Game mechanic glitch, need help

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Hey all, recently I came up with this really neat idea. Here's how it went down.

Ok, so I lead with a smeargle and use conversion so it becomes an electric type. Then, I baton pass out to a shedinja with an air balloon. Shedinja shouldn't be able to be hurt at all, right? But my opponent used sucker punch and I fainted. Why is this? Shedinja was displayed as an electric type. Is this some kind of glitch?


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Conversion is not a Volatile Status. It changes the type of the Pokemon that is hit by it, like Simple Beam with types instead of abilities. Because Shedinja couldn't become a normal type by BPing normally and Smeargle is now an Electric type, Shedinja won't become an Electric type. The Electric type display, though, was probably a glitch.

Also, as a note, you should post this in the Bug Report thread in the future.
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