Walrus Four On The Floor Walrus [5th Round: This Category Wears Flannel & Groovy! | 5/14 2pm CDT (7pm UTC)]

Round Four: Let's Kick The Beat!

15 contestants subbed for this round.

Our headers are Everlong by Foo Fighters and Good Times Bad Times by Led Zeppelin.

15th Place
Submitted by Lectrys
Score: 7.5

Raging Machines by Brian Balmages

Is it good or bad that Santorini was the first thing that came to mind? I enjoyed the beginning, but it started losing me when the percussion outright ceased in the middle.
14th Place
Submitted by nutella
Score: 8.0

Convergence by Jonny Greenwood

Was, was I supposed to be able to follow along with that? It certainly hits the mark for unique and interesting, but it’s so chaotic. This is the kind of song that could be playing in my head when my social battery dies in Wal-Mart. That’s not exactly a compliment nor an insult, but that’s how I feel about it.
13th Place
Submitted by Aladyyn
Score: 8.2

Wings by Vader

This is very guitar forward. I’m having a bit of trouble hearing both the vocals and the drums over the guitars.
12th Place
Submitted by Skook
Score: 8.3

White Death by Sabaton

The history, the shred, this is a great song. But the drums are somewhat overshadowed and at some points muffled by the guitars and vocals. I feel bad about having to rob this song over a specialized brief.
Tied for 10th Place
Submitted by hollow
Score: 8.5

Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order

So Stephen Morris likes to mix traditional drums with drum machines. That’s kinda cool.
Tied for 10th Place
Submitted by Karma
Score: 8.5

The Mule by Deep Purple

The buzzing at the beginning is a bit unnerving. The drums really are going for it here. The drums kinda are what this song has going for it. And forgive me if I sound rude, but I don’t mean that in that it’s mostly drum solo. It’s a fiiine solo, but the section before the solo pales in comparison.
9th Place
Submitted by Schia
Score: 8.6

Anything We Want by Fiona Apple

Certainly a funky beat. Last time I listened to a Fiona Apple song, it ended with her making dolphin noises, so I came into this one with a little unwarranted ambivalence.
8th Place
Submitted by MNIN
Score: 8.7

Hair Receding by Xenia Rubinos

The guitars are curious without being unpleasant. At first I wanted to describe them as screeching, but that’s not exactly right. The drums are certainly prominent and interesting. I miss those drums when the bridge hits. However, I adore the vocals at 3:37. A bit of a chef’s kiss moment in that high note, even with the drums pulling back like that.
7th Place
Submitted by Salt
Score: 8.9

Karn Evil 9 by Emerson, Lake & Palmer

t r a d i t i o n a l t e r m i l o n g s u b- waitaminute.

Vintage rock organ again. The drums do have some prominence early on. The changeup at 2:19 was a nice surprise. The more keyboard settings I hear, the more I think the drums are competing with the keyboard for the spotlight. The drums are never completely outshined, though. And of course, the vocals are trying to get their piece of the pie as well. And at one point I went, “Oh, wait, there’s a guitar, too.” And then that guitar goes and wrestles the spotlight away from the keyboard. But the drums stay prominent, even providing a nice little solo. I’m a bit surprised we haven’t hit the halfway mark yet. In the second movement, the drums are scaled back somewhat with some woodblock percussion to fill in the gaps. Third movement brings back the competition/synergy of the first movement. While the second movement keeps the percussion from being a driving force throughout the song, the drums certainly carry their own weight here.
Tied for 5th Place
Submitted by Bloody
Score: 9.0

Magus Night Fever (Instrumental) by Undead Corporation

How many drum kits did they break recording this song? This is almost overwhelming. I had to turn my sound down to fully appreciate this.
Tied for 5th Place
Submitted by DLE
Score: 9.0

A Golden Dawn by Gospel

There’s a good balance until the vocals kick in, whence the drums are slightly shoved into the background at a couple of points. There’s a fine bit of technical skill here that is pleasantly counterpointed by the raw vocals.
4th Place
Submitted by shub
Score: 9.1

This Chain Won’t Break by Wild Nothing

Yeah, you’ve got me bobbing my heat to the beat here. It’s simple yet effective. If I’d found this outside of walrus, it'd be a bop regardless.
3rd Place
Submitted by C7
Score: 9.2

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult

How is this not on my walrus use list already. Also, obligatory gif.

It's more than just the cowbell, though. If you spend your five minutes trying to listen to the cowbell, you might just miss those fine drum fills. Poor drummer’s working so hard, just to be overshadowed by an SNL skit.
2nd Place
Submitted by Martin
Score: 9.3

Song of Raindrops by Manase Inori & Kubo Yurika

Talk about outside the box percussion. This energetic rhythm pairs very well with the harmonizing moe vocals.
1st Place
Submitted by termi
Score: 9.4

The Drum Thunder Suite by Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers

Even with the horns screaming over them, these drums are a tour de force. This is the kind of song that makes you consider buying a drum set.

Our outros are Forty Six & Two by Tool and YYZ by Rush.
Drumroll, please!
nutella, DLE, and Lectrys end on a high (hat) note.
Lectrys hangs on tight despite taking a hard knock in this round. However, DLE has shot up past him with another 9+ score under his belt. Will Round 5 shake either or both of them out of their sweet spots on the leaderboard?

Next up is a double reveal! This Category Wears Flannel & Groovy! We’ll check out some blasts from the past on Friday May 7th at 2pm CDT (7pm UTC).


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