GBU Tournament ($40 Prizepool) - Round 2

Welcome back guys, hope everything has been going well so far for you all. Here's round 2 up. The deadline for this week is 14th April at 23:59:59 GMT. I'll be following up on anyone where I can see no scheduling activity on Friday. All matches are best of 3 GBU Singles matches to be played on pokemon showdown. Replays are preferred but not compulsory this round. Since there is money involved, from next round, replays will be required. One note is a few players have gotten extensions, on wednesday night I will be coin-flipping or handing out activity wins these if they are not done. I'll get someone with a badge to tag you all in.

Best of luck :)

The Kyle vs SaDiSTiCNarwhal
BK vs mael
NOVED vs cant say
Mishimono vs Ika Ika Musume
Serene Grace
vs Magma
Ninjadog13 vs Puff Killa
Monsareeasy vs 11oyd
vs Jmal98
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(Winner of majority vs. ALMAHZUZ)

Since I've been unable to contact these dudes and get an idea of when things are happening since monday and now it's wednesday and I still am unsure what is going on, I've decided to sub in our last two subs. The new R1 matchup will be 11oyd vs DanDaMan99. I expect this will happen within the next 24 hours as I know both guys well and they are showdown regulars. The winner will be playing Monsareeasy. I believe this can all happen by Sunday evening, so we will be on track.

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