Fullmetal Trade Thread (2020 Reopening)

Btw Ghirahim is in a premier ball not pokeball
Just posting here so we have a record of something

As per our discussion on discord, I will trade you at least a dozen of my ribbon/star sweets Nickname Alcremie for stuffs from your thread. The deal hasn't finalize yet, and I also don't know the value of my pokemon compare to your, so i'll just post some stuff i like from your thread and we'll work something out :)

Reshiram (#643)
OT: Daniel 14443 (Omega Ruby)
Timid | Turboblaze |
Moves: Dragon Breath, Slash, Extrasensory, Fusion Flare

Type: Null (#772)
OT: Winry 507130 (Sun)
Jolly | Battle Armor |
Moves: Crush Claw, Scary Face, X-Scissor, Take Down
RNG'd using pokecalcNTR and SMEncounterRNGTool.

Wimpod (#767)
OT: Winry 507130 (Sun)
Adamant | Wimp Out | 31.31.31.x.31.31 | ♂
Moves: Metal Claw, Spikes, Wide Guard, Aqua Jet

Bounsweet (#761)
OT: Winry 507130 (Sun)
Jolly | Oblivious | 31.31.31.x.31.31 | ♀
Moves: Splash, Synthesis, Play Rough, Charm

Salandit (#757)
OT: Winry 507130 (Sun)
Timid | Corrosion | 31.x. | ♀
Moves: Knock Off, Belch, Fake Out, Snatch

Mareanie (#747)
OT: Winry 507130 (Sun)
Bold | Regenerator | 31.x. | ♂
Moves: Haze, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit-Up

Rockruff (#744)
OT: Winry 507130 (Sun)
Jolly | Vital Spirit | 31.31.31.x.31.31 | ♀
Moves: Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Thrash, Sucker Punch

Cutiefly (#742)
OT: Winry 507130 (Sun)
Timid | Shield Dust | 31.x. | ♂
Moves: Baton Pass, Speed Swap, Bestow, Moonblast

Pikipek (#731)
OT: Winry 507130 (Sun)
Jolly | Pickup | | ♀
Moves: Peck, Brave Bird, Tailwind, Mirror Move

"Shirayuki" - Vulpix-Alola (#037)
OT: Winry 507130 (Sun)
Timid | Snow Warning | | ♀
Moves: Moonblast, Freeze-Dry, Extrasensory, Hypnosis

Sandshrew-Alola (#027)
OT: Winry 507130 (Sun)
Adamant | Snow Cloak | | ♀
Moves: Night Slash, Amnesia, Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear

"Soren" - Rowlet (#722)
OT: Winry 507130 (Sun)
Jolly | Overgrow | 31.31.31.x.31.31 | ♀
Moves: Confuse Ray, Defog, Baton Pass, Haze

Sandygast (#769)
OT: Winry 507130 (Sun)
Modest | Water Compaction | 31.x. | ♂
Moves: Destiny Bond, Amnesia, Stockpile, Swallow

Togedemaru (#777)
OT: Winry 507130 (Sun)
Jolly | Sturdy | 31.31.31.x.31.31 | ♀
Moves: Fake Out, Reversal, Flail, Encore


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This week I am working on breeding and EV training quite a few more mons, as well as continuing Ultra Wormhole RNG in Ultra Sun and Moon.

  • Removed sets that I messed up
  • Changed many mons to EV trained
  • Added nicknames
  • Removed egg move listings
  • Changed most sprites
  • Added:
    • TSV hatches from gen 6
    • Other breeds from gen 7
    • First Ultra Wormhole RNG:

      Zekrom (#644)
      OT: Reina 246129 (Ultra Moon)
      Adamant | Teravolt |
      Moves: Slash, Zen Headbutt, Fusion Bolt, Dragon Claw
      RNG'd using pokecalcNTR + 3DS RNG Tool.
Hey. Do you mind checking me for:

  • Cherish Ball Zeraora
  • Cherish Ball Magearna
  • Cherish Ball Tapu Koko (HP Ice)
  • Cherish Ball Mimikyu
  • Cherish Ball Arceus
I'm safely assuming Magearna wasn't injected and is a legitimate wondercard right? (I think I saw the others were implied to be legit). My trade thread is in my signature.

Please and thanks!
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