GBU Tournament ($50 Prizepool) - Quarter Finals

Hey guys, this is the quarter finals, up a little bit earlier than usual since all the games are done. I've had my good friend bobochan create this bracket, as per usual through the smogon bracket creator. All games are best of three as per usual. At this point, I'm going to require replays be shown as standard, but in exchange I'm going to sweeten the pot a little bit and add an extra $10 into the prizepool. Second place will get this consolation $10, buy yourself a pizza or something with it. First place will still get $40.

Without further ados, here are the matchups.

The Kyle vs 11oyd
NOVED vs Puff Killa
Serene Grace vs Ika Ika Musume
vs BK

The deadline for this week is 21st April at 23:59:59 GMT. Best of luck :)
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Won in 3 vs Serene Grace

The crit in game 3 was unfortunate and honestly I'd have preferred it not happen, though I think seriously (asides from the jokes in chat) I would have likely won anyways. Surf spam (did about 45-50%) into Hp flying from scarf thund (Does 50-60% to +1 volc), even if that didnt KO due a bulkier spread, mach punch from Conk would have KOed and full health conk would have beaten terrak 1v1 even if burnt.
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the mighty nuaguunibi
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