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GameFreak has done a good job at balancing the meta, but there are still inconsistencies and unbalanced things Pokemon as a whole, and this affects all of the various tiers. This Pet Mod is about change, and balancing all of the tiers all at once, while fixing uncompetitive elements, turning most the the half useless Pokemon, abilities and items into something useful, and addressing Pokemon GameFreak forgot.

I'll do launches of different, updated versions, as this is a long term project, and the version you currently see certainly won't be the final version, as ALOT of changes probably would have to occur to bring my final vision to fruition.

The typechart has been adjusted, due to Ice type having zero defensive value, fairy's overbearing presence and a few other weak types.
Ice now resists Electric, Fairy and Water. It also hits Fairy super effectively and is resisted by Poison.
Grass now resists Rock and hits Electric super effectively.

All unreleased items, Pokemon, moves and abilities are released.

Paralysis goes back to reducing speed to 1/4. However, full paralysis is reduced to a 10% occurrence.

Thunder Wave's accuracy is nerfed to 85%. But Thunder Wave will never miss if used by a Electric-type Pokémon, even if the target is in the semi-invulnerable turn of a move such as Fly or Dig.

A Meoletta with Melody Maestro transforms into its Pirouette forme right before using a Physical attack (same priority as Mega evolution). hardcoded to Meoletta.

Hail now boosts the defense of Ice typed Pokemon by 50% and boosts the power of Ice type moves by 30%.

Slush Rush protects users from hail damage.

Flinching doesn't prevent you from moving that turn. It instead reduces the power of attacks by 30%. Fake Out and Astonish just stops you from moving that turn instead of "Flinching"

The ability Levitate is removed from the game, and instead intrinsic levitation is present on all of these Pokemon (in addition to a few others) that once had the ability.

Shadow Tag only works for the first turn out.

Arena Trap only traps Ground types.

Tangling Hair / Gooey traps foes that make contact with it.

Pursuit deals double damage to the switch in instead of hittin the fleeing foe. The base power of Pursuit is buffed to 75 Base power.

Astonish now works as a Ghost type Fake Out clone.

A Darmanitan with Zen Mode transforms into Darmanitan-Zen Mode whenever it sleeps. Ignores the effects of sleep.

Gale Wings works as long as the user is at 50% HP or more.

Parental Bond does not affect moves with fixed damage, and is now hardcoded to Kangaskhan.

Dark Void is back to 80% accuracy, but is still species locked.

The poison status now only removes 1/16th of max health. But it now the damage dealt by special attacks used by Pokemon inflicted with regular poison are now halved. (badly poisoned status is not affected)

Thick Fat protects the user from hail damage.

Cacophany is reintroduced, and now boosts the power of sound based moves used by user by 20%.

Leafage becomes a Quick Attack clone, so gains its increased priority bracket and PP.

Memories boost the power of its respective attacks by 20%.
RKS System is also activated by Z-crystals

Hidden Soaring Dragon is a 195 BP physical Flying type move that clears away all weather and makes contact.

Slimy Swamp Sauna is a 190 BP special Dragon type attack that traps foes.

Synchonoise is now a soundbased move. It hits any Pokemon, but it does double damage if it shares a typing with target. 75 BP

Poison Fang is now 75 Base Power.

Spectral Plane is a Ghost type Overheat clone.

Toxic Spikes operates as such: the first layer of toxic spikes inflict toxic poison a turn after the Pokemon switches in. The second layer operates as usual.

The following abilities have their mechanics altered, but are not that significant to add into the broad mechanics page. These are done to minimize the gross amount of ability clones and useless abilities that exist, and also targets abilities that are evidently outclassed by the existence of others. Please not that all shitty abilities simply cannot and will not be fixed.

Immunity - Grants user immunity to poison typed attacks.
Corrosion - In addition to previous effects, allows Poison typed moves to hit Steel and Poison type mons neutrally.
Vital Spirit - Boosts Speed by 2 stages if any stat is lowered by the opponent.
Receiver / Power of Alchemy - Copies the ability of the last fainted Pokemon on the field.
Early Bird - Has a 20% chance of granting +1 priority to any move used by the user.
Cloud Nine - Clears away weather.
Clear Body / Full Metal Body - Stats of this Pokemon cannot be lowered.
Klutz - Summons Magic Room upon switchin.
Stall - Summons Trick Room upon switchin.
Magma Armour - Immune to Ice typed moves.
Reckless - Grants recoil based moves +1 Priority.
Rock Head - In addition to previous effects, it also protects it from any contact based abnormalities (ala Protective Pads) and crash damage.
Battle Armour - Halves damage taken from attacks at full HP.
Surge Surfer - Doubles speed in all Terrain.
Swarm clones - Trigger at 50% HP or less.
Water Compaction - Also grants immunity to Water typed moves.
Toxic Boost / Flare Boost - Ignores negative effects of respective status in addition to original effects.
Healer - Heals 1/16th of Max HP every turn.
Mega Launcher - Boosts Ball and Bomb moves as well as pulse moves.
Illuminate - Lowers foe's accuracy by 1 stage upon switchin.
Unnerve - Lowers foe's SpA by 1 stage upon switchin.
Run Away - Immune to all forms of trapping. Mons with Run Away that switch out do not cause pursuit, Stakeout or Analytic to activate.
Pickpocket - This Pokemon's contact moves remove items.
Magician - Switches items with foe on switchin.
Battery - Boosts the power of Electric type attacks by 50%.

New Abilities
Melody Maestro - Changes Meoletta's forme in battle.

Alot of sucky Items exist. So in here we make them a bit more usable. Also a few new Items are introduced.

Fixed items
Absorb Orb - Raises SpA by 2 stages if hit by a Water type move. Consumable.
Big Root - Boosts the power of Draining moves by 50% and the amount they drain by 25%. Non consumable.
Cell Battery - Raises Atk by 2 stages if hit by a Electric attack. Consumable.
Expert Belt - Boosts the power of super effective moves by 50%.
Ring Target - Pokemon holding this item ignores type based immunities when attacking.
Shell Bell - Heals user of 50% of the damage it deals to an opponent.
Stick - Boosts the Attack and Speed of Farfetch'd by 50%.
Snowball - Raises Atk by 2 stages if hit by an Ice type move. Consumable.

New items
Static Orb - Attempts to paralyze holder every turn.
Ice Skates - Doubles speed of holder in Hail.
Rainbow Orb - A peculiar Orb that causes Unown to undergo Primal Reversion.
Combat Vest - Boosts the Defense of the holder by 50%, but it can only use attacking moves.
Hot Chocolate - Heals HP by 1/8 HP in Hail.
Room Extender - Extends the presence of Room moves (Magic Room, Trick Room, Wonder Room) by 3 turns.
Dragonitium Z - Allows Dragonite to turn the attack Fly into the Z Move, Hidden Soaring Dragon.
Goodranium Z - Allows Goodra to turn the attack Dragon Pulse into the Z move, Slimy Swamp Sauna.
Zangoosite - Mega evolves Zangoose.
Sevipite - Mega evolves Seviper.
Flygonite - Mega evolves Flygon.
Hydreigonite - Mega evolves Hydreigon.
Machampite - Mega evolves Machamp.
Slowkingite - Mega evolves Slowking.
Butterfreenite - Mega evolves Butterfree.
Milotite - Mega evolves Milotic.
Maractite - Mega Evolves Maractus.

Tough Claws
+Bullet Punch +Meteor Mash

Strong Jaw
+Sucker Punch

Mold Breaker

Mega Launcher

Iron Fist
+Drain Punch


Tinted Lens
+Stored Power, +Psyshock



Primal Unown

The following changes are both competitive and / or flavour in nature.

+Extreme Speed, +Dazzling Gleam, +Play Rough. +High Horsepower

+Triage, -Rain Dish
+Draining Kiss

+Cursed Body, -Levitate

+Flash Fire, +Aftermath, -Levitate
+Defog, +Overheat

+Magic Bounce, +Magician, -Levitate
+Moonblast, +Spectral Plane (Mismagius only)

+Tinted Lens, +Sand Rush, -Levitate
+Stealth Rock, +Quiver Dance

+Magic Bounce, -Levitate

+Magic Guard, -Levitate
+Head Smash

+Mold Breaker, +Klutz, +Sandstream, -Levitate

+Vital Spirit, -Speed Boost

+Cursed Body, +Soundproof, -Levitate

+Bulletproof, -Levitate

+Mega Launcher, -Levitate

+Huge Power, -Levitate

+Cursed Body (base), +Hydration (wash), +Flame Body (heat), +Sap Sipper (mow), +Speed Boost (fan), +Slush Rush (frost), -Levitate (all)

+Pressure, +Unverve, +Frisk, -Levitate

+Iron Fist
+Drain Punch, +Bulk Up, +Mach Punch, +Superpower, +Hammer Arm (Dusknoir only)

+Ice Shard, +Close Combat, +Thunder Punch, +Agility

+Unaware (Uxie), +Adaptability (Azelf), +Magic Guard (Mesprit), -Levitate (all)

+Regenerator, -Levitate

+Poison Point, +Static, +Liquid Ooze, -Levitate
+Poison Sting, +Gunk Shot, +Sludge Bomb, +Sludge Wave, +Aqua Jet, +Toxic Spikes

+Intimidate, +Unnerve, -Levitate

+Hustle, -Levitate
+Hone Claws

+Battery, +Swarm, +Speed Boost, -Levitate

Wish, Yawn, Aura Sphere, Volt Switch, Megahorn, Stomping Tantrum, Dazzling Gleam, Shift Gear, Lava Plume, Aqua Ring, Ice Shard, Sleep Powder, Psychic, Gunk Shot, Stealth Rock, Taunt, Destiny Bond, Hurricane, Dragon Pulse

+Protean, -Levitate
Aqua Ring, Bolt Strike, Captivate, Destiny Bond, Extreme Speed, Focus Punch, Gastro Acid, High Horsepower, Icicle Crash, Jump Kick, Knock Off, Laser Focus, Moonlight, Night Shade, Overheat, Pound, Quiver Dance, Rapid Spin, Spirit Shackle, Torment, U-Tun, Volt Switch, Will o Wisp, X-Scissor, Yawn, Zing Zap

+Natural Cure, -Symbiosis
+Healing Wish, Leech Seed, +Sleep Powder, +Giga Drain, +Rototiller

+Sheer Force
+Close Combat, +Mach Punch, +Swords Dance, +Storm Throw, +Circle Throw, +Vacuum Wave, +Low Sweep

+Strong Jaw, -Rivalry
+Sucker Punch, +Pursuit, +Parting Shot

+Corrosion, -Poison Touch

+Reckless, -Motor Drive
+Submission, +Jump Kick, +High Horsepower, +Flare Blitz, +Fire Nlast, +Flamethrower

+Gale Wings

As ! said, this is only version 1, so discuss ahead as to how this impacts all versions of play that can exist. (OU, UU, RU, NU, PU)
Unbans as to date: Blaziken, Shaymin-Sky
Potential Unbans: Kangaskhan-Mega, Gengar-Mega
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Illuminate - Lowers foe's accuracy by 1 stage upon switching. This is one of the 2 things i dislike about your post it seems Way To annoying to deal with people already get mad and frustrated at missing moves and for good reason having this ability just makes pokemon who have this...annoying.
Cresselia-regenerator. this is the other thing i dislike cress is already really defensive giving it regenerator makes it REALLY annoying although this is less problematic saying that toxapex also has it. Of course these are only my opinions i just don't want to deal with accuracy drops. Best of luck finishing that though :)

PS:Reckless getting priority might make OU staraptor with choice band a thing might not idk but if it does :)
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We Eat Losers
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Some mon changes actually are not yet up, as some issues with posting accidentally erased some stuff (Like Rev's Florges). I'll be fixing the last of that, and tomorrow I'll update you with new moves and their distribution and v1 will be done!
I've got a couple ideas / suggestions that could be worth some consideration:

+ Gunk Shot
Because, really, why don't they have Gunk Shot? This is mainly for Nidoking, who might start using it's higher physical attack with Sheer Force, now that it has a better STAB Physical option than Poison Jab.

+ Aurora Veil
Somehow, this Pokemon that is based on the Aurora Borealis and has the word Aurora in its name doesn't already have access to Aurora Veil. C'mon, man...

+ Blaze Kick, Rolling Kick
Some more kicking moves.

+ Infiltrator, - Solar Power
Solar Power really doesn't fit the idea of a Cerberus/Hellhound kinda Pokemon. A lot of abilities fit here (Intimidate, for instance) but I think Infiltrator works fine.

+ Regenerator, - Mold Breaker
Really, what benefit does Mega Ampharos get from Mold Breaker? Regenerator is a much better fit.

Toucannon (Couldn't find a pic that works, sorry)
+ Flare Blitz, Fire Blast
Why isn't this guy a fire type? Probably not to overlap with Talonflame, but a lot about Toucannon screams FIRE. The beak heating up to extreme degrees, and learning fire moves in Flame Charge and Overheat. Adding Flare Blitz and Fire Blast just adds some more Fire moves to use.

Adaptability: Non-STAB Moves gain 1.3x Base Power.
This fits the name better. If you do apply this change, I'll recommend changing Mega Beedrill's ability to something else, or making a clone of the current Adaptability and giving that do Mega Beedrill.

Emergency Exit: Activates if the user reaches less than 50% HP by the end of the turn. (Priority -6, like Schooling)

Rivalry: Deals 1.3x damage to an opponent who has any of its stats raised.
Can I just say that Shell Bell makes every move a giga drain (ew) and that Expert Belt is probably way too good in terms of damage output on Pokémon such as Nidoking or even Magearna. 50% is too much imo
Priority Reckless sounds really broken... I think the ability should be toned down or something. Maybe make it so it gives twice as much recoil, or maybe just keep the original effect.
I still don't have any concrete idea for this curious Metagame/Pet Mod (?), but one thing i wish it could happen is FIX PSYCHIC TYPE. Seriously, after old Ice and Grass-type, this is one of the worst types in the game, being basically "outclassed" by, well, almost every other type both offensibly and deffensibly, so PLEASE, fix it.
Having inherent levitate alongside flying could give one immunity to 1 airborne ignore attribute So a Smack Down on Fan Rotom doesn't remove its Quake immunity, but will remove its immunity to 1k Arrows.

Also, bug needs a little help. 7 resists and all its SE hits have better type coverage that are either not resisted by 7 types, or they just hit better SEs like against say, Steel or Dragon.
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I still don't have any concrete idea for this curious Metagame/Pet Mod (?), but one thing i wish it could happen is FIX PSYCHIC TYPE. Seriously, after old Ice and Grass-type, this is one of the worst types in the game, being basically "outclassed" by, well, almost every other type both offensibly and deffensibly, so PLEASE, fix it.
Don't you remember Tapu Lele? It might be difficult to make Psychic-type "better" without accidentally making that Tapu broken. It is not a A+ Ranked OU Pokémon for nothing.
Don't you remember Tapu Lele? It might be difficult to make Psychic-type "better" without accidentally making that Tapu broken. It is not a A+ Ranked OU Pokémon for nothing.
Oh fuck, that's another thing. It's really sad that it's so hard to balance a shit typing due to this broken piece of broken stuff :'[
This mod sounds really really cool!
Really like the realeasing of unreleased things like Custap Berry. It was so annoying to be unable to use all those things.

Since Gen 7 Mega Charizard X's viability has declined a lot (See OU VR) with the added number of counters and also Z-Moves while Zard X didn't get anything new. This thing definetly needs balancing. So Zard X has a whole lot of 130 SpA which it doesn't really want with its powerful moves, Dragon Dance, and Tough Claws. So

-35 SpA, +25 Spe, +10 Atk
+Ice Punch (Yeah assuming base forme Zard would learn this)

Could balance it by giving it an edge over Pokemon like Keldeo and more firepower to hit things like LandoT hard.

As a matter of fact Zard Y (is comparitively but) isnt in much better condition and this would also provide more consistency so

-20 Atk, +20 Spe

Hazards and common Scarfers can still presurise both of these.

Now Lucario is another Pokemon in a similar situation. It's mega evolution is OP enough but this thing needs polishing.
It has a star studded movepool with high BP moves, colpurful coverage and priority. The typing isnt that bad either but its way better as a Physical attacker so

-10 SpA, +10 Atk
+ Technician, - Inner Focus
+ Mach Punch

For boosting its power, best used as a Life Orb Attacker or Scarf revenge killer.

Quite a LOT of injustice has been done to this birdie which must be resolved in the ideal world! Having the Defeatist ability is so sad even Run Away wouldve been acceptable.

- Defeatist, + Adaptability Clear Body
-10 SpA

Just make it Clear I still dont think this would be brpken considering how frail it is and can be taken down with hazards, priority, outpacing, resisting its moves (Should be fairly easy since it'd mostly be Choiced), recoil and lack of a reliable Flying STAB so I didnt propose a drop in its Atk Stat. With Clear Body as an advanced Hyper Cutter.

Focus Blast and Stone Edge for flawless accuracy (100%) so that we can use them without always being on the edge of our seats. Focus Blast's BP can be reduced to accommodate this change if required.

Well that's all I have for now!
Looking forward to more of these.
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