[Gen 6] Craymond's Collection (WIP, Gen 7 Coming Soon)


Since the writing of my thesis timed up well with the current pandemic, I've started using my free time (i.e., procrastinating) with some Gen 6 and 7 breeding projects. My thread is a mess and I'll be periodically updating, but I'm tentatively opening back up in the meantime. At the moment, I'm primarily looking for Dream Ball/Gen 5 HA exclusives that I can't obtain myself for Gen 6, but feel free to make an offer. I still have to grind through Gen 7 so I'm placing more emphasis on Gen 6 at the moment, but will slowly start working more stuff in.

General Rules:

  1. Be polite. Pretty self-explanatory, but it makes for a better thread for everyone
  2. No hacks. Per the forum's rules, please don't trade any hacks
  3. Speak up. Don't be afraid to ask. I'm pretty flexible, so I'll probably accept your request (may take some time, but I don't mind putting in the effort)
  • I use PowerSaves for cloning purposes, as well as item codes
  • Natures and IV spreads listed are what I use in-game, but if you want something different/unique, just ask! I'd be happy to help
  • I offer both spitbacks and fully-IV'd Pokemon, just specify which one you would prefer
  • I have access to 3rd and 4th gen games, so if you'd like a special ball, I can help you out (will take a little longer)
Trainer Information:
FC: 4785-5731-4354
IGN: Christopher
ID: 17234 (Y) 33441 (AS)
TSV: 2116 (Y) 2566 (AS)

HP Fire Kyogre for BlackoutSLM's Dream Ball Aipom & HA Alola starters
Dive Ball Totodile for BlackoutSLM's HA Dream Ball Hoppip

HA Luxury Ball Kangaskhan
HA Nest Ball Kangaskhan
HA Luxury Ball Snorlax
HA Great Ball Snorlax
Great Ball Totodile
HA Premier Ball Sentret
HA Dream Ball Sentret
HA Dream Ball Dunsparce
HA Dream Ball Snubbull
HA Net Ball Qwilfish
HA Dream Ball Chansey
HA Dream Ball Makuhita
HA Dream Ball Mawile
HA Dream Ball Meditite
HA Dream Ball Wailmer
HA Dream Ball Spoink
HA Dive Ball Anorith
HA Great Ball Cranidos
HA Ultra Ball Shieldon
HA Dream Ball Shellos (West)
HA Ultra Ball Hippopotas
HA Nest Ball Hippopotas
HA Dream Ball Skorupi
HA Net Ball Tirtouga
HA Dive Ball Shelmet

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Soft Resets
:nest ball: :xy/rayquaza: :nest ball:




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Kanto Breedables

:dive ball::bulbasaur::nest ball:
Bold / Modest
31/e/31/30/31/30 (HP Fire)
Egg Moves: Leaf Storm | Giga Drain

:repeat ball::luxury ball::charmander::luxury ball::dive ball:
Blaze / Solar Power
Egg Moves: Dragon Dance | Flare Blitz | Outrage

:dive ball::squirtle::heal ball:
Rain Dish
Egg Moves: Dragon Pulse | Aura Sphere | Water Spout

:ultra ball::weedle::friend ball::nest ball:

:level ball::repeat ball::quick ball::pidgey::fast ball::ultra ball::quick ball:

:moon ball::dive ball::nidoran-f::safari ball:

:nidoran-m::heavy ball::dive ball:

:love ball:
:clefairy::love ball::premier ball:

:fast ball::repeat ball::vulpix::heavy ball::dive ball:

:love ball:
:venonat::heavy balL::dive ball:

:level ball::luxury ball::diglett::heavy ball::dive ball:

:repeat ball::growlithe::fast ball::ultra ball:

:level ball::ultra ball::premier ball::abra::love ball:
:heal ball:

:heavy ball::luxury ball::machop::safari ball::nest ball:

:lure ball::great ball::tentacool::dive ball:

:love ball:
:dive ball::slowpoke::dive ball::level ball::quick ball:

:heavy ball::luxury ball::shellder::heavy ball::dive ball:

:luxury ball::gastly::heavy ball::premier ball:

:level ball::luxury ball::kangaskhan::heavy ball::safari ball:

:luxury ball::repeat ball::pinsir::net ball::dive ball:

:dive ball::lure ball::great ball::magikarp::premier ball:

:dive ball::eevee::vaporeon:

:ultra ball::eevee::jolteon::nest ball:

:repeat ball::eevee::flareon::repeat ball:

:dive ball::omastar:

:luxury ball::kabuto::nest ball:

:luxury ball::aerodactyl::heal ball::luxury ball:

:moon ball::luxury ball::snorlax::heavy ball::great ball:

:fast ball::repeat ball::dratini::safari ball::nest ball:
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Johto Breedables
:nest ball::chikorita::nest ball:

:great ball::cyndaquil::repeat ball:

:dive ball::totodile::dive ball:
Egg Moves: Ice Punch | Dragon Dance | Aqua Jet | Crunch

:dive ball::zubat::love ball:

:friend ball::dusk ball::natu::friend ball::nest ball:

:ultra ball::premier ball::mareep::love ball::heal ball:

:dive ball::great ball::marill::fast ball::ultra ball:

:nest ball::poliwag::lure ball::dive ball:

:dive ball::wooper::love ball:

:heal ball::eevee::espeon::dusk ball:

:ultra ball::eevee::umbreon::dive ball:

:slowpoke::heal ball:

:lure ball::dive ball::wobbuffet:

:love ball:
:pineco::fast ball::ultra ball:

:heavy ball::luxury ball::premier ball::onix::ultra ball::safari ball:


:repeat ball::luxury ball::scyther::nest ball::safari ball:

:moon ball::net ball::lure ball::great ball::heracross:

:heavy ball::premier ball::skarmory::friend ball::nest ball:

:level ball::luxury ball::timer ball::houndour::moon ball::dive ball::lure ball::great ball:

:moon ball::dive ball::horsea:

:love ball:
:chansey::safari ball::love ball::premier ball:

:friend ball::nest ball::safari ball::larvitar::love ball::luxury ball::safari ball:
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Sinnoh Breedables
:luxury ball::starly::level ball::luxury ball:

:friend ball::nest ball::roselia::safari ball::nest ball:

:premier ball::luxury ball::buneary::love ball:

:luxury ball::misdreavus::friend ball::nest ball:

:lure ball::luxury ball::murkrow:

:dusk ball::spiritomb::dive ball:

:great ball::gible::luxury ball:

:great ball::quick ball::riolu::quick ball::safari ball::dusk ball:

:ultra ball::luxury ball::hippopotas::nest ball::safari ball::luxury ball:


:great ball::croagunk::dive ball:

:premier ball::snover::dive ball:

:luxury ball::sneasel:

:level ball::repeat ball::rhyhorn::ultra ball:

:great ball::tangela::dusk ball:

:ultra ball::electabuzz::level ball::luxury ball:

:fast ball::repeat ball::magmar:

:premier ball::togepi::premier ball:
Timid / Bold
Serene Grace (HA available)
Egg Moves: Nasty Plot

:safari ball::dusk ball::yanma::net ball:

:heavy ball::luxury ball::gligar::dive ball:

:level ball::timer ball::swinub::nest ball:

:friend ball::premier ball::ralts::great ball:

:premier ball::snorunt::heal ball:
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Alola Breedables (Coming Soon)
:dive ball::totodile::dive ball:
Sheer Force
Egg Moves: Ice Punch | Dragon Dance | Aqua Jet | Crunch​
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I'm interested in your Repeat Ball Cyndaquil (30 SpA). Would you like a HA Slowpoke in a Dream ball? It's Bold with 31/x/31/31/31/31.
Yeah, that'd be great! I don't have one ATM, but I can breed one quickly w/ HP Grass. And is the Slowpoke female?
Yes. I'm breeding for one as we speak. I can take a female spitback of the Cyndaquil, too, since it can take a while to breed with those gender ratios. Repeat Ball is the thing I'm after, so I can do the fine-tuning myself.
Yeah, I just need a spitback too, so if you want to just do spitbacks, that's fine by me.
Can I get a jolly male Swinub with the egg moves and a zubat? I'm wondering if you could make the zubat impish instead of jolly with Defog and super fang as egg moves as I'd be looking to run a defensive golbat.

I can offer you a shiny jirachi and shiny 6iv genesect
I can give you Swinub and Zubat, but Super Fang is a tutor move, not an egg move. Impish w/ Defog and Brave Bird is fine though. I assume the Jirachi and Genesect are non-hacks?
Ahh, course, It's move tutor in hg/ss isn't it - my bad. Yes that should be fine, Im sure I can replace super fang with something else, can they both be male please? And yes, they are non hacks. They're floating around the forums with a lot of different users.
Just checking ;) But yeah, I have to work tonight, but they'll be done either tomorrow or Friday (still breeding up stock). Is that alright?
Hi. I'd like that Magnemite we mentioned, but I've never worried about which ball I use, so I certainly don't have the right things in the right balls, as you are looking for.

I just breed for battle, which means IVs in the right place and egg moves, which I have lots of but nothing unusual or hard to get, I'm afraid.
Don't worry about it :) Whatever is fine by me

Edit: Give me a few minutes and we can trade
6th Gen Soft Resets and Other Oddities

Ability: Clear Body
Hidden Power Fire
Soft Reset by me on my brother's cartridge
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