GBU Singles Tournament- Round 1

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Singles Tournament
- Flat Battles: 3 on 3 level 50. You may bring six but only choose 3.
- Pokemon above level 50 will be brought down. Pokemon below will not be raised.
- No wonder launcher
- Species Clause. Example: Can't bring more than one Rotom
- No Two pokemon can have the same item
-Dark Void is banned
- No soul dew
- Sleep Clause,OHKO Clause, Evasion Clause, are OFF.
- No ability banned.
- Following pokemon are all banned
#151 Mew
#249 Lugia
#250 Ho-Oh
#251 Celebi
#382 Kyogre
#383 Groudon
#384 Rayquaza
#385 Jirachi
#386 Deoxys
#441 Chatot (lol)
#483 Dialga
#484 Palkia
#487 Giratina
#489 Phione
#490 Manaphy
#491 Darkrai
#492 Shaymin
#493 Arceus
#494 Victini
#643 Reshiram
#644 Zekrom
#646 Kyurem
#647 Keldeo
#648 Meloetta
#649 Genesect

DeXster vs NickScor
IanLohr vs soul_survivor
GARCHOMPZILLA vs Pokemonrocks777
TrollFreak vs TheMantyke
Cybertron vs Joel
XxdragontamerxX vs Exclamation!
TheChortler vs Wipjr
Protoman vs Mr.Mister


Deadline is Saturday, February 18th at 7 gmt-7

Make sure to contact your opponent! Right now you should VM him with your timezone. If he hasn't had any activity lately or has a drastically different time zone contact me so I can put in a substitution.

Sign up can still happen if you want to be a sub.

Now have fun and goodluck! Feel free to post some Battle IDs so we can check them out!
Ah, a chance for revenge. Cybertron knocked me out first round of the VGC '10 in '11 wi-fi tourney. I'm hoping to return the favor this time.

*sends VM*
Awesome to here some excitement with the matches. Remember feel free to record you battles and post the code here.

@ TheChortler I may have to find you a substitute. How about you talk to regiguy
>.< I forgot to even vm my opponent though he posted here saying he'll vm me(never did get to it). I'll try to see if we can get a super quick match if he's online.

EDIT: He hasn't been on since the 15th.
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