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Hey guys! I really enjoy sound design and music production, and have produced some content related to Pokemon and general video games. Check them out below!
  • DPPT Legendary Theme (inspired by Giratina's battle theme in Platinum and made with the DPPT soundfont, I figured it sounds like a legendary theme of some sort)
  • RSE Route Theme (a short melody that sounds like it could be a route theme, maybe some sort of mountain area? Still working on the second half with percussion
  • City Theme (this one's a little simple and was made with another GBA soundfont, and I feel like it could fit for some desert-themed town)
  • Frosty Theme (I made this under 20 minutes as a challenge, a little rusty and needs more substance but I imagine it as an ice cave of some sort)
  • will be uploading some more Pokemon-related ones soon!



Thanks for your time! I'm open to any feedback, and if you have any sound-related requests I'd be happy to oblige! Just keep in mind that I'm a pretty busy person so it may take me quite a bit to get to any requests.
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