Pet Mod Fusion Evolution Never Used | End of an Era

```Skuntapult = Skuntank + Dragapult

HPs: 95 +0 80
Atk: 110 +4
Def: 75 +4 81
SpA: 85 +0
SpD: 70 +2 78
Spe: 115 +2
BST: 550 +12

Cursed Gas = Aftermath + Cursed Body
If this pokemon faints due to a contact move, the move used will be disabled. ```
That seems to be far too overpowered for FENU. Additionally, I believe you need to click "Copy Submission" on the tool and not just "Copy" for the moves that the fusion can learn.
Two Resubs (Didnt have many ideas this slate)
DNA Donors: Slowbro / Muk-Alola
Fusion Name: Slowbruk-alola
New Types:

Base Stats: 100 / 90 / 92 / 82 / 90 / 40 [BST: 494] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Insensible = (Oblivious + Poison Touch)
Ability Description: Effects of both.
Notable Moves:
Gunk shot, Liquidation, Poison jab Knock off
Scald, Sludge Bomb,
Teleport, Slack off, Toxic, Haze,Trick room, Calm mind
Intended Role: Defensive pivot, Mixed wall, Setup check(haze), Trick room setter
Role Justification: Your standard defensive pivot. It is able to spread poison with poison touch + poison jab and other contact moves while also being immune to being taunted. This means stallbreakers that rely on taunt to do their role cannot easily take advantage of this Pokemon's passivity. Its good overall bulk lets it be a consistent mixed wall.

DNA Donors: Melmetal / Ledyba
Fusion Name: Meldyba
New Types:

Base Stats: 90 / 81 / 91 / 60 / 72 / 44 [BST: 430] (+3 HP / +0 Atk / +5 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Fist Flurry = (Iron Fist + Swarm)
Ability Description: Effects of both
Notable Moves:
Double iron bash, U-turn, Earthquake, Knock off, Thunder punch, Superpower

Roost, Swords dance, Defog, Toxic
Intended Role: Physical wallbreaker, Mixed wall, Hazard remover (Defog), Offensive pivot, Set-up (Swords dance+agility)
Role Justification: This Fusion can be pretty versatile with its roles. Because of its slight above average bulk and good defensive typing it is able to check multiple Pokémon as a mixed wall. It can also remove hazards with defog. Offensively, It can pressures teams with Double iron bash coupled with STAB u-turns. It can also opt to hit incoming fire types and steel types with earthquake or super power. It also has access to swords dance and agility but these sets are more gimmicky than the others mentioned above. Its slow speed tier means a lot of the time it will be taking damage before dishing out damage.
DNA Donors: Starmie / Hatterene
Fusion Name: Hattie
New Types:

Base Stats: 78 / 82 / 90 / 118 / 94 / 92 [BST: 554] (+20 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +20 Spe)
New Ability: Risk Taker = (Analytic + Anticipation)
Ability Description: Anticipation Effects. This pokemon's moves have 1.3 x power if the opponent has a super effective move.
Notable Moves:
Rapid Spin
Psyshock / Psychic / Mystical Power / Dazzling Gleam / Scald / Surf / Hydro Pump / Ice Beam
Teleport / Recover / Calm Mind
Intended Role: Hazard Remover / Offensive Pivot / Calm Mind Sweeper
Role Justification: With teleport, rapid spin, and calm mind, this mon has many roles it can play. With Risk Taker, it could beat would be checks with the 1.3x power boost.
DNA Donors: Starmie / Hatterene
Fusion Name: Hattie
New Types:

Base Stats: 78 / 82 / 90 / 118 / 94 / 92 [BST: 554] (+20 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +20 Spe)
New Ability: Risk Taker = (Analytic + Anticipation)
Ability Description: Anticipation Effects. This pokemon's moves have 1.3 x power if the opponent has a super effective move.
Notable Moves:
Rapid Spin
Psyshock / Psychic / Mystical Power / Dazzling Gleam / Scald / Surf / Hydro Pump / Ice Beam
Teleport / Recover / Calm Mind
Intended Role: Hazard Remover / Offensive Pivot / Calm Mind Sweeper
Role Justification: With teleport, rapid spin, and calm mind, this mon has many roles it can play. With Risk Taker, it could beat would be checks with the 1.3x power boost.
Those stats are still a bit much with such an amazing typing. You can fuse with NFEs to lower the power level i.e. Staryu/Hatterene although this particular concept is best with something fast. also, Beaf Cultist kinda did this first with Whisdur.

Edit: also, remember this is NU. These stats and typings might be fine in OU or UU, but in NU, BST should be more like 480-520, depending on type/ability. A great ability should be balanced by meh typing/stats, great typing should be balanced by meh ability/stats, great stats should be balanced by meh typing/ability.
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goodness theres a lot of minimodding going on around here

viable breaking swipe
DNA Donors: Salamence / Persian-Alola
Fusion Name: Salasian-Alola
New Types:

Base Stats: 80 / 97 / 70 / 92 / 72 / 107 [BST: 518] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Menacing = (Intimidate + Technician)
Ability Description: The user's moves with 60 or less base power have their power increased by 50% and lower the target's attack by 1 stage.
Notable Moves:
Breaking Swipe, Bulldoze, U-Turn, Fake Out, Knock Off, Dual Wingbeat
Toxic, Dragon Dance, Roost, Defog
Intended Role: Physically Bulky Utility Pivot
Role Justification: This mon has Technician-boosted moves that already have stat drops with additional attack drops tacked on, an incredible amount of utility options, and recovery. It can use Bulldoze to act as speed control, it has powerful and reliable Dragon STAB with very nice secondary effects, and it can both pivot and sweep even while being incredibly difficult to kill with physical moves.


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Define "minimodding".

EDIT: When does submission phase end?
minimodding is when you, as a non-council member, attempt to police other members (modding) on the thread. it is very unnecessary and clogs up the thread - council will judge fusions at the veto phase at their discretion. there is no need for you to try to do it yourself.

as for the question you should've checked the slate post:
Submissions will end on June 1st. Enjoy!


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:swsh/trubbish::swsh/groudon: knock immune hazard setter
DNA Donors: :Trubbish:/:Groudon:
Fusion Name: Grubbish
New Types:

Base Stats: 76 / 100 / 101 / 70 / 76 / 77 [BST: 500] (+1 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Hot Garbage = (Sticky Hold + Drought)
Ability Description: Component effects combined
Notable Moves:
Precipice Blades, Gunk Shot, Fire Punch, Stone Edge, Dragon Tail, Heat Crash
Spikes, Stealth Rock, Toxic, Protect, Toxic Spikes, Bulk Up, Swords Dance, Rock Polish
Intended Role: Hazards, Physical Wallbreaker, Mixed Wall
Role Justification: A very simple fusion, mainly existing to flesh out the hazard game, check iggly, and be a Knock switch-in. Offensively it's pretty potent but suffers from mediocre speed, while defensively it has no reliable recovery outside of Black Sludge. Also surprisingly bad into Appledam unless it has Fire coverage. It also sets sun, which could become a neat archetype in the future.
grubbish: {
    num: 75000###, 
    types:["Poison", "Ground"],
    species: "Grubbish", 
    id: "grubbish", 
    baseStats: {hp: 76, atk: 100, def: 101, spa: 70, spd: 76, spe: 77} 
    abilities: {0: "Hot Garbage"}, 
    weightkg: 490.5, 
    fusion: ["Trubbish", "Groudon"],
:swsh/lapras::swsh/stunfisk: bulky water that doesn't fold to electrics
DNA Donors:

Fusion Name: Lapfisk
New Types:

Base Stats: 120 / 75 / 82 / 85 / 97 / 46 [BST: 505] (+1 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +2 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Hydroelectric = (Water Absorb + Static)
Ability Description: Component effects combined
Notable Moves:
Discharge, Surf, Ice Beam, Earth Power, Hydro Pumpm Freeze Dry
Stealth Rock, Toxic, Heal Bell, Rest, Sleep Talk, Thunder Wave
Intended Role: Mixed Wall, Special Wallbreaker, Hazards
Role Justification: Where are the bulky waters? Magmabuzz and Mr. Boot have free reign!
lapfisk: {
    num: 75000###, 
    types:["Water", "Electric"],
    species: "Lapfisk", 
    id: "lapfisk", 
    baseStats: {hp: 120, atk: 75, def: 82, spa: 85, spd: 97, spe: 46} 
    abilities: {0: "Hydroelectric"}, 
    weightkg: 115.5, 
    fusion: ["Lapras", "Stunfisk"],

Ema Skye

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DNA Donors: Diancie / Onix
Fusion Name: Dionix
New Types:

Base Stats: 50 / 90 / 155 / 65 / 100 / 70 [BST: 530] (+8 HP / +18 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +3 SpD / +10 Spe)
New Ability: Sturdy Body = (Clear Body + Sturdy)
Ability Description: Combined effect of both the abilities.
Notable Moves:
Diamond Storm, Body Press, Earthquake, Explosion

Stealth Rock, Dragon Dance, Heal Bell, Taunt
Intended Role: Dragon Dance/Curse, stealth rock lead
Role Justification: Diamond Storm into Body Press is pretty cool. It opens up some interesting dual dance sets with Dragon Dance or Curse. Ability really just improves its strategy.
Mega is 150/130 with Dragon Dance :U

DNA Donors: Emolga / Qwilfish
Fusion Name: Qwilga
New Types:

Base Stats: 65 / 95 / 85 / 65 / 65 / 95 [BST: 470] (+5 HP / +10 Atk / +13 Def / +0 SpA / +8 SpD / +1 Spe)
New Ability: Naval Mine = (Static + Intimidate)
Ability Description: Combined effect of both the abilities.
Notable Moves:
Liquidation, Wild Charge, U-Turn, Knock Off, Explosion
Volt Switch
Spikes, Taunt, Defog, Roost
Intended Role:
Role Justification: two shitmons seem to make a pretty cool defensive pivot. overall, store brand washtom without burns but additional utility. also looks pretty cool for enabling spikes HO builds.
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
no responses allowed edition!

New slate, new mons. Totally on time with this one, as always (RIP to the people who would want to change their subs in response to this lol). Since we have an actual baseline now, I’m going to be a little less forgiving on the balance front. This includes mons I think will be awful, as I’d rather not have a Shellicham in this meta.

The Good
:toucannon::carkol:best ziggly answer as a standalone mon that was subbed imo. will write more on it in a bit.

:qwilfish::gligar:This is pretty cool. With Intimidate its physical bulk is really really good, and Poison/Ground is a very interesting defensive typing. However, I will admit I’m pretty worried about its longevity in the meta. Outside of being a physical wall I think it struggles to make much of an impact on the game, and so I’m not sure it’s the best choice.

:skuntank::vanilluxe: Seems like a very solid offensive Ice type. NP sets go very hard with dual STABs+Fire Blast, though a reliance on HDB makes it a bit less scary. Fills a very different role from Regidurr and overall just seems like a good mon of an often underrepresented type.

:eiscue::krookodile: Funny gimmick. No clue what playstyle it fits on but it sure do does be doing what you did do be say it does do be doing. Run BDrum+Sucker Punch if real. wtf no sucker you are not real boo i hate you we’re not friends anymore

:lapras::stunfisk: Love me a fat defensive mon with stacks of utility and no reliable recovery. Mon seems like a really nice meta addition, only complaint is this is literally Toadeel 2.

The Bad
:cacturne::abomasnow: Another part of having a ‘meta’ now is that I can start putting mons here that I think overlap too much with existing ones. This is just worse Regidurr. Its defensive typing is awful, its speed is horrible, and it doesn’t have obscene power to make up for it like Regidurr or Glasnow. It relies on setup to do consistent damage but doesn’t have the bulk to set up against much of anything, since just about everything can hit it super-effectively. The Mega is closer to what you’d need, but I’d rather not vote in a mon just for its mega, plus it’ll compete pretty hard with base Glasnow if that ever drops.

:meowstic::bisharp: This is Azekrow. Except, Azekrow is faster, stronger, and has enough Special Attack to properly run NP. This thing looks awful, and I would never vote for it if there was even the smallest chance of Azekrow dropping (not to mention even without the lakebird it’d still be really really bad).

:salazzle::espeon: Hyperoptimized stallbreaker. ‘Typing is not that good’ this is literally Glowking typing, of course it’s good. Mon is so ridiculously good against stall it’s not even funny. Corrosion, MBounce, Taunt, NP, tons of power and relevant coverage, this mon can literally do everything, not to mention NP+Dual STABs+Fire Blast is terrifying even outside of the stall matchup.

:turtonator::corsola: It makes me so sad to have to do this, but after running calcs I think this thing’s Smash sets are just too much for the current meta. Its bulk (particularly on the physical side) is good enough that it can easily live a hit to set up, and even with how shoddy its Speed looks, it can still outspeed fully invested base 129 at +2. Sure, base 70 Scarfers can outspeed it, but they most likely won’t be doing enough damage to stop it, and it can OHKO basically everything in the meta right now at +2. Maybe once we get a couple bulky Waters it’d be good to revisit this, but I mostly liked it for defensive sets so I guess we’ll see.

:gastrodon::dragonair: mfw I said this wasn’t bad enough to put on the list but did it anyway. This thing seems way too good for NU. Great offensive and defensive typing, good bulk for the tier, reliable recovery, amazing ability, tons of utility. Mon is borderline for sure, but I think it just has too much going for it to be healthy.

:keldeo::klinklang: Not sure what world you thought this would be balanced in, but big surprise: it isn’t. 102/102 physical offenses on a Water/Steel with Shift Gear would already be raising eyebrows in RU, let alone NU. Dual STABs + CC is all this mon needs to be a nightmare, or it could run Specs to fuck with checks to its Shift Gear sets. Overall just way too much.

The Ugly
:yveltal::fletchling: Not too sure about this one. I don’t think it’ll be very good since entirely based around a gimmick, but there’s a chance it could be extremely degenerate (OWing is a very very good move) so I don’t think I want to take that chance.

:dunsparce::scyther: You hit the nail on the head with this one. Bite is really really dumb here, especially in tandem with Body Slam or Glare. I see the vision, but this concept seems pretty awful to play against and I wouldn’t want to see it in the meta.

:accelgor::nincada: Horrifically bad mon. Spikes are not good enough to justify how stupendously awful this mon’s entire profile is. Keep in mind Accelgor is ZU and this is essentially worse Accelgor. 100 Speed is not as impressive as you’re making it sound, even for NU. Sure, it’s good, but if you’re looking for a speed ceiling, guaranteed Spikes-type mon I’d say you need to at least hit 110, and preferably give it at least one other good stat.

:exploud::sliggoo: Not gonna spare this thing any words. Worse Kommo-tot lookin ass.

:lanturn::machamp: Ability is stretchy.

:lycanroc-midnight::persian-alola: 100% a mon people would vote for, so I had to get the word out. NP+100% Hypnosis+104 Speed does not at all sound healthy in NU. Even if its typing and movepool aren’t the best, it still isn’t something I’d want to play against. Unfortunate, since I think it’d be cool to finish the catdog trio, but balance takes priority.

:slurpuff::aegislash: Similar to the Linoone+Aegislash sub from last slate; this mon is probably pretty degen, and if it isn’t, it probably sucks. Hard to tell, but that speed tier is super awkward, so you basically have to rely on gimmicks to get anything done, which is yikes.

:kyurem-black::bonsly: Ability is stretchy.

:kartana::geodude-alola: Mon does not seem weak at all. I just run Scarf Double Edge and do a million to everything. Not healthy, would not want to see in the meta.

So many Poison/Grounds oml. Slate is a bit weaker overall compared to the first one, but there’s some cool mons in here. Might start a little ‘honorable mentions‘ bit here at the bottom cause I end up having a couple mons I wanna shout out every slate. It isn’t bad enough to be put on here, but Tapu Growl is very borderline. Reminds me of both Masquerajah and Rotofable. Also earl trying to break Paracoal in FERU be like.
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Dead hours vetoes let's goooo! That also means subs are now closed.

why is wormadam the only fully-evolved ground/bug?
DNA Donors: Whiscash / Durant
Fusion Name: Whisdur
New Types:

Base Stats: 85 / 113 / 95 / 62 / 60 / 85 [BST: 500] (+1 HP / +20 Atk / +3 Def / +0 SpA / +1 SpD / +1 Spe)
New Ability: Defense Mechanism = (Anticipation + Swarm)
Ability Description: This Pokemon's attacking stat is 1.5x with Bug attacks if the opponent has a super effective or OHKO move.
Notable Moves:
Earthquake, First Impression, Stone Edge, X-Scissor

Dragon Dance
Intended Role: Setup Sweeper, Physical Wallbreaker
Role Justification: Whiscash but better. Solid DD mon, with dual STABs only resisted by Flying (which it has coverage for in Stone Edge). Ability makes First Impression do utterly bonkers damage to the right targets, and boosts X-Scissor to Megahorn levels situationally. Currently goes kinda crazy since our Fliers are nonexistent, but as soon as we get some it’ll be more than manageable.
Doing 1.5x damage with Bug moves on mons that can hit it super effectively makes this thing hit obscenely hard with FImp on said mons to revenge kill them, as well as making it difficult to switch into anything that can threaten it out with an attack. Ability probably needs a change.

DNA Donors: Turtonator / Corsola
Fusion Name: Corsonator
New Types:

Base Stats: 65 / 70 / 130 / 90 / 90 / 40 [BST: 485] (+3 HP / +4 Atk / +15 Def / +12 SpA / +0 SpD / +5 Spe)
New Ability: Shell Generator = (Shell Armor + Regenerator)
Ability Description: Has the effect of both abilities.
Notable Moves:
Hydro Pump, Scald, Fire Blast, Flash Cannon, Earth Power, Scorching Sands, Ice Beam, Power Gem
Recover, Will-O-Wisp, Stealth Rock, Shell Smash
Intended Role: Physical Wall, Set Up Sweeper
Role Justification: Alright so this thing has some powerful bulk, a decent defensive typing, and some oomf as well thanks to its wide movepool. However while it's decent as a wall it's an even better set up sweeper thanks to shell smash. Point is it can go on the offensive or the defensive depending on what you want it to do. Yes I know it's a resub. It just fits with the theme
This one's just too fat for an NU Regenmon, I'd nerf the bulk.

flashback (this was my first sub but instead it had a klang)
DNA Donors: Keldeo / Klinklang
Fusion Name: Klindeo
New Types:

Base Stats: 75 / 102 / 102 / 99 / 87 / 102 [BST: 567] (+0 HP / +16 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +3 Spe)
New Ability: Devious = (Justified + Plus)
Ability Description: This Pokemon's Sp.Atk is raised by 1 stage after it is damaged by a Dark-type move.
Notable Moves:
Gear Grind, Aqua Jet, Close Combat, Flip Turn, Liquidation
Flash Cannon, Hydro Pump, Secret Sword
Shift Gear
Intended Role: Physical Sweeper (Shift Gear), Offensive Pivot, Mixed Attacker
Role Justification: Good physical attacking threat with a potent defensive typing and access to Shift Gear to make it a scary sweeper. Also has access to a solid Sp.Atk and access to Devious, letting it also find some use as a mixed attacking offensive pivot.
Shift Gear is a tough move to balance, and even though this is effectively a Klinklang with actual coverage and a good secondary typing, that pushes it over the edge here. I think nerfing attack is the play.

DNA Donors: Mudsdale / Porygon
Fusion Name: Mudygon
New Types:

Base Stats: 85 / 95 / 90 / 90 / 80 / 40 [BST: 480] (+3 HP / +3 Atk / +5 Def / +20 SpA / +0 SpD / +3 Spe)
New Ability: Dauntless Shield = (Stamina + Download)
Ability Description: Raises Defense by 1 on switch-in.
Notable Moves:
Earthquake, Body Press
Tri Attack
Recover, Toxic, Teleport, Stealth Rock
Intended Role: Physical Wall, Hazard Setter
Role Justification: Just a Ground-type version of Porygon2. It not only has good defenses and status moves but it can also make a decent amount of damage with Earthquake and Tri Attack.
This is a bulky Ground with recovery and the equivalent of 85/160 physical bulk when invested, or you can invest in SpDef instead and be hard to kill on both sides. Ability needs a change. I'd be careful on the balancing on Stamina + Recover if you go for that, or otherwise I'd buff stats, maybe evo to P2 if you want.

Cute plant meets terrifying dragon-thing.
DNA Donors: Kyurem-Black / Bonsly
Fusion Name: Kyusly-Black
New Types:

Base Stats: 87 / 135 / 97 / 65 / 77 / 52 [BST: 513] (+0 HP / +10 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +10 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Motor Drive = (Teravolt + Rock Head)
Ability Description: Boosts its Speed stat when hit with an Electric-type move instead of taking damage.
Notable Moves:
Dragon Claw, Outrage, Fusion Bolt, Double-Edge, Sucker Punch, Stomping Tantrum, Rock Slide
none, really.
Dragon Dance, Roost, Stealth Rock
Intended Role: Physical Sweeper / Wallbreaker
Role Justification: Say hello to FENU Zekrom. Kyusly-Black has a good stat spread, and Dragon Dance lets it boost its fearful Attack to insanely high levels and mediocre Speed to "fine". Roost lets it stay healthy, and Stealth Rock helps with the force switching. However, its speed and weakness to common types such as Ice, Fairy, Ground, Steel, Fighting and Dragon. Yikes. Finally, it has little to no coverage, but that should be fine as you just run Sucker Punch or Rock Slide anyways.
Motor Drive coming from Teravolt and Rock Head is too stretchy, neither ability has anything to do with Electric moves or speed.

Me and the lads zooming when we’re gravely injured
DNA Donors: Victreebel / Seismitoad
Fusion Name: Seismibel
New Types:

Base Stats: 92 / 100 / 72 / 92 / 72 / 72 [BST: 500] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +2 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Fast Metabolism = (Gluttony + Swift Swim)
Ability Description: Doubles speed when below 50% HP
Notable Moves:
Poison Jab, Earthquake, Power Whip
Sludge Bomb, Earth Power, Energy Ball
Synthesis/Morning Sun, Stealth Rock, Swords Dance
Intended Role: Wallbreaker, SD Sweeper, Hazard Setter
Role Justification: Mon gets hit hard enough and then gets to go really fast. Should serve as a decent iggly check
The ability on this one is a bit much, as its bulk will generally let it take a hit and then outrun whatever it's facing. This is especially bad with SD, but also very hard to play against all-around. It does make for some funny flavour text tho ngl.

DNA Donors: Starmie / Hatterene
Fusion Name: Hattie
New Types:

Base Stats: 78 / 82 / 90 / 118 / 94 / 92 [BST: 554] (+20 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +20 Spe)
New Ability: Risk Taker = (Analytic + Anticipation)
Ability Description: Anticipation Effects. This pokemon's moves have 1.3 x power if the opponent has a super effective move.
Notable Moves:
Rapid Spin
Psyshock / Psychic / Mystical Power / Dazzling Gleam / Scald / Surf / Hydro Pump / Ice Beam
Teleport / Recover / Calm Mind
Intended Role: Hazard Remover / Offensive Pivot / Calm Mind Sweeper
Role Justification: With teleport, rapid spin, and calm mind, this mon has many roles it can play. With Risk Taker, it could beat would be checks with the 1.3x power boost.
This thing's just a bit too optimized in general imo, between an extremely good typing, high SpA, decent bulk, a solid speed tier, Recover, and an ability that's going to be regularly multiplying its damage output. I'd probably do combined effects and a slight hp nerf but it's your call, there's a lot of options here.

You have 30-ish hours to fix these or they'll be vetoed.

Oh, and after last time we realized it would be better to list the legal megas rather than the illegal, so here they are! All four of them!
:salamence-mega::persian-alola: (also tentatively)


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85 / 118 / 95 / 65 / 80 / 71
Icebreaker - When this Pokemon KOes a Pokemon with an attack, it transforms into NoIce form.


85 / 118 / 55 / 65 / 40 / 151


80 / 110 / 90 / 70 / 80 / 55
Flame Force - User's moves do x1.3 damage against burned opponents.


120 / 75 / 82 / 85 / 97 / 46
Hydroelectric - Effects of Static and Water Absorb.


85 / 113 / 95 / 62 / 60 / 85
Water Break - This Pokemon's status is cured every other turn.


90 / 100 / 100 / 90 / 80 / 55
Waterbender - This Pokémon's Water-type moves deal 1.5x damage.


80 / 97 / 70 / 92 / 72 / 107
Menacing - The user's moves with 60 or less base power have their power increased by 50% and lower the target's attack by 1 stage.


80 / 107 / 120 / 102 / 82 / 127



32 / 77 / 48 /38 / 48 / 47
Winter Hoard - Effects of Heatproof and Pickup.


64 / 60 / 60 / 60 / 48 / 40
Wet Food - Effects of Torrent and Unnerve.


42 / 55 / 47 / 45 / 35 / 70
Stone Age - Effects of Rock Head and Technician.

Eiscudile: 6

Carcannon: 5
Lapfisk: 5
Whisdur: 5
Emposerker: 5

Salasian-Alola: 5

Flaraqua: 4
Dianferno: 4

Woopquaza: 3
Fletchal: 3
Croslash: 3
Kartagross: 3
Megarus: 3
Meldyba: 3

Poifty: 2
Mimidrill: 2
Obstagon-Z: 2
Uxbee: 2
Vanilltank: 2
Celepole: 2
Corselia: 2
Cryodactyl: 2
Pigalith: 2
Corsonator: 2
Treverina: 2
Slowmence: 2
Ledeon: 2

Xerdinja: 2
Rotogoss: 1
Qwilbok: 1
Qwilga: 1
Scysparse: 1
Oddtres-Galar: 1
Cactrode: 1
Grappalge: 1
Crabrancie: 1
Marshakol: 1
Landorisu-Therian: 1
Talontu: 1
Tentatales: 1
Victritoad: 1
Grapplage: 1
Lycansian-Midnight-Alola: 1
Gastronair: 1
Milark: 1
Qwilgar: 1
Grubbish: 1
Lanchamp: 1


And now we prepare for slate 3, which will be our first Drop Slate! discuss the current winners in the meantime.
time to embarrass myself as I fail to write informed analyses

:eiscue:/:krookodile: is neat and balanced… is what I would say if it didn’t have Belly Drum. This mon scares me but it probably isn’t overbearing, especially when we already have a Mach Punch user in Regidurr.

:carkol:/:toucannon: Sure. I like its pivoting capability with U-Turn, and those Brave Birds will hurt.

:lapras:/:stunfisk: Obligatory bulky Water. That lack of recovery hurts it, though probably for the better. A pivoting move would help it out but for some reason it neither learns Flip Turn nor Volt Switch. Those stats and Scald are probably good enough that this will be viable regardless.

:whiscash:/:durant: is kinda boring now. Burn/Toxic resistance helps it as a DD sweeper, and Ground is always a good type. Still boring tho

:empoleon:/:perrserker: Neat mon. Maybe good as a banded breaker? Not sure why we’re filling the meta with slow bulky attackers.

:salamence:/:persian-alola: Probably my favorite. STAB KOff is always good in a meta full of Eviolite NFEs, and boosted Breaking Swipe looks really cool. It really fears Iggly.

:salamence-mega:/:persian-alola: I like the idea of using -Ate as coverage. Base is probably better.
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:eiscue::krookodile: Funny mon in the flesh. Overlaps with Regidurr but idt it’s too big of an issue, especially as the meta expands. HO sets are kinda annoying but I think the mon could be pretty respectable on balance maybe.

:carkol::toucannon: Time to write more on it ! Generally great mon with tons of possible roles. Offensive sets seem pretty good with 110 Attack and reliable recovery in Roost, though a 4x rocks weakness locks it to HDB, unfortunately. Bulky seems like the way to go, with lots of great utility in moves like SR and Defog, as well as great, powerful STABs to prevent passivity. Oh also it burns everything. And does more damage. Woo.

:lapras::stunfisk: bring back Seismitross (seis base was so much cooler you will never live this down)

:whiscash::durant: While I’m sad that its gimmick was too much, in no way do I think this mon is bad. Pretty solid DD mon, able to fit on multiple teamstyles and carry its weight. FImp is still pretty strong, and with coverage it nails like, every mon in the tier. Can’t believe we added a bulky flyer in the same slate but it’s 4x rock weak :|

:empoleon::perrserker: Very very boring. Exists to be a bulky Steel, is a bulky Steel, not really much else to say. Water STAB means it hits Fires pretty hard ig.

:salamence::persian-alola: Funky mon. You can tell the voters haven’t had their gimmick fix in a while when something like this gets in. Base seems way better than Mega, though NP sets on mega are still extremely dangerous. Base‘s abil is a very dumb gimmick, seems horrible to play against, and I’m generally not a fan of this mon. Love when my Dark type has Intim 3.0 to stop Fighters from answering it. Love when my mon’s main physical Dragon STAB (90 BP, btw) sharply lowers the opponent’s attack. Bring a Fairy or perish basically.

Drop ideas are cool so I’m doing them too. No UU mon is dropping to NU, don’t kid yourself.

:absol::sableye: Mega X completely outclasses it in RU, so dropping this to NU makes perfect sense. Pretty sure Dark Humour got fixed so there’s no reason not to drop it now.

:aromatisse::bibarel: Really no reason to use this outside of stall anyway, and it doesn’t seem too fat for NU, so I say let it drop.

:azelf::murkrow: Seems like a pretty potent offensive threat down here.
Is what I would say if we didn’t just add it but better. Only used for screens, so another obvious drop.

:bewear::calyrex: Hot take, but this mon has seen 0 usage in RU since like, slate 9, and with a slight rework I think it could fit right in in NU.

:claydol::malamar: Lots of the Slate 1 mons in RU just aren’t very good nowadays. Claylamar has been basically the same mon since day 1 and basically unusable since day 2, so another chance in NU seems prudent.

:farfetch’d::chansey: I agree that this mon is not viable in RU, so I think a rework and a drop could be a good option for it.

:glastrier::abomasnow: glue factory

:goodra::diggersby: googers

:grapploct::gliscor: Mon hasn’t been good in RU in ages, though I will say it seems a tad strong for NU. Not sure how much its stats can be messed with, but seeing this in a lower tier would be great.

:hawlucha::salazzle: Mon is bad. Bring back Corrosion gimmick and drop it.

Magmovire has been aging poorly, it used to have a niche in balance teams on FERU out of its extreme power and defensive utility thanks to its ability and good typing, but the meta now has a big trend on fast offensive mons with SE coverage/STAB that just nuke it away like :Pyroar::Barraskewda:, :Lurantis::Aerodactyl-Mega:, :Lycanroc::Persian:, or can considerably be crippled by stuff it should check, out of a reliance on Specs, by being predicted correctly and render it into a mon that can only do like, 5% to walls (hint, there's offensive mons in FENU with more power) like :Snorlax::Mantine:, :Gogoat::Tyranitar:, :Rhyperior::Garchomp:, :Serperior::Drifblim:, :Emolga::Aggron-Mega: and so on.
It doesn't help that lately it has been outclassed by a FENU mon, :Magmar::Electabuzz:, and so now it's straight up unviable in FERU, it should be right home for a (FE)NU power level with regular Electivire being ZU itself, especially with how the only mon in the meta that currently relies on being a wall to do stuff (:Appletun::Wormadam:), can just click Toxic on it for free if it predicts well.

:minior::starmie: Unfortunately isn’t very good in RU, but oh baby would it go crazy in NU.

:pinsir::gligar: Now that Whisdur exists I do not like this mon. However, it is awful in RU so it’s still worth mentioning.


:tapu-lele::lopunny: If death baby is fine then this is too.
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Comments on what got in:

Funny budget :Greninja-Ash:that manages to be incredibly balanced for a low power meta, and while it can't terrorize walls even after it nukes a mon, offensive teams should surely watch out for it.

No, this isn't a cannon of cars, Carcannon is a sub I made, and so I can't help but be a bit biased. That said, it still fills a ton of roles while also having a nice place on the meta as an Iggly annoyer, even coming with a funny gimmick to hit decently hard with Beak Blast after some prediction.

Behold, budget Eelektoad, this just does fat water duties with not much else, a bit one-dimensional, but it gets the job done.

With a rework so it wasn't quickbanned, this is really existent at best, IDK why peeps voted on this, it can't even abuse its ability with Rest as its typing sucks and Appledam does defensive duties better.

Also another one-dimensional mon that just runs attacks and setup with maybe SR as well, but given the low power of the meta it's at least usable, Kartagross was better tho : V

Time to run Beat Up or Scale Shot to make it very bulky on the physical side, assuming it works per hit and not per move, otherwise this mon can still be a funny offensive mon with surprising bulk in practice, enabling allies to setup safely with the combination of Fake Out, Parting Shot and Snarl, or just discard that and be a setup sweeper itself with DD, Bite and Breaking Swipe (lol -2 Atk), still struggles with Fairy types in any case.
Mega is also just an stat stick as Aerilate isn't STAB-boosted, turning it into niche coverage.

Now for what I think could drop from higher tiers to FENU:

Everyone knows this meme to make a trio with :Mesprit::Talonflame:, but beyond that its typing stinks and so do its stats, I said before it could be made better by changing it to Psychic/Flying and making its ability also render it immune to Dark, but the council didn't want to make :Claydol::Malamar: 2.0, and so here we are.

Tanette has been aging poorly, it used to have a niche in stall teams on FEUU out of its extreme longevity thanks to its ability and good typing, but the meta now has a big trend on wallbreakers with SE coverage/STAB that just nuke it away like :Incineroar::Ampharos-Mega:, :Houndoom-Mega::Dracozolt:, :Clawitzer::Poliwrath:, or can considerably be crippled by stuff it should check, out of a reliance on Eviolite, by being hit by Knock Off and render it into a mon with just 60 / 100 / 80 bulk (hint, there's walls in FENU with more bulk) like :Kingler::Tsareena:, :Landorus-Therian::Armaldo:, :Pangoro::Donphan:, :Monferno::Hoopa-Unbound:, :Buzzwole::Exeggutor-Alola: and so on.
It doesn't help that lately it has been outclassed by a FERU mon, :Sliggoo::Gardevoir:, and so now it's straight up unviable in FEUU, it should be right home for a (FE)NU power level with regular Tangela being ZU itself, especially with how the only mon in the meta that currently relies on status to do stuff (:Toucannon::Carkol:), can just nuke it away with SE STAB.

Edit: NVM, Tanette is too much for FENU, it'd be a solid drop to FERU if the council didn't have a bias against Regen, however.

Another mon that was designed around a low power level, but it got powercrept hard, it's too passive, the typing leaves it with niche resistances at best and doesn't do much beyond set rocks and pivot for FERU, it'd even keep a niche from Tanette out of not relying on Eviolite and thus being way more consistent on walling stuff, especially with the lower power level. Mega could be sus, but it may be fine as long no rain setter gets in the meta.

Edit: lol at this having a niche over Tanette, but I still think it'd be a fine drop to FENU unlike it.

Straight up outclassed by :Hoopa-Unbound::Regigigas:, but even then it may be too much for FENU, it's essencially a minmaxed Snorlax, and so it could run like Curse / Double-Edge / Soft-Boiled or Roost / Knock Off and threaten teams that don't have a physical Fighting type to dispatch it ASAP. However, it could be nerfed by doing Natural Cure+Defiant so its Atk is raised by 2 while statused, which'd also encourage it to run Rest sets (or Flame Orb + Facade) and make it way more interesting.

It's no secret several Silvino forms suck, stuff like Silvino-Ice, Rock and Bug should be more than fine. Even the mega could be argued to be fine as it's just an statstick that's rather passive out of no setup nor much else than pivoting, as much as M-Audino was NU material.

Magic Room has proven to be more of a hindrance than a benefit even when higher tiers got several mons that don't particularly rely on items long term (Silvino, Hoopagigas, Phancrozma-Ultra, Cleracross, Klefilego, any mega), rendering it into a meme for those that want to run SD + Choice Scarf, at least the mega is kinda fine-ish in FEUU (but movexit in here just because the council hates Hidden Power sucks as it doesn't get any good Normal STAB), so I think it's the safest mon to drop.

As said in the FEUU thread, Swannamence kinda sucks in FEUU, but could be reworked to be fine in FENU, and I'd be fine with that, it'd even give a nice mega in FEUU (rip M-Pingar tho).

Would be a funny adition if a complex ban wasn't required, mediocre bulk and typing would keep it in check, and it lacks the stats to pull Shell Smash remotely well, even the base form would do it better.
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Cubecroc: Wow ash-greninja sure is a lot different then I remember. I think this is an interesting gimmick for an eiscue mon. That said I have a gut feeling someone is going to sub a Minior version of this in slate 4 because no idea is truly original. I give it a 7/10.

Toucart Sam: I gotta be honest this thing is a solid addition. A surprisingly balanced sub for what it is. I give it a 7/10.

Flatpras: It's a bulky water type. Much like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese it's box standard and overall good even it is a bit simple. I give it a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese/10.

The Boring Company: This certainly is a mon alright. Like most pokemon it has moves and it has an ability. It truly exists somehow. I hope this gets buffed to have just a combination of Hydration + Hustle later on. Sure that's just mildly better hustle but I think it's better than the current ability it has. Hell this may be stretchy but you could possibly give this thing Guts through hydration + hustle. This thing could be so much better than what it currently is, and what it is right now is just boring. It gets an Elon Musk Twitter Post/10

Viking Napoleon: I like it a lot more than other people do but also I just like it's ability. Sure it's a slow bulky steel type with water STAB but said STAB is pretty helpful when it comes to dealing with fire and ground type mons. That said even I can't help but find it a bit boring. It gets a 6/10.

Hawaiian Salsa: It's ... interesting to say the least. Honestly I can see the ability being potentially reworked so it's less annoying to deal with in a balance slate but it is the second slate and it's not like this thing doesn't have a check in the form of baby's first murder. However much like another cat paradox it's in a superposition of being both interesting and also boring because I really don't have much else to say about it. I give it a Schrödinger's cat/10.

Chunky Hawaiian Salsa: It's a stat stick with flying type moves to deal with fighting mons. It gets a 5/10.
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Alright, since Slate 3 is right around the corner I want to pitch my own thoughts into some mons I believe should drop to FENU because well, I actually do have experience from my time playing FERU, so let's get started! Do note that these are all just my opinions so you could do with them as you will.

Guaranteed Drops:
Swampflora has been a historic ass mon ever since the early days of RU. It has never done much of anything and the only time it was ever used in any relevant setting was all the way back during the Slate 1 meta, back when RU was still predicted to have a lower powerlevel. As long as NU doesn't fall into the same pitfall as RU, Swamp should be able to drop comfortably here and be pretty decent, or even pretty good. The mega could be a bit concerning, but as long as rain doesn't enter the meta it should be fine.

Silvino with the new rework has made it into a very solid choice in FERU with decent role compression and a collection of notable good typings that you can choose from, like Water, Steel, and Fairy, to name a few. That being said, the rest of the Silvino mons just suck ass mostly because they have types that are just straight up worse than the aforementioned. For the Silvino forms to drop I feel like it would actually be better to get the types we should drop out of the way first and then figure out the rest. Here's my list of should-be drops:
*Normal, Fire, Electric, Ice, Poison, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Ghost.

This is yet another mon that was somehow subbed to FEUU of all places and now it finds itself a low tier in RU and imo should 100% drop to NU. Although it's big stats look intimidating don't fear because it struggles to make any use of said stats with it's poor dual-type coverage and an ability that doesn't help the mon at all. Even with its stats I think it'll fit perfectly into the meta of FENU.

Absable really just has no place in FERU now. Ever since Absable-Mega-X dropped (or even before then, let's be completely honest) the base form has never truly been able to find a place in the meta, especially since the entire reason the X form was dropped was because of a rework to Dark Humour that actively made the base form worse. Easy drop imo.

Hawlazzle has probably had the most turbulent history out of any of the FE mons, having been reworked no less than 3 times over the course of FEUU and FERU, with type changes and ability changes, and council struggling to make this mon actually usable in any competitive setting. That being said, it still can't do much in FERU. The latest rework was a way to try and make this a niche Hatterune check with Limber to shrug off Nuzzle and a typing that allowed it to play around Hatterune's STABs, but Hatt generally runs Rock Slide anyway, and ever since the rework I have not seen Hawlazzle once during any play, let alone doing anything to beat out Hatt. I feel like in FENU is a chance at redemption for this mon.

Confident Drops:
Bearyx is kind of existent in FERU. I say this because it's niche has been pretty much trampled on with the recent slate's additions of Champlume and Harisect. It's not like the mons above where it's necessarily bad persay, but I think it has little place in RU now and it will be a very nice addition in NU as is. I also don't actually believe it's been used all that much ever since it's introduction slate.

Haha, this is funni mon with an ability that is almost never used. The whole shtick with this mon is getting sun up then just wrecking havoc with sun-boosted Flare Blitz and outspeeding everybody. The weird thing about this is that this mon can't do that because there were no sun setters in FERU and without sun this mon just becomes a weird hazard setter with a water immunity? Honestly as long as sun doesn't become a big thing in NU we should be fine, though if it were to become a thing it would be real funny seeing this mon become certified FENUBL.

Aromarel is just... kinda there, as an Unaware mon it hasn't been used at all (to my knowledge), even in the time period when we were still looking for Kommo-tot answers this mon wasn't used, and it has limited use in FERU as far as I'm concerned. This is probs the most shaky out of any of the mons in this section but I do believe this should drop.

This mon is on the same boat as Fetchey (who I'll get to in a bit). Whose gimmick has never truly yielded any results. Should be a safe drop as is, since the boost in attack from its ability isn't as egregious as Fetchey, though Belly Drum on this mon is still something you have to watch out for.

Drops with Reworks:
Fetchey has always been not that good in FERU. It was a meme vote because it was Chansey with no Eviolite but with Huge Power instead, but just as Googersby, it was a gimmick that proved to not be all that good. It was even reworked after it's introduction slate to make it so that it could use Lucky Punch or the Stick to get its crit rate up. The higher power level and much stronger attacks and bulky Pokemon of FERU proved to make Fetchey not that good at its job. However, in FENU it might prove to be a bit problematic since, as Bob said, its basically minmaxed Snorlax, with access to stuff like Curse, Knock Off utility, and Soft Boiled. Thus, I think this is a very good drop candidate but should be reworked to fit the NU power level.

Slate 2 was legit the slate that introduced Whisdur, and thus it has basically put Pingar into an interesting scenario. Dropping it will leave either Whisdur or Pingar completely outclassed, but keeping it in FERU means that it will be stuck there as a low-tier mon that will basically never be used. I thus propose a rework to Pingar, either with it's ability, it's type, whatever, just something to distinguish it from Whisdur. I will mention that Pingar has a decent niche of breaking through the Bagworm's ability so that's actually something to consider here, but all in all I don't think dropping it as-is is the right choice.

Okay, does anyone remember this mon? Because I legit forgot about this mon until I made this list, and I think it's for good reason. Toxislash is a mon that has no place in FERU imo. I don't know if this is a hot take but it's entire gimmick is just really annoying in general and it seems to be completely outclassed by Tapu Pilo as a physical attacking Ice-type. I think that it's ability should be reworked and then it should be dropped. It's typing actually allows it to matchup pretty decently with the Slate 1 and Slate 2 mons so I think it'll fit quite well.

Unsure Drops:
Azekrow, Azekrow, Azekrow... I know that there has been some argument about dropping it since it does have a niche in FERU with dual screens on HO, but what I've learned from playing competitive is just because a mon has a niche in a tier, or even in higher tiers, doesn't necessarily means it belongs in said tiers. That being said I'm unsure of whether this niche justifies it belongs in RU because Azekrow does do this job exceptionally well and it does also have usage apparently. I think that Azekrow can also fit very well in the FENU meta as-is as a strong breaker while still being great for dual screens. So yeah, this is a toss-up for me.

Galsola is kind of a weird mon to put my finger on to be honest, and the main reason is because this mon's entire gimmick basically can't be utilized but when it does it can go haywire. This mon is exclusively used for OTR, and if you're not using this mon for OTR you're just using the mega. Other than that, Galsola kinda just exists. The reason I'm unsure about this is because I've never seen the mon used as just the base before, and it could potentially become incredibly dangerous under Trick Room. It's just Trick Room hasn't been used frequently, and thus kinda leaves Galsola's potential a bit unexplored. So far, I don't know about this drop.

I don't know how to describe Hypnakart, except it's like both really strong and also really damn weak at the same time. It's not "strong" because it has good STAB moves, it has a good offensive typing, or it has high BP options, it's strong because of pure BEEG stats. So far in FERU I don't think it's that good, but depending on how FENU develops it might be bad down there too just purely because of how standard this mon plays. Or y'know, it'll overrun FENU as is, so I'm a bit dicey on this.

The last mon on the list, Phancrozma is... weird... It has an interesting style of using berries to continually regain them back while also taking less damage from super effective hits, but it's a gimmick that seems to theoretically underperform. It doesn't really have the bulk chops for the role. That being said I haven't seen this mon used at all so I can't say for sure whether this is worthy of a drop, but its stat distribution combined with what it supposedly should do says otherwise.
but as long as rain doesn't enter the meta it should be fine
as long as sun doesn't become a big thing in NU we should be fine
I don’t love the idea of “drop this thing because its weather doesn’t exist.” It seems restrictive and unnecessary imo: yes, they can be banned back up to RU if they get their weather, but I’d think there would be some natural pushback if adding a Drought mon meant losing something already in the meta. I’d keep Mega Swampflora in RU and give Paracoal a rework. If we want a weather-synergizing mon I feel like we should first have that type of weather setter in the meta so balance isn’t thrown off if the weather enters later. misunderstood the argument being made
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Slate 3 - Familiar Failures

We are entering the first Drop slate of FENU! We have a pretty solid meta basis already and these will hopefully expand our roster in interesting ways. However, a short notice before that:

Mega Salasian has been banned from FENU. Its been a clear issue within the meta and we did warn that it was only tentatively allowed.

Much like before, when voting comes, [/B]rather than voting for 6 of them you wish to be dropped, each fusion will instead be voted for separately. Your voting options for them, regarding drops, are Yes, No, and Yes, but nerfed/reworked (Preferably stating what change you'd like to see).

So let's get right into discussion, our contestants being:


85 / 111 / 71 / 98 / 71 / 99
Battle Trance - Upon KOing an opponent, gain +1 attack and heal any status effect.


65 / 57 / 75 / 72 / 90 / 70
Fur Coat - This Pokémon's defense is doubled.


60 / 110 / 70 / 70 / 75 / 75
Dark Humour - This Pokemon's status moves have priority raised by 1, but Dark types are immune. This Pokemon's Attack is raised by 1 stage if is targeted by a status move.


95 / 80 / 70 / 90 / 90 / 50
Anesthesia - Effects of Unaware and Aroma Veil.


75 / 105 / 65 / 105 / 65 / 104
Lighthearted - Effects of Levitate and Prankster.


120 / 110 / 80 / 70 / 80 / 75
Concussion - The opposing Pokemon's item has no effects while this Pokemon is active.


65 / 90 / 110 / 90 / 55 / 86
Hydraulic Press - Effects of Light Metal and sheer Force


151 / 50 / 35 / 46 / 90 / 55
Huge Power - This Pokémon's attack is doubled.


70 / 100 / 100 / 65 / 105 / 60
Muscle Mass - This Pokemon's Attack is 1.5x, but its speed is 0.67x.


100 / 130 / 120 / 80 / 100 / 45
Sound Neigh - Effects of Chilling Neigh and Soundproof.


87 / 78 / 73 / 100 / 113 / 79
Big Power - This Pokémon's Attack is 1.5x.


75 / 95 / 70 / 95 / 70 / 120
Deadly Deft - Effects of Corrosion and Limber.


107 / 127 / 70 / 50 / 70 / 55
Phoenicoid - This Pokémon is healed 1/8 of its max HP every turn when Burned/Poisoned/Paralyzed. Immune to Poison's and Burn's HP loss and to Burn's Attack Drop.


73 / 139 / 107 / 67 / 73 / 107
Parasomnia - Whenever this Pokemon knocks out an opposing Pokemon or falls asleep, its highest non-HP stat is boosted by 1 stage.

Mr. Basc
mr basc.png

75 / 88 / 70 / 95 / 77 / 92
Frozen Dish - This Pokemon's STAB attacks have 1.33x power and heal it for 1/16 max HP.


85 / 107 / 100 / 70 / 105 / 30
Solar Boiler - This Pokemon is healed 1/4 by Water or Fire, 1/8 by Rain; maxed speed in Sun.

Silvino + Mega


105 / 90 / 90 / 80 / 90 / 90
Reboot System - Effects of RKS System and Regenerator.


105 / 90 / 130 / 100 / 130 / 90
Healer - 30% chance of curing an adjacent ally's status at the end of each turn.

Swampflora + Mega

100 / 92 / 80 / 100 / 100 / 45
Clutch Factor - At 1/3 max HP, has 1.5x power when using Special moves.


100 / 132 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 55
Swift Swim - If Rain Dance is active, this Pokemon's Speed is doubled.

Tapu Lop
tapu lop.png

80 / 80 / 79 / 112 / 109 / 103
Magic Surge - On Switch-in, user summons Magic Room for 5 turns.


70 / 97 / 108 / 97 / 108 / 50
Cold Pressor - Effects of Slush Rush and Pressure.


77 / 106 / 128 / 61 / 118 / 70
Natural Cure - This Pokemon has its non-volatile status condition cured when it switches out.


50 / 100 / 50 / 45 / 50 / 25
Tiger Pit - This Pokemon prevents adjacent foes from choosing to switch unless they are airborne. This Pokémon has 0.8x accuracy against Pokémon who aren't trapped, but 1.5x Attack against Pokémon who are trapped.


75 / 95 / 100 / 70 / 100 / 90
Etitavel - Effects of Contrary and Levitate.

And here is the text for copy/pasting their icons into discussion:

Note: In case Swannamence's rework wins, its Mega will be allowed in UU, but will only be legal once PMPL ends.


You'll be given three days worth of discussion. Do note that we will open a possibility for an user to only vote for some of Silvino's types in case they don't agree with all of the suggested types to drop.
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gonna do what I did in slate 5 of FERU and separate these by category


Weird mon, probably still not good, SD+Sucker is pretty cool though. Easy drop.

Stronger than Salasian on both sides, but noticeably slower and with a much worse typing. Sure it can set screens, but tbf if we didn't drop this now some other garbage screens mon would be voted in anyway. Cursed to be a shitmon, just let it drop.

Not much to do by way of stats with this one, so I say let it drop and pray it isn't busted. We've already got a stupid strong physical Fighting type to check it, and we'll probably get more from this slate, so I have faith.

Really strong but really slow. Suffers the same pitfalls here as it does in RU. Should be amazing on TR but TR has never been a consistent playstyle. Easy drop.

The most whatever mon in history. Literally already outclassed by Regidurr. Send this shit to the glue factory. Also run manual HailVeil.

Didn't realize this got Belly Drum. Might actually be kinda threatening down here. Still isn't good tho, so very easy drop once again.

Had this in ‘Don’t Drop’ but then I realized it literally already has two mons that fully wall it. Maybe it’ll be more than niche here, good to drop.


As long as we don't add Rain this seems like a generic bulky tank (hint: don't add Rain).

Honestly seems super threatening down here, but in a good way. Tough to revenge with its speed tier + Scarf denial, but Magic Surge also means it can't run Specs or Scarf for maximum threat level, making its sets very predictable. Would love some Fairy options that aren't the baby.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, mon is fine in almost any tier it ends up in. Easy drop, maybe it can do some more cool stuff here.

Glad y’all saw the light on this one. Easy drop.

Drop (with changes):

I do not like how fat this is for NU. A change is 100% necessary for me to feel comfortable with dropping this, but I'm not sure what sort of change would be best. Sure, you could remove the +20 to SpDef, but that still isn't very appealing since it's still a really really good but also extremely passive blanket physical wall. Give it Pure Power if real.

Would be an easy drop, but honestly it's really really fat for NU with Unaware. Since it has to rely on the arguably less reliable Wish for recovery I'm inclined to say it's fine, but imo a slight bulk nerf off-rip with the potential to give it back later is the play here. Better safe than sorry.

Just give it a slight stat nerf and we chillin

Drop Speed. Also maybe drop SpAtk a bit (a full 3 points!) since special sets are super potent. Also maybe drop physical bulk a little bit but that's probably not necessary. Otherwise seems chill.

Bring back Mold Breaker >:(

Mr. Fish. Goes kinda crazy so I'd maybe drop Speed a bit.

Revert it to pre-buff. Seems like a cool tank down here.

Don't Drop:

After checking out this thing's base stats, I don't think there's any way to balance this for NU when taking into consideration its access to Dragon Dance. Whisdur has a worse offensive typing, roughly the same Attack, and much worse speed, and it's already a great mon in the tier. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to go with don't drop on this one (Minimie hype is over though, so go ahead and drop this to RU).

Oh hell nah. This shit is way too much for NU. I don't even want to entertain the concept of PHeal at this point in the meta, let alone a bulky PHeal mon with access to Spore. Bulk nerfs could literally only be -5 HP anyway, so there really isn't much you could do to salvage this mon without completely gutting it.

Nah this is goated in RU (Tapler told me so).

It's just too fat. There isn't enough that can be done to its bulk or offenses to make it fair, and I'd rather not have a mon with this level of bulk in the meta at such an early stage.

And finally, in a tier of its own:


not this thing again

Alright, there's a lot to unpack here, so let's get started. First, I'd like to go over a large group, those being

The last thing you'd want in your Regenerator pivot is a weakness to Stealth Rock with an inability to hold an item, but that might be exactly what you're getting. All of these HATE the fact that rocks exist, as any defensive shenanigans they could get up to (mainly Fire; Bug and Ice weren't doing any of that anyway) are hindered so greatly by the fact that they're forced to take 25% chip on like, half of the turns they come in. My only worry is Flying seems like too potent an offensive threat with SD + Flame Charge + Multi-Attack, so I'd rather hold off on that one, but the other three seem like easy drops.

Now for the rest,

Good offensive and defensive typing, great synergy with Flame Charge, possibly has a niche in RU. Overall, seems like too much for NU. Edit: does not have a niche in RU, also everyone and their mother is prepping for Electric/Fire coverage in NU, so seems pretty safe to drop.
Rocks-resistance is huge on a pivot, and again, great offensive synergy with Flame Charge and Multi-Attack. Another one I'd rather pass over for now.
Generally great defensive typing with good bulk, Wish, and Regen. Offensively is walled by Fires so I'm more inclined to add this one, but honestly a lot of these just seem like too much for the current meta.
NormalVino gets the immense distinction of being able to hold an item. This, however, does not save it from mediocrity. Band is pretty threatening maybe, LO is cool for SD sets, and HDB are nice on a pivot, but overall doesn't seem particularly dangerous.
In a similar spot to Grass. Poison/Fire is much more solid offensive coverage though, so I'm more inclined to pass on this one.
Let's face it, Psychic is not a good type. Reliable physical STAB is cool, and Psychic/Fire is pretty nice coverage so I could see offensive sets popping off, but defensive sets being weak to U-Turn and Knock Off (even if unboosted) is a major buzzkill, so I'm fine with this one.
LOL. SD sets are actually pretty scary but besides that this thing is a joke.

Overall, I think I'd be fine with Bug, Electric, Fire, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, and tentatively Grass Silvino dropping. Also Mega is a generic fatmon for stall. Seems a bit too fat for right now, but drop it if you want.
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It seems either overbearing if it drops as is, or underwhelming if it gets an ability rework. Not sure about it.
Good walls are healthy for a meta. This is fine as a drop.
I wouldn't see a problem with Unaware, except this gets recovery. I think this should stay in RU.
Bad mon, drop.
I love this one. Nerf bulk and it’s good to go.
Probably a bit much with good bulk and an amazing typing. I wouldn’t drop it.
This one is borderline, but I think it’s fine, it has glaring weaknesses in Defense and Speed that it really has no way of covering.
I don’t like this. We have too many slow bulky physical attackers already, and Galsola not only adds to them but may outclass some.
Bad mon, drop.
This looks like too much with Belly Drum in an overall slow metagame.
I love Corrosion. Not sure what it’ll do in this meta, but I don’t see a problem with it.
Like in RU, Hypnakart will probably enter a state where it’s unviable for the most part, but may catch unprepared opponents off guard, and I’m fine with that. It does need nerfs to Attack and Speed though.
Probably fine. I’m not sure, though.
Mostly echoed by Beaf and I don’t want to do a whole paragraph on Silvino, but I think most of them are fine. I’d say Fighting and Electric are the only problematic ones, the rest can drop.
Probably a safe drop. Those stats are scary but losing Regen means it’s probably fine.
Ehh… I’m inclined to say this is too much.
I like it. Nerf Special Attack slightly.
Pretty mediocre without a hail setter. Revert the buff.
Those stats are very scary. I think this can stay RU.
I like Claylamar, but those stats are pretty scary. Reduce bulk a bit and it’s fine in my book.
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