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I don't really think it has high enough defense or special defense to become a Mixed Wall. Maybe try fusing something else?
(the weaknesses are fine, keep them at few and you're good)
Hmm... okay, I'll try to think of something else.

EDIT: Just swapped it out for a Dragalge/Magnezone fusion.

EDIT 2: Finished my slate!
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Time to start voting! Here are the options:
Setup Sweeper #1
OPStellar's Masquerain/Groudon
Bigrob8917's Torkoal/Ninetales-Alola
Anaconja's Combusken/Necrozma-Dawn-Wings
Cookie Butter's Gardevoir/Snorlax
money12wolf's Togekiss/Swampert
Leonard's Polteageist/Indeedee-F
Ludicrousity's Klinklang/Golurk
Blumenwitz's Hawlucha/Slurpuff

Setup Sweeper #2
OPStellar's Gliscor/Obstagoon
Anaconja's Gyarados/Tornadus-Therian
Cookie Butter's Kommo-o/Sceptile
money12wolf's Buzzwole/Solrock
Leonard's Noctowl/Thundurus-Therian
Ludicrousity's Tyrantrum/Talonflame
Blumenwitz's Infernape/Flygon

Mixed Wall #1
OPStellar's Palossand/Tyranitar
Anaconja's Golem/Cursola
Cookie Butter's Giratina-Origin/Lileep
Ludicrousity's Golisopod/Umbreon
SlowAndBruh's Gigalith/Tapu Fini
Blumenwitz's Umbreon/Aromatisse

Mixed Wall #2
OPStellar's Appletun/Probopass
Anaconja's Appletun/Virizion
Cookie Butter's Frosmoth/Furfrou
Ludicrousity's Appletun/Kommo-o
SlowAndBruh's Togekiss/Metagross
Blumenwitz's Dragalge/Magnezone
Setup Sweeper #1: Ludicrousity, OPStellar, money12wolf
Setup Sweeper #2: money12wolf, Leonard, anaconja
Mixed Wall #1: Cookie Butter, Ludicrousity, Bluemenwitz
Mixed Wall #2: Ludicrousity, Bluemenwitz, OPStellar
There's my vote.
Setup Sweeper #1: anaconja, leonard, Blumenwitz
Setup Sweeper #2: Blumenwitz, Ludicrousity, anaconja
Mixed Wall #1: OPStellar, SlowAndBruh, Ludicrousity
Mixed Wall #2: anaconja, Blumenwitz, SlowAndBruh
Setup Sweeper #1: leonard (from big bang theory), OPStellar, money12wolf
Setup Sweeper #2: Cookie Butter, leonard (from big bang theory), OPStellar
Mixed Wall #1: OPStellar, Ludicrousity, SlowAndBruh
Mixed Wall #2: anaconja, OPStellar, Blumenwitz
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Setup Sweeper #1: anaconja, money12wolf, leonard
Setup Sweeper #2: opstellar, leonard, cookie butter
Mixed Wall #1: slowandbruh, anaconja, blumenwitz
Mixed Wall #2: anaconja, slowandbruh, ludicrousity
Setup Sweeper #1: anaconja, money12wolf, leonard
Setup Sweeper #2: opstellar, money12wolf, Cookie Butter
Mixed Wall #1: blumenwitz, opstellar, Cookie Butter
Mixed Wall #2: anaconja, opstellar, ludicrousity
Setup Sweeper #1: leonard (from big bang theory), anaconja, Blumenwitz
Setup Sweeper #2: OPStellar, Ludicrousity, Cookie Butter
Mixed Wall #1: Cookie Butter, OPStellar, Blumenwitz
Mixed Wall #2: anaconja, ludicrousity, SlowAndBruh


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Setup Sweeper #1: leonard (from big bang theory), anaconja, Bigrop8917
Setup Sweeper #2: Blumenwitz, Cookie Butter, anaconja
Mixed Wall #1: anaconja, Cookie Butter, Blumenwitz
Mixed Wall #2: ludicrousity, SlowAndBruh, anaconja

Cookie Butter

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My votes:
Setup Sweeper #1: Leonard, Ludicrousity, Bigrob8917
Setup Sweeper #2: Cookie Butter, Blumenwitz, anaconja
Mixed Wall #1: Blumenwitz, SlowAndBruh, anaconja
Mixed Wall #2: anaconja, ludicrousity, OPStellar

And winners:

DNA Donors/ Parents: Polteageist / Indeedee-F
Roles: Setup Sweeper
Offspring Name: Teepee
New Types:

New Base Stats: 70 / 65 / 65 / 124 / 129 / 77 [BST: 530] (+5 HP / +5 Atk / +0 Def / +10 SpA / +20 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability and Desc: Weak Armor + Psychic Surge = Psychic Armor- When this Pokemon is damaged by a physical attack, it sets up Psychic Terrain.
Notable Moves:
Shadow Ball, Stored Power, Mystical Fire, Dazzling Gleam, Hyper Voice, Giga Drain
Shell Smash, Healing Wish, Strength Sap (if you're real)
Role Identification:
teepee: {
num: 75000###,
types:["Ghost", "Normal"],
species: "Teepee",
id: "teepee",
baseStats: {hp: 70, atk: 65, def: 65, spa: 124, spd: 129, spe: 77}
abilities: {0: "Armor Surge"},
weightkg: 14.2,
fusion: ["Polteageist", "Indeedee-F"],
Justification: It's effectively just a slightly weaker Polteigeist with better bulk and a situationally stronger Stored Power. And better coverage, mainly Mystical Fire for Steels like Vespithorn and Dazzling Gleam for Darks. Probably won't live most hits to set up Terrain, though, and has a very exploitable physical defense.

DNA Donors/ Parents: Kommo-o / Sceptile
Roles: Set-up Sweeper
Offspring Name: Composite
New Types:

New Base Stats: 83 / 100 / 95 / 120 / 95 / 110 [BST: 603] (+11 HP / +3 Atk / +0 Def / +18 SpA / +0 SpD / +8 Spe)
New Ability and Desc: Bulletproof + Unburden = Unbullet- Combines component effects.
Notable Moves:
Leaf Blade, Drain Punch, Poison Jab, Close Combat, Earthquake
Giga Drain, Focus Blast, Flamethrower, Clanging Scales,
Clangorous Soul, Dragon Dance, Leech Seed
Role Identification:
composite: {
num: 75000###,
types:["Fighting", "Grass"],
species: "Composite",
id: "composite",
baseStats: {hp: 83, atk: 100, def: 95, spa: 120, spd: 95, spe: 110}
abilities: {0: "Unbullet"},
weightkg: 65.2,
fusion: ["Kommo-o", "Sceptile"],
Fusion: Alilat
Role: Mixed Wall

Ability: Diamond Dust (Thick Fat + Justified): This Pokemon takes halved damage from Fire, Ice, and Dark attacks, and raises its Attack by 1 stage when hit by one.
Stat Distribution: 105 / 95 / 95 / 95 / 105 / 76 [BST: 571] (+5 HP / +8 Atk / +19 Def / +0 SpA / +1 SpD / +7 Spe)
Relevant Moves:
Earthquake, Leaf Blade, Stone Edge, Close Combat
Giga Drain, Apple Acid, Sludge Bomb
Recover, Toxic, Leech Seed, Taunt
Justification: Balanced stats, a resistance to Ground and Dark with a neutrality to Fire and Ice, and an assortment of coverage helps it be an effective mixed tank.
There is a tie between OPStellar and Blumenwitz for Mixed Wall #1. Next submission slate will begin shortly after the tiebreaker.
You can't vote for yourself in a tiebreaker (if both people vote for themselves, that would be pointless) but you can vote for the other person.
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Wait a second... how exactly is each vote counted? Is it three points for a first choice, two for a second and one for a third?

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Wait a second... how exactly is each vote counted? Is it three points for a first choice, two for a second and one for a third?
Yes. And in case of a tie, it's decided by number of first votes that the submission got. In this case both got 2 first votes.

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So we've got to wait for others to vote if we're not going to vote for the tied sub?
Must we prolong it further? Blumenwitz's vote did list mine as a 3-pointer and didn't even list his own for Mixed Wall #1…
Yes. Blumenwitz can vote for yours here too if he feels like it.

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