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This article will go through the four stages of the analysis writing process (WIP, Quality Control, Copyediting, and Done) and explain how each phase is important to the analysis as a whole, geared toward newer users with an emphasis on how they can start contributing to the site, especially with ORAS C&C in full swing.

  • I'll explain the four stages of the analysis writing process and how you can contribute to the site by writing and proofreading analyses
  • Before posting analyses, you must post in the analysis reservation index. Some tiers also require approval by a C&C moderator, who will like your post or edit it with an approval message
  • Be sure not to reserve already-posted analyses. The reservation index's list of unreserved analyses is a big help in this regard, but also remember to check recent posts, as the list might not be updated
  • After you've been approved, post your analysis, following the XY analysis format
  • The WIP tag means an analysis hasn't been fully filled out or needs significant work before it can move on. You can still comment on these, but the content can change wildly as the author updates the post, especially if they took the analysis from someone who didn't want to work on it anymore.
Quality Control
  • While anyone can suggest changes, only Quality Control or QC members can post official QC checks in an analysis with this tag
  • QC members are individuals with plenty of metagame experience who proofread analyses for content errors and missing information. You should implement all their suggestions unless you disagree with them, in which case you should argue your case and eventually reach a compromise with the QC member in question.
  • You typically apply to QC teams by PMing the tier leaders with a list of contributions you've made to existing analyses and some reasons you want to be on the team, but the exact process can vary
  • Most tiers require 2 checks before converting bullet points to paragraphs and 1 check after, but some require 3 checks before and 1 after
  • QC etiquette: Don't bump your thread or pester QC members, be patient if QC members dispute a change, and post in the thread once you've implemented a check
  • Written analyses that have received their final QC checks should be posted in the Grammar-Prose, or GP, Team Queue
  • While QC members focus on content errors, GP checkers fix mechanical, stylistic, and prose errors that don't agree with the Spelling and Grammar Standards
  • All analyses must receive at least two official checks before they can move on; the second checker can request a third check if they think it's necessary
  • GP etiquette: again, don't bump your thread or pester GP members, and post in the thread once you've implemented a check, whether it's official or not. It's also a good idea to proofread your work before marking it grammar-ready, as this will prevent both you and the GP checker from doing unnecessary work.
  • Anyone can post an unofficial GP check as long as it's marked as an amcheck. If GP members particularly approve of amchecks, they can "stamp" them, making the amcheck count towards one of the two required checks for that analysis. You don't have to implement all the changes in amchecks or even implement them at all, but it can be a good idea to do this sometimes
  • To apply to the GP team, PM Calm Pokemaster, Jellicent, and SuperJOCKE with at least three amchecks you have done, preferably ones that have been stamped, and a few reasons why you want to join the team.
  • After you've implemented both GP checks, you should mark your analysis as Done. This will alert C&C moderators that the analysis is ready to be uploaded.
  • Eventually, someone will upload the analysis to the site and move the thread to the Preliminary Pokedex subforum.
  • Get out there! If you have significant experience with a Pokemon whose analysis hasn't yet been uploaded, consider applying to write its analysis or commenting on the existing thread. If you think that your grammar skills are pretty good, try an amcheck or two.
  • Don't be afraid to ask in the C&C SQSA thread if you have any more questions.


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Well this is unusual. Mysteria literally made a pitch for the same topic yesterday. If you were faced with the option of co-writing with him/her, would that be acceptable to you?


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Mysteria chose to write the article himself, and there were no objecitons to it, so it's a "first come, first served" situation. Sorry 'bout that, but feel free to come to us if you have any article ideas in the future. :)
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