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Froslass is UU


Froslass is BL

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Eo Ut Mortus
You know, I have thought a lot about Froslass. In my opinion, she is the less clear case among all suspects, for two reasons. Firstly she does not wield the immediate power held by Honchkrow, Raikou and Gallade. But most importantly, few people used her properly.

Anyway, after thinking a lot about her, I'm convinced to vote UU. In my opinion, she deserves a chance to prove herself in a metagame without other suspects, since the current ones are too good at abusing the Spikes support granted by Froslass. The only contest I saw her reaching a broken level of power is Hail teams, but I think that, if that is the case, we will have to blame Snover, not her.

So yeah, I vote Froslass for UU, although if she ends up BL I won't cry^^
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