Mushroom circa 2003.
Tied for 3rd Place
Submitted by Lectrys
Score: 9.4

Hypersonic by Liquid Tension Experiment

Ohhh, the SHRED. I kinda just sank back into my chair with my eyes closed and forgot to think about the passing of time.
Tied for 3rd Place
Submitted by shub
Score: 9.4

These Walls by Dream Theater

After hearing the sweetness of Panic Attack, I immediately decided to jump into our other Octavarium sub. This was such a hard choice, but I think this one pulls ahead by a hair’s breadth on these lyrics. And having some strings in the mix certainly didn’t hurt.
2nd Place
Submitted by RB
Score: 9.5

Evolution (The Grand Design) by Symphony X

It’s got shred, it’s got harmonies, it’s got harmonies with CHORD RESOLUTION, oh baby!
1st Place
Submitted by nutella
Score: 9.6

The Cardinal and I by Echolyn

I think you’ve just introduced me to a new band. I could eat those harmonies for breakfast and still want seconds and thirds. This song is so satisfying.

Our outros are Lateralus by Tool and Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) by Pink Floyd.
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We’ve reached the end of our progress!
nutella progresses to the top of the leaderboard, along with RB, Karma, and shubaka.
Quite a few leaderboard ties in this round. Let’s see how they shake out.

Next up is It’s A Major Award! The ceremony will be held on Tuesday the 13th at 2pm CDT (7pm UTC).


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