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I voted Chomp uber after a long time of discussing it with friends and frankly, myself. Why did I decide on uber in the end? Easy: the suspect metagame is so much more fun!
Voting uber. I honestly believe it's too close of a call for Chomp's status to be determined by any real sort of solid evidence. If something like Darkrai was allowed in OU, we'd find ways to get around it without losing our whole team, sure, but that wouldn't really change its status. Since Garchomp was allowed without (much) question from the beginning of D/P, I feel that "finding ways to get around it" is what we've been doing; Garchomp is just that much better than any other OU. To be honest, I'm actually going to miss it to an extent should it get banned since I prefer a heavily offensive metagame, but as far as balance goes I'm set in my belief that banning it is the best decision.


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I kind of voted for OU, but I meant to vote Ubers... If someone could change that, I would appreciate it. However, if you can't that's fine too.

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I voted Uber, for largely the same reasons as Fishin. Also, from experience, I've found that the Yache set in particular is extraordinarily difficult to kill without sacrificing a Pokemon.
I voted OU because of my agreement with many of the reasons stated on the first page of the "Would banning Garchomp from standard play even solve the problem?" thread.

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I believe Garchomp is uber. It's an easy Pokemon to abuse since it's over powerful, which could be attributed to why it stayed in OU for so long. Its usage statistics over the months display its dominance. The suspect metagame has proven to be more balanced and exciting. Garchomp's absence hasn't affected the metagame in an extremely negative way. Counters for other sweepers have been emerging more because there is no longer a need to have an anti-Garchomp defensive core or revenge killer needed to prevent a mass sweep. The quality of play is enriched without Garchomp.
I think Garchomp in a way ruins the competitive spirit of the game. It's definitely not as Uber as RBYMewtwo, but it's still enough to make the metagame less fun.

Since what the vote really boils down to is whether or not you like the suspect metagame more (as that's really the best way to determine whether Garchomp makes the game less competitive), I vote Garchomp to Uber.
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