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Welcome to my art studio! Before we get started, here’s some guidelines/rules regarding using my artwork:
-You must ask for permission to use any pieces made by me.
-Do not give credit to yourself since these are made by me.

I don’t know if I have a style when it comes to drawing digitally. I've tried many different things when it comes to art. But instead of just talking to you guys about it, how about I show you?

Here are the ones that I've posted throughout my thread that are IMO the best ones. Just so you don't have to go searching through for the best.​

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Shedinja and Wobbufett
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So yeah, comments, criticism, and advice? Anything goes for me. I just want to become better.
Wow, nice variety of stuff.
I do like the unique direction you're going with semi-realistic Lugia and Mayan Serperior, would like to see more of those.
You take requests, buddy?
Ah yes, requests. Forgot about the rules to that. Thanks for reminding me ICC.

Here's how it goes. I don't want too many requests at a time. For the time being of January to Februrary, I'll take 5 requests. So once I reach that limit, no more requests until the end of February.

Please give credit to me if you decide to use my artwork. And don't take it as your own. Ask for permission before using it. I don't care what you're using it for. Please, just ask.

ICC, I have 3 more slots left, so you can give me a request if you like.
Gotta say, I love that ancient looking Weather trio! You should practice more of those and give it some sort of rocky texture :D
Could i request an ancient egyptian style makuhita? It just popped into my head after seeing your mayan serp. Really like these, keep it up!
Also why dont you put them in
Ah, well the reason that I had them with links is because I put them on iaza, and then copied and pasted them. When it does that, it turns out to be links. I'm using a mac BTW. Also, I'll try and get that makuhita done ASAP, when I'm done my other requests. 3 down, 2 more to go.

EDIT: Woot! I found textures! Now to give my drawings a more defined look.

you can just put the link in between
tags like so:

Quote this if you still cant figure out how to do it :p
Also the larger ones should be in hide tags, so
like this


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Wow, I really like your stuff! Especially the ones that have a sort of Aztec feel to them.

I have a suggestion though: Lineart. Nothing wrong with the lineart you have now, but once you have your lineart finished, go over it again in one smooth line. It'll give your pictures a much cleaner feeling, and work wonders for the quality.

Good work! :D
I'm really digging the vibe the serperior and weather trio pics give :)

Helps that they remind me of monster hunter too!
Thanks for the complements everybody!

@Moo: I don't really like doing smooth style lineart because I think the rugged look is sorta more appropriate for when I'm doing something intimidating or fierce. But I'll keep that in mind if I do some cute or humorous stuff.

@Yilx: Finally, someone figured out what it looks like! Monster hunter was my inspiration, as the tri pics that they show when you take a mission were weird, but still mantained what the monsters looked like.

Also, here's a pic for the Ubers stall guide. May or may not have more work done to it.



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Compared to your earlier works, that's a nice image! But since it's for the stall article, wouldn't it be better if you also showed another pokémon as its opponent? Or even better, show him endure an attack which was just sent towards him? Because right now you only have a picture of a Skarmory which, while he's a good stall example, doesn't illustrate what the article is about.
Hmmmm.... good point. Maybe I can add burn marks on it, and with the pose it's in, it could be like it's ready to endure more hits from an unknown enemy? Showing that it has taken a lot of pain, and is still ready to defend!

EDIT: Here's a new and improved version of skarm.

Look's like skarm's taken quite a beating. But he just won't stay down. And look! Rocks. But whose stealth rocks are those? His..... or the enemies?
Here's the first request for King serperior! I decided to take moos advice to heart and fiddle around with line art. Here it is. A gladiator nidoking.


Obviously he isn't doing his job right.

Also, I won't be taking requests anymore. It's just that I don't have much motivation for requests, as having inspiration motivates you to draw.
Does this mean you wont be doong my request :( i genuinely do really like these, as they have a historical feel to me, and i am very interested in ancient history.
Oh don't worry Shnen! I meant that from here on, I won't be doing any requests that are given to me. I'll still do yours and the rest of KS's request.

Man, I've been crapping out pieces of art really fast. But I guess I'm building a pretty nice skeleton adn foundation for my art thread. Anyways, here's gigalith. One of my fav pokemon in Unova and out of all of them. I mean, a four legged boulder with spikes is totally original right?

*looks over at metagross*

Ok, maybe not. But it certainly has the cool factor.
Someone is fired!!!

*drags Nidoking into the arena and sics an angry Arcanine on it*

Love the pic :)

I was thinking a halberd would have been more appropriate though.....
Yeah, well, I will have to admit, I was using your request as a test or guinea pig for line art. But I think that I like my solid thin black line art better. And don't worry. That serperior will be done hopefully within the week. If I get my homework (which I've sort of put off) done.

EDIT: More likes if you actually like my art? Or Gigalith will desjroy everything (bad grammar on purpose). :D
could i have it in avvy form please <3
Um.... TBH, I don't really know how to resize it. It's 600 pixels right now, and I see the box that says image, resize. But it doesn't seem to do anything when I resize it.... However! If you copy and paste the image into a blank paint document, and resize the page to fit the pic, and then load the pic from your computer, then you can have an avvy.
Um.... TBH, I don't really know how to resize it. It's 600 pixels right now, and I see the box that says image, resize. But it doesn't seem to do anything when I resize it.... However! If you copy and paste the image into a blank paint document, and resize the page to fit the pic, and then load the pic from your computer, then you can have an avvy.
Unfortunately i do not have ms paint. Oh well, i guess i'll try it in imgur

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