Fuck Trappers ADV OU - Round 3

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Fuck Trappers - an ADV OU Tournament
approved by TDs

Trappers are an integral part of ADV OU as we know it. What happens if you ban them from standard play? Sign up for this tournament and find out!

- Standard ADV OU ruleset (sleep clause no ubers etc)
- The following abilities ar banned: Magnet Pull, Arena Trap, Shadow Tag
- The following moves are banned: Spider Web, Mean Look, Block, Pursuit, Clamp, Whirlpool, Fire Spin, Sand Tomb, Bind, Wrap
- Best of 3
- no fucking trappers

Round 3 Pairings:

#zero vs FLCL
Floppy vs Level 56
Metaphysical vs Bomber92
CrashinBoomBang vs Finchinator
pokebasket vs Croconaw Guy
Sapientia vs Kanye Kardashian
Marshall.Law vs Fakes [BLINGAS is giving Fakes the win]
BKC vs Jirachee
davidness vs Mr.378
Alf' vs Heysup
TheKFC vs SparksBlade
Mizuhime vs Tomahawk

Deadline: Sunday, April 5th 2015, 23:59 EST
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lost to alf in ggs bar one game-changing crit in g2 unfortunately. gl in future rounds!
My opponent never showed. I was on Today earlier than usual to get our match Done. I left him a VM to get on SmogTours and never answered, mean while he was searching the forums and no answer. I'm ready to Battle Mizuhime for R2 anytime.


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I won 2-0 vs Navy ggs
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