[Gen 6-8] Eisen's Breeding-Ready Ditto Army

Hey! How are you? Happy Easter if that's your thing!
Gen. 7
Requesting: Perfect (Jolly, 31IV x6) holding a lucky egg
Depositing: Tentacool, level 22, female
IGN: Fleur

Thanks in advance! You're the best!
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Could I possibly request that SpAQuiet Ditto of yours, holding a Friend Ball as well? If so, I deposited a Level 18 Male Ultra Ball Cubone in the GTS from the IGN of Camden. Thank you!
IGN: Draciel (8th Gen)
Deposited: Ferrothorn, F, lv 57, Nest Ball. Nature: Lonely, Ability: Iron Barbs, Sword, ENG tag
Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
Requesting: SpATimid

Thanks a lot!
Gen8 looking for perfect relaxed. Deposited: lvl 25 female litwick jolly nature. IGN Shane. Thanks in advance :)
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I would appreciate the Timid - HPFire Ditto holding a destiny knot.

Gen 7 (Sun/Moon)
IGN: Jake
Deposited: Female, lvl 15 diglett

Thank you very much!
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Gen 8
IGN: totodile
deposited: wingull lvl 60 male, ultra ball, modest Nature.
Looking for perfect jolly Ditto
Thanks man!

thanks a Lot man!
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Hi again!
Gen 7
Requesting: PrftSassy (31x5, 0 Speed)
Item: Master Ball (or golden cap is fine if you don't have any)
Deposit: Ratata-Alolan - level 14, Female, quick ball
IGN: Fleur

Thank you!
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Hi, i´d like to request a ditto
requested: PrfcSassy
deposited: lvl13 male hydration poke ball wingull
game: pokemon home
IGN: kkeon24

Thanks a million!
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Hi Eisenherz,
thanks for all the pokemon from Ur gen 7 battle tree giveaway :)

Ditto Requested: SpAQuiet
Gen: 7 Moon
Pokemon deposited: Mudbray
lvl: 15
gender: male
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Hello, me again. This time I want to recieve this Ditto if possible.
Heal Ball

Nickname: Ditto
Bold | Limber
IVs: 31/0/31/31/31/31

IGN: KevMev
Gen 8 through PokeHOME
Pokemon deposited: Yamper Lv14 Female
Ball:Luxury Ball
Message: I want to complete my pokedex

Ditto wanted: Perfect if possible.
Could it have a Power Anklet please?
Pokemon deposited: Sandshrew
Gen: 6
IGN: Coyote
Level: 18
Gender: Female
Message: I need it!

My Pokemon's Held Item: Nugget

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Ditto Requested: Perfect Brave
Gen: 7 Moon
Pokemon deposited: Roggenrola b
lvl: 10
gender: male

thanks :D
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Ditto requested: 6IV (Foreign language, I am playing English, so from Japan, Korea, Italy etc :))
Gen: 7 Ultra Moon
IGN: Samuel
Pokemon deposited: wingull
Lvl: 55
Gender: female

thank you in advance

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