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Are you tired of being a lonely incel who sits and plays pokemon and debates politics in Cong all day? Are you looking to lose some weight / get in shape but don't know where to start? Do you find yourself struggling to find the motivation to get up and workout? If you answered yes, or even maybe to any of these questions then this is the thread for you!

I'm currently a Sophmore in college studying Health and Human Performance (HHP) and I've decided that a good way to increase my toolset would be to gain a bit of experience. With that being said, I've decided to take my somewhat limited expertise and help people like you!

In this thread, I will be creating simple easy to follow workout plans that are catered to you! In order for this to happen, I need a couple of things from you so I can create something unique that fits you.

  • I'll need what your goal is or what you want to achieve by working out. This should be something measurable so just saying "hurr durr I want to look fucking yolked" isn't what I'm looking for here.

  • I'll need your height, weight, age, and biological gender. I'm American so I'm the big stupid when it comes to the metric system so please keep this in mind.

  • Your 1 Rep max (at least an estimate will do) of Bench press, Back Squat, and Deadlift.

  • Your level of commitment to this workout. I want to make something that you will you be able to commit to and have fun with. I would rather not pour 5+ hours into creating a workout for someone who is just going to look at it and say "neat" then never touch it again.
If you're uncomfortable communicating this to me through smogon feel free to send me a Private Message on Pokemon Showdown! You can catch me in the Health & Fitness room daily. Also, feel free to message me on smogon. Additionally, should you have any questions about workouts, fitness, dieting, or exercises feel free to contact me and I will gladly try my hand and answering them for you!

Smogon nor I are responsible for any injuries that may be caused. If you are unsure how to do an exercise properly please ask for help. Google and I are always willing to lend a hand.

Remember this is a workout designed for you! If the weight is too heavy to complete the allotted number of repetitions then, by all means, go lighter. If it's to easy maybe go a bit heavier. If you have any feedback regarding the designed workout or want to know my reasoning for the design or lifts please feel free to ask in this thread, Discord, or PS!


Champagne and Pools

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