GBU Tournament ($50 Prizepool) - Finals (Congrats to NOVED)

Hey guys, this is the finals. Best of 5. the winner gets $40, loser gets $10. Not much more to say than that. If you can both let me know how you want to be paid, I'll sort it out after the games are done.

The deadline for this week is 5th May at 23:59:59 GMT.

Without further ados, here are the matchups.

The Kyle vs NOVED

Best of luck to both of you
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Just going to say a few words to wrap this up now the finals have been completed and I've sent out the prizepool.

First I just want to say thanks for the TDs here who allowed me to host this tournament despite having no experience whatsoever, it has been a pleasure and hopefully I'll be able to continue to set up and host tours in future. Secondly, thanks to everyone who signed up, whether you got far or not I didn't really expect any more than like eight to ten people to be honest, yet we had well over 30 sign up which blew me away. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. For those of you that got a taste of the tier, the next time you will see GBU is in Battle Spot Singles Classic II, which signups start May 20th which is a tournament consisting of a bo3 in the three generations of BSS metas: GBU, ORAS and USUM.

Any time you do feel like a game, you can always hop over to the battlespot room, I'm generally there and always happy to play GBU or just hang out if you want a chat.

With that all said, I call this Tournament over until the next one, which will probably be a team tour similar to BSS Classic where each player takes a gen of BSS and you as a team play a Bo3 to determine who goes forward. I'm undecided whether that will be teams of two with any tiebreaks being in USUM or teams of three with a dedicated USUM player.

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